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Official 1x05 Discussion: "I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman" (spoil

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    "That's my favorite kind of co-polymer!"
    "Mine too!"

    This series does the comedy beats perfectly. I was concerned that Michelangelo in particular would be an 80s/90s cliche, but they've kept him "Michelangelo" without making him a facepalm. A real-world facepalm, that is ("Wearing powered battle armor? What kinda church is that?" "A really awesome one?").

    Yet to see the point of April so far, aside from obligatory universe inclusion.

    "I told you he was gonna follow meeee!"

    'The first rule of being a ninja is 'do no harm'. Unless you mean to do harm, then do lots of harm!"

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    The "I told you he was gonna follow meeee!" moment you mentioned is the funniest one thus far in the series, I also liked the random "BEEHIVE!" moment with Leonardo. The action was amazing as well. I wish Baxter was more threatening and his insanity not just used for comedy. But fine, I loved the episode, probably my favorite one yet in a show that has yet to deliver a bad episode, heck, every one has been great so far. I was afraid Michelangelo would be annoying as well, Greg Cipes of course voiced Beast Boy in Teen Titans, a character I couldn't stand some of the time. But Michelangelo has been awesome thus far, better than the 2k3 version, which could get on my nerves sometimes.
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