Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Season 3 Episode 5

Worlds Collide (2)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 06, 2004 on FOX
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Worlds Collide (2)
Since the coalition of the Federation and American troops have abducted the Turtles, Splinter must find a way to break into the base. He assembles... April and Casey? The three of them travel into this secret base. Meanwhile, the Turtles and Prof. Honeycutt find out who Bishop made a dark deal with...moreless

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  • The turtles are captured by Bishop who plans to saw the turtles and study them. Also handing Honeycutt over to the federation. Meanwhile Splinter with the help of Casey and April must go and rescue his sons.moreless

    Great episode! We see Bishop in his true form,as one of the great evil villains against the turtles. Also one of the reasons like this tmnt TV series is the fact that the turtles and Splinter actually acted like a real family. You can really see that in this episode. Especially the part were splinter enters and yells a t Bishop to keep away from his sons. Another thing is that they do the cliff hangers the way cliff hangers are suppose to be done. With real suspense to them. With Mikey being held hostage and Bishop with the saw.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • April's first aid training is about 20 years out of date -- the Red Cross now recommends that the Heimlich maneuver be performed on a drowning victim (to clear the lungs) before CPR.

    • -When Splinter, Casey, and April are standing in front of the laser barracade, Splinter is clearly holding a red spray canister in his right hand. However, in the next shot, the canister magiacally disappears, but reappears again when Splinter pulls it out of his coat.

    • During the scene where Master Splinter is freeing Raphael from his body restraits, it is clearly shown that only the arm straps were cut. This left the leg restraints remaining, though they appear broken in the next shot as Raph steps off the table he was tied to!

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Leonardo: Do you know what "irony" is? Irony is when you finally convince the Triceratons who invaded your planet to pack up and leave because the Fugitoid they're so desperately searching for is not on Earth, only to have the Fugitoid actually show up on Earth. Irony is when the very same energy scan that Don used to prove the Fugitoid wasn't on Earth is now used by the Triceratons to track down the Fugitoid. And finally, irony is when having succeeded in eluding your deadly alien pursuers, you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of heavily armed goons. And doesn't look like you're gonna make it out alive.

    • Leonardo: Where are we?
      Bishop: At the end of the line for you all.
      Honeycutt: It's me you want! Leave my friends alone!
      Bishop: Actually, Professor, it's you I don't want.

    • Bishop: Stay back, all of you! Or you can say goodbye to Michelangelo.
      Michelangelo: I really hate goodbyes.

    • Raphael: You're making a big mistake, Bishop. You can't trust that Blanque guy. He's no better than the Triceratons.
      Agent Bishop: Federation, Triceratons. It makes little difference to me. I helped one destroy the other and they promise to give me what I need, and leave the Earth alone. But enough talk. Time for your dissection.

    • Zanramon: The Federation? Here?! But that's impossible!
      (General Blanque appears on-screen.)
      Blanque: Caught you with your horns down, didn't I, Zanramon? There's nowhere to run this time.

    • Donatello: Who are you?
      Bishop: Well, Donatello, I'm the man the government realise upon for certain projects. The kind of projects that rather not dirty their own hands with.
      Raphael: Hey, how do you know Donny's name and the Professor?
      Bishop: I know all your names, Raphael. And much, much, more.
      Leonardo: And yet we know nothing about you, not even your name.
      Michelangelo: How rude is that!
      Bishop: Very well, Michelangelo, when you scream my name, pleading to make the pain stop, begging for mercy, you may call me Bishop.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Prologue Narrator: Leonardo

    • In this episode, we learn that Splinter has been teaching April some Ninjitsu, and she has proven to be an apt pupil, as evidenced by her performance in this episode.

    • Leatherhead returns. He survived the old lair cave-in back in "What a Croc" but was captured. The Federation is on Earth, and after a deal with Bishop now have the Fugitoid in their possession.


    • Stephen Colbert

      The evil Agent Bishop in this episode looks very much like Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report. Bishop is possibly a cartoon version of him.