Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 7 Episode 13

Wedding Bells and Bytes

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 28, 2009 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Cyber-Shredder appears to be gone for good, however, based on the future the Turtles witnessed in Tempus Fugit, he (along with the Utrom Shredder and Tengu Shredder) may return.

      Although in that future Khan said he destroyed the turtles, which never occurred, showing that the timeline can change. But it could also mean that he destroys them at some point after "Wedding Bells and Bytes."

  • Quotes

    • Leonardo: (after getting Splinter back) We were so worried.
      Michelangelo: How many fingers am I holding up?
      Raphael: Are you okay? How you feeling?
      Splinter: I feel home. I'm happy to be home, although a bit light-headed.

    • Raphael: Casey's grandma's farmhouse, here we come!
      Leonardo: You know, Raph, some people head to the country for a slower pace of life.
      Raphael: Sorry, bro, but I ain't some people.

    • Casey: (to Splinter) Sensei, you look like a million bucks. Better than a million pieces, right?

    • Michelangelo: Like didn't we fried you extra-crispy style?
      Cyber Shredder: My body, perhaps, but the electric current useful to destroy me with did not damage my digital core!
      Donatello: Digital core?
      Cyber Shredder: Yes.

    • Leonardo: Donny, we'll handle the Shredder. Get Master Splinter out of here!
      Cyber Shredder: You'll handle nothing! Your attempts to destroy me have only made me faster, stronger!

    • Cyber Shredder: This is your end!
      Splinter: Unhand my sons!
      Cyber Shredder: What?! Ha! What could you possibly do to make me?!
      Donatello: This!
      (Donatello tries to zap Cyber Shredder, but he blocks it with his shield.)

    • Donatello: I can't get a shot through that shield! It's impervious to the Decompiler Beam!
      Splinter: But perhaps, it is not impervious to flesh and blood!

    • Cyber Shredder: I will never fall to you, rat!
      Splinter: It was not my aim to make you fall.

  • Notes

    • The guests seen attending Casey and April's wedding are:

      The TMNT
      Casey's Mom
      Casey's Cousin Sid
      The Ancient One
      The Professor (from The Garbageman episode)
      Dr. Chaplin
      The Utroms
      The Ninja Tribunal
      The Acolytes
      The Justice Force
      Professor Honeycutt
      Cody (watched through his time window)
      The Ultimate Damiyo and The Ultimate Ninja (watching through a portal from the Battle Nexus)
      Bishop (watched from his secret lab through a holographic screen)
      The Rat King (watching from the nearby woods)
      Renet (also watching from the nearby woods and with the time scepter)

    • The Rat King has not been seen since "I, Monster."

  • Allusions

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