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  • It's not over yet.

    There's still more episodes to air. Stop changing the shows info to it's ended, when it's still going. Yes it will be ended when the last episodes air, but it hasn't ended yet. Next new episode air Nov, 12.
  • A Perfect Successor

    In 1987, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aired its first episode, creating a well-loved franchise spawning video games, a large toyline and a very large fanbase. Then in 1996, it was canceled. In 2003, 4Kids remade the, but it was very dark with the only humor coming from Michaelangelo and Casey Jones. The show had a long run and while it was pretty good and was the only show I know of that 4Kids made rather than dub, it truly lacked what made the 1987 series great. After Turtles Forever, the 1987 and 2003 series were forever concluded.

    But now, Nickelodeon has created this show. At first I hated the idea of a CGI TMNT series, but I watched an episode and got hooked. It has a large amount of humor from all the turtles, even Leonardo was given a sense of humor. The only time this show is really dark is when the Shredder is involved.

    I like how Donatello has a crush on April. In fact I am not alone on this relationship. A large group of fans love the idea of Donatello and April together. They were also VERY smart to have Michaelangelo voiced by Greg Cripes who has voiced comic relief characters such as Beast Boy in Teen Titans and Kevin Levin in the Ben 10 sequel series. Raphael even has a group of fangirls after him.

    The only major downside to this show is it takes forever for new episodes to air. After new episodes to air are announced, we only get like 4 to 6 episodes before we get repeats and then we have to wait a couple months. But that has to do with Nickelodeon and not the show.

    With Korra now online only and in its final season, this show is now the only reason I watch Nickelodeon at all.
  • Babyish Mutant Wimpy Turtles

    Although this show is accurate to the original TMNT, this show is basically our 4 heroes wimping out, running away, and fight EACH OTHER instead of the villains. This show is such a slap in the face to tmnt fans.
  • Least / Most Violent TMNT Series?

    First of all, I want to qualify this post by saying that I haven't actually watched the 2012 TMNT series, only the 2003 series, but I was hoping some of the regulars in this forum have watched multiple TMNT series, and can help compare them in terms of violent content.

    I recently started the 2003 TMNT series with my 7-year old son and 8-year old daughter. We've always restricted and closely monitored what they watch on the television and the Internet, and at the risk of sounding conservative, this is probably the most violent series we've let them watch so far.

    I noticed that there's no blood or graphic violence in the shows I've seen, and nobody ever gets killed, unless you count the robots. This is both good and bad, in that the violence isn't too intense, but by the same token, it doesn't show the realistic consequences of violence (unlike Gargoyles, to name one example, which has more intense violence, but also occasionally highlights the tragic results).

    We watched Space Invaders The Movie (Season 3, episodes 1-3), and afterwards we discussed the fact that realistically, the violence in the movie would have resulted in many tragic deaths and injuries on both sides, instead of all the characters miraculously surviving unscathed. Of course, I probably watched more violent movies when I was their age, and overall, it seemed pretty tame to me.

    However, one day after watching it, my daughter kicked my son, which is very uncharacteristic behavior for her. They are homeschooled, and spend a lot of time with each other, so there is frequent, inevitable friction between them, but they usually handle it much better. Their TMNT privileges have been indefinitely revoked, until we figure out how they can earn them back.

    I was wondering if this 2012 TMNT series is less, more, or equally violent, compared to the 2003 series. Hopefully it's not too off-topic for this forum, but I also had the same question about the live-action Next Mutation series. From what I've read, it's generally a lower quality series, but on the plus side, it featured a fifth, female, member of the team, which would be great for my daughter, even if it is

    So, for hard-core TMNT fans who have watched multiple series, which is the least / most violent, and where does the 2012 series rank in this list?

    (By the way, since I'm not very familiar with the show, I gave it a rating of 8, so as not to skew the current
  • a unique and awsome show

    something between mix of 1987 and 2003 ninja turtle show, its a huge awsome new show that similatry almost like the 87s show but bit modification on it

    its like the show from 1987 and 2003 are combine and merge into one awsome show

    The utroms alien elements from 2003 are inspired soo instead the utroms they were the krangs this time, and lets just say the utroms are evil in this one well yeah they the krangs instead of utroms and shreeder just a human, not like shreeder utrom aliens however.

    the nostalgie feelings of an original may bright few fans and some old fans from 87s again in happy way i mean im happy the creator are more focus mix the original with the 2003

    plus the intro music were some are like in 1987 with a raps adn new tone of music

    i just wanna say this show deserve alot of votes

    Go turtles!
  • You've convinced me

    I remember when I was just a kid and the turtles were enjoying their golden days.... I never really got into it. The original show never appealed to me all that much, but in a strange way, I lamented not having been part of the turtle-mania going on at the time. That's why I gave this show a shot, despite my preconceptions against CGI cartoons.

