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April's connecton to the Krrang

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    I'm tired that this forum is empty, so I'm starting new threads to attract fans. Let's dicuss the fact that the Krrang are interested in April. Any theories out there on why she is important to them or why they have been watching her? I keep trying to think of reasons for why they want her and can't. Does it have to do with his six sense that made Splinter intrested in training her to begin with? Maybe it has more potential or a bigger impact on the story then we imagined.

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    My sisters and I have been discussing this for weeks, brainstorming all the possibilities of why they are after her. We have yet to come up with a decisive conclusion, but here are a few theories we had:

    1. There is something special about her DNA that the Kraang want/need like a natural (or unnatural!) cellular mutation of some kind. Maybe what gives her that sensitivity? (Not saying that she could be some sort of half other-dimensional alien, because if that happens I might as well quit the show now despite how good it has been, simply on the principle that the writers are idiots for going in that awful, cliche route)

    2. She is actually Splinter's daughter.(this theory we keep open just on the slim incases, though we are very nearly certain that Karai is Yoshi's long lost daughter.) Though why the Kraang would want her for that, I do not know. . .

    3. Maybe the Kraang just like red-heads xD

    Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of information to work with here. We know nothing about April's mom, only recently discovered her dad is just a psychologist. She likes bunny phone charms, doesn't mind the smell of sewers, and apparently has no real social life of her own as she spends quite a bit of time with the turtles and training with Splinter. . . Otherwise, I can't tell ya much. . . We also have no idea what the Kraang's end game is, let alone how April could possibly fit into it all. The mutagen doesn't work how they expected (doesn't stop them from trying to cover the city in it from time to time though!), they are/were collection DNA from every species on Earth, then there is the power crystal thing which still has me reeling as to what it could mean. . . It appears that we will, for now, just have to batten down and hold on tight 'cause there is a major story arc about to blow right to us!

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    We do know one thing about April's mom. In "Karai's Vendetta", April made it sound as though she passed away.

    I have no idea what April's connection could be. One thing about this show is that it does well focusing on main plot development sometimes, then at other times the writers delve away from it and focus on something else. But I think they are starting to slowly keep the main plot as a bigger focus, so we should get more information soon. I'd love to see them answer the question about April's connection before this season is over.

    If you want to take part in a bigger discussion, Toon Zone has a pretty large fanbase discussing it.
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    That is a good question... there is something in Aprils' blood that makes her immune to the Krrang's mutagen but I think perhaps April might be related to something mystical perhaps that counteracts against the Krrang's mutagen but I'm not sure.

    Could be from her mother's side.

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    Watch the showdown and everything will be clear.

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