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AIRED ON 4/24/2016

Season 4 : Episode 14

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in an all-new animated series on Nickelodeon! Surfacing topside for the first time on their fifteenth birthday, the titular turtles, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello, find that life out of the sewers isn't exactly what they thought it would be. Now the turtles must work together as a team to take on new enemies that arise to take over New York City.

The series has won 3 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special, Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special and Outstanding Sound Mixing - Animation.


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    • A Perfect Successor

      In 1987, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aired its first episode, creating a well-loved franchise spawning video games, a large toyline and a very large fanbase. Then in 1996, it was canceled. In 2003, 4Kids remade the, but it was very dark with the only humor coming from Michaelangelo and Casey Jones. The show had a long run and while it was pretty good and was the only show I know of that 4Kids made rather than dub, it truly lacked what made the 1987 series great. After Turtles Forever, the 1987 and 2003 series were forever concluded.

      But now, Nickelodeon has created this show. At first I hated the idea of a CGI TMNT series, but I watched an episode and got hooked. It has a large amount of humor from all the turtles, even Leonardo was given a sense of humor. The only time this show is really dark is when the Shredder is involved.

      I like how Donatello has a crush on April. In fact I am not alone on this relationship. A large group of fans love the idea of Donatello and April together. They were also VERY smart to have Michaelangelo voiced by Greg Cripes who has voiced comic relief characters such as Beast Boy in Teen Titans and Kevin Levin in the Ben 10 sequel series. Raphael even has a group of fangirls after him.

      The only major downside to this show is it takes forever for new episodes to air. After new episodes to air are announced, we only get like 4 to 6 episodes before we get repeats and then we have to wait a couple months. But that has to do with Nickelodeon and not the show.

      With Korra now online only and in its final season, this show is now the only reason I watch Nickelodeon at all.moreless
    • Babyish Mutant Wimpy Turtles

      Although this show is accurate to the original TMNT, this show is basically our 4 heroes wimping out, running away, and fight EACH OTHER instead of the villains. This show is such a slap in the face to tmnt fans.
    • Least / Most Violent TMNT Series?

      First of all, I want to qualify this post by saying that I haven't actually watched the 2012 TMNT series, only the 2003 series, but I was hoping some of the regulars in this forum have watched multiple TMNT series, and can help compare them in terms of violent content.

      I recently started the 2003 TMNT series with my 7-year old son and 8-year old daughter. We've always restricted and closely monitored what they watch on the television and the Internet, and at the risk of sounding conservative, this is probably the most violent series we've let them watch so far.

      I noticed that there's no blood or graphic violence in the shows I've seen, and nobody ever gets killed, unless you count the robots. This is both good and bad, in that the violence isn't too intense, but by the same token, it doesn't show the realistic consequences of violence (unlike Gargoyles, to name one example, which has more intense violence, but also occasionally highlights the tragic results).

      We watched Space Invaders The Movie (Season 3, episodes 1-3), and afterwards we discussed the fact that realistically, the violence in the movie would have resulted in many tragic deaths and injuries on both sides, instead of all the characters miraculously surviving unscathed. Of course, I probably watched more violent movies when I was their age, and overall, it seemed pretty tame to me.

      However, one day after watching it, my daughter kicked my son, which is very uncharacteristic behavior for her. They are homeschooled, and spend a lot of time with each other, so there is frequent, inevitable friction between them, but they usually handle it much better. Their TMNT privileges have been indefinitely revoked, until we figure out how they can earn them back.

      I was wondering if this 2012 TMNT series is less, more, or equally violent, compared to the 2003 series. Hopefully it's not too off-topic for this forum, but I also had the same question about the live-action Next Mutation series. From what I've read, it's generally a lower quality series, but on the plus side, it featured a fifth, female, member of the team, which would be great for my daughter, even if it is

      So, for hard-core TMNT fans who have watched multiple series, which is the least / most violent, and where does the 2012 series rank in this list?

      (By the way, since I'm not very familiar with the show, I gave it a rating of 8, so as not to skew the currentmoreless
    • a unique and awsome show

      something between mix of 1987 and 2003 ninja turtle show, its a huge awsome new show that similatry almost like the 87s show but bit modification on it

      its like the show from 1987 and 2003 are combine and merge into one awsome show

      The utroms alien elements from 2003 are inspired soo instead the utroms they were the krangs this time, and lets just say the utroms are evil in this one well yeah they the krangs instead of utroms and shreeder just a human, not like shreeder utrom aliens however.

      the nostalgie feelings of an original may bright few fans and some old fans from 87s again in happy way i mean im happy the creator are more focus mix the original with the 2003

      plus the intro music were some are like in 1987 with a raps adn new tone of music

      i just wanna say this show deserve alot of votes

      Go turtles!moreless
    • You've convinced me

      I remember when I was just a kid and the turtles were enjoying their golden days.... I never really got into it. The original show never appealed to me all that much, but in a strange way, I lamented not having been part of the turtle-mania going on at the time. That's why I gave this show a shot, despite my preconceptions against CGI cartoons.

      Good god. This show is really well written taking turns at being exciting, creepy, thrilling and hilarious. The voice-acting is superb and the art design is... kinda mind-blowing.

      The series mixes 2D comic book-style effects with 3D cgi to create a really unique look, and with fluid animation and expressive characters, I'm a firm believer in CGI for animated shows now. The choice to make the turtles all look different so you can tell them apart from more than the color they wear, is an excellent choice and the greater focus on their personality and relationships hits home too.

      The role of Splinter as a strong, fatherly mentor, rather than "yoda-like" (Nickelodeon's term) is also a really good move.

      All in all, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has quickly climbed to be one of my favorite shows on air. Booyakasha!moreless

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