    Good god. This show is really well written taking turns at being exciting, creepy, thrilling and hilarious. The voice-acting is superb and the art design is... kinda mind-blowing.

    The series mixes 2D comic book-style effects with 3D cgi to create a really unique look, and with fluid animation and expressive characters, I'm a firm believer in CGI for animated shows now. The choice to make the turtles all look different so you can tell them apart from more than the color they wear, is an excellent choice and the greater focus on their personality and relationships hits home too.

    The role of Splinter as a strong, fatherly mentor, rather than "yoda-like" (Nickelodeon's term) is also a really good move.

    All in all, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has quickly climbed to be one of my favorite shows on air. Booyakasha!
  • Eh...

    It may not be bad but I prefer the 2003 series over this one. Plus, Rabbids Invasion is the only animated show on Nick that I would watch now.
  • Damn impressive thus far

    I have to admit, when I first heard of yet another animated series coming out I was somewhat iffy on what I thought of the idea. After sitting through the first season though, I'm thoroughly impressed. The comedy bits are actually funny, the action scenes engaging and the storyline just close enough to offer some nostalgia to old fans of the original 87 series (that's my childhood right there) and enough changes to keep them interested in what's going to happen next.

    Very nice work all around, I'm quite interested to see where they go with this.

    Loving the way this Show is going and I can't wait for the Season 1 Finale. It's been a BLAST! :) 'Parasitica' and 'Baxter's Gambit' were especially Amazing.
  • clever

    Its a really good show, the animation is great the characters are funny and I find myself laughing at the jokes unlike most nick shows. the one part I have a problem with is their enemies. I mean, every enemy is too much for them they can never win a simple fight, they always have to find some clever last resort way to defeat their enemy, i kind of get tired of watching them lose, other than that I like the show.
  • A really good COWABUNGA reboot!

    Well even they made BOOYAKASHA as the new COWABUNGA because of kids these days, its still good as it has elements from the 1987 and 2003 series. Elements from the 1987 series are the origins of the turtles, Krang but instead an army of aliens from Dimension X called The Krang, and The Shredders mutant henchmen but instead of a mutant rhino and warthog named Bebop and Rockstedy, a mutant Dog and a Fish named Dogpound and Fishface. And one element from the 2003 series are The Purple Dragon. And Rob Paulsen who voiced Raph from the 1987 cartoon, Yakko Warner, and other characters, he plays as Donnie in this new series. Still a good reboot, but one thing is missing. They should do reruns of the 1987 and 2003 series on Nicktoons. Who knows one day in the future.
  • One of the best shows on NICK.

    To be honest, I used to disregard this show everytime I saw it on TV. My quick thought was, because I was never really a TMNT fangirl. But then one day, I was watching TV and there was literally nothing on AND there was nothing else to do, so I decided for the first time ever, "Let's try this And I was instantly hooked. The action was acceptable and the humor was great. The way the personalities of the turtles co-existed and conflicted with each other drew me in because that's where the humor I loved so much usually came in. I don't really have a problem with the animation itself, even though it isn't the best, because it's just good enough to produce good action. Also, the show has a very decent storyline with interesting side characters(ex. Splinter, Karai, April, Leatherhead, etc). To me, this is probably the best rendition of TMNT so far, based on the previous versions I've briefly looked into. Now, the only problems I see in this show are the ways in which they solve some situations. It can be a tad far-fetched. Sometimes I'd find myself asking, "Ya know, you (usually the enemies of the show, particularly) could've just done that" or "Why didn't you do that?" But these situations don't happen often, so it doesn't really impact the overall goodness of the show. Either way, this is simply a good show.
  • I love this show

    The show has its ups and downs but overall its a great show and the turtles in cgi makes for great fight scenes and awsome visuals april as a teen kinda had me a little mad but i think they pulled it through
  • Yes and No

    First of i actually for the most parts like this show (Being a Tutles fan since i was a kid) but the single most annoying thing about the show is the way Krang speaks... Why the heck does he/they have to talk that way i just wanna pull out my hair when i hear it. Other then its also another toon where they make the stars kids to relate more to the real kids (it doesnt bother me to much though) overall i hope it'll get more seasons.
  • COWABUNGA! This is a great reboot!

    Over the past couple of decades we saw the Turtles franchise go through a few "mutations" since it gained popularity in the late 1980s. But this mutation is quite possibly my favorite since the original.

    The only thing to dislike about this series has to do with the backroom politics that made this show possible. Namely how Viacom purchased the complete rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Peter Laird for $60 million. Hopefully the Creators' Bill of Rights holds for this contract. With that said, on to the review of how I like this series.

