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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Season 2 Episode 12

Of Rats and Men

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Mar 02, 2014 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Rat King returns, forcing Splinter to face his fears and battle his rival.
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  • Food of the Gods

    This was a fun one, I really liked seeing the Rat King again, he sort of reminds me of the viliain the Lizard from "Spider Man" as his scheme is a bizzare one which is to simply turn all of the humans into rats and rule over them.

    It was fun to see the Turtles, April, Casey, and Splinter take action against them. I really like how the whole episode kinda homage to the . Wells book "Food of the Gods" which of course was made into a movie in the 70's. They have to deal with these giant nasty rats, I'll admit one look at them you'd want to build a giant mouse trap.

    The action was great as usual, I really liked the chase scene/vehicular action on the streets. From seeing the Turtles use their vehicles like the Van and the interconcting go karts, though my favorate was seeing Casey and his bike. Once again we see more of his inventive side which was awesome, Casey's could almost be a young Bruce Wayne. But we see some of the things his bike can do, from laying out road obsticles like marbles, firing fireworks, and even have nitro bosters on his bike. One other thing I really loved was when he put on a voice to disguise his own so Irma wouldn't recognize him, I thought the voice he put sounded cool it really sounded natural and fit him.

    I even liked to see Irma again and I like how they handled her, she's actually really smart probably just as smart as Donetello, I'd love to see a dynamic between the two soon. However she's a bit of a ditz or clutz, as we see in one scene she tries to resolve the situation but inavertantly makes it worse.

    Even liked some of that action with Splinter against the Rat King, it's interesting seeing for once Splinter just like the turtles having more than just one rival to deal with. And you can see Splinter really has to struggle as the rat king is trying to take over his mind, which makes Splinter symphathic. Liked the enviorment where they had their duel, which is a ruined foggy underground landscape which I feel gives the fight a spooky atmosphere. And of course Splinter disables the Rat King's strength by taking out his guide rat which takes away Rat King's ability of sight since he's actually blind and uses the vision of the rats to see and then blindfolds his own eyes to use the darkness as a strength. Which I thought was cool since we don't see fighting in the dark often.

    Of course Splinter triumphs and the Rat King falls into darkness, though he could be back but as I always say we'll see. Splinter in the end proves he's the king.


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