    Here we have Sean Astin (Sam from Lord of The Rings) and Jason Biggs (Jim Levenstein of The American Pie franchise) as Raphael and Leo joining one of the best voice casts in the industry: Greg Cipes (Beast Boy from Teen Titans), Rob Paulsen (the Original Raphael from the 1987 series), the lovely Mae Whitman (Amber from Parenthood, Katara from Avatar: TLA), Kelly Hu (Phineas and Ferb), Clancy Brown (Highlander), Phil LaMarr (MadTV), Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show) with Hoon Lee as Master Splinter.

    The series is everything you could want from a TMNT series stuck in the TV-Y7-zone with the Avatar Franchise. Plenty of Canon was taken from the comic book series and previous series including Karai's rivalry with Leo, Baxter's bumbling megalomania, Splinter the wise sensei, and The Shredder as cold heartless villain. The only thing that would make this show so very awesome is (and hopefully I'm not spoiling it) if Baxter becomes The Fly Mutant.

    As far as Season 1 goes, things are starting up. You have your four hero brothers, your mutant mini bosses (Dogpound and Fishface), and April training to be kunoichi [female ninja]. Season 2 will likely kick things into high gear once Casey Jones shows up.

    The CGI is fairly decent for a show on Nickelodeon which has had a history of having shows with CGI characters as far back as Jimmy Neutron, if I recall correctly.

    Oddly enough, my DVR initially recorded this show as an episode of The Legend or Korra, which hopefully we will see season 2 of that show in 2013. In the meantime, TMNT is doing a good job of filling in while the Korra animators are hard at work.

    So overall, I'm content with how this show is progressing. Fluid Animation, a good cast, a story just teaming with spoilers that fans are eagerly awaiting to see. I honestly can't think of any reason some folks are hating on this show.

  • Takes me back to my young childhood.

    In quality this show is kinda dumb, like the somewhat crude animation, but it does have a lot of good qualities to it. I like the fight scenes, some of the jokes, and its overall a good ninja turtles show. The best part, it really takes me back to my younger childhood.
  • I hate it with all of my medical heart!!!!!!

    I hate it not very familiar as the others. What happened to nickelodeon? Their new shows are starting to suck
  • pretty good, but some things are off the mark

    I give this a 7.5 because it has the best animation of any tmnt series so far. It is smooth and gives you a real sense of being in the action. The humor is great, and makes me laugh aloud many times.

    It loses a point for the *awful* opening theme. Rap? SRSLY?

    Also Mikey is dumbed down waaaaay too much. Splinter is abusive, and that's just not even right. I also am not sure if I love or hate the gap in Donny's teeth.
  • And They're Back!

    As a fan of the original series and the 2003 series, I find this one to be spectacular. One of the major improvements have been the fight and action scenes. The CGI allows for quick and fluid cinematography and interesting action scenes. The kraang robots (very literal talking) and even April's role among (Donatello having a crush on April) the ninja turtles are welcome additions. In terms of characters, they nailed each character's personality.

    In my opinion, I prefer this version to 2003, because includes the sly humor not found much in the 2003 version. The jokes are actually funny, and they poke fun at the cheesy moments. Highly recommended for all ninja turtles fans everywhere, and entertaining for adults as well.
  • Nothing short of perfect

    I don't know how they did it but they perfectly blended the 80's version and original comic. I was a huge fan of the 80's Ninja Turtles and feel that this is the best version, by far.
  • Teenage Mutant Product Creation Turtles

    This show is good. The CGI is great and I think this is a great reboot for kids to hop on board to the TMNT band wagon. I've loved TMNT since it's first release by Mirage right down to IDW's reboot. My overall enjoyment to this is great, being 13 episodes in now. There is one thing that I noticed, they are churning out new characters fast for the sake of making toys to sell.

    This is fine really, a product needs to make money to stay alive right? What does concern me is the lack of story behind them. Perhaps this will change, perhaps not. For now things feel kind of rushed in this series, I hope by the end of season 2 things will be more fleshed out.

    One thing I will say, which I love, are the fight sequences. Being CGI allows them to make fight scenes that are actual fight scenes and doesn't really depends on your imagination. Looking back to the 87 and 03 Turtles, their fight scenes were not exactly fluid or detailed. Kudos to Nick for creating a more enjoyable fight scene.
  • The Show

    When I watch some of the episodes from the Teenage Mutant Ninjag Turtles, I think it's pretty good. But personally I like the old one better. You know the 2003 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The reason is I think it makes a whole lot of sense when I watch it. But then again this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes is all right and it is a good successor to the series.
  • good show reminds of the old days

    dont be a hater like reward1 this show is good for nicklodeon.
  • Sam, I Blame You... You Made Me Fall in Love with This Show! x3

    I never understood why my TMNT-Obsessed friend was so into this show, curiosity led me to watch a random episode and I fell in love with it instantly. Great, thanks Sam... the last thing I needed was a new fandom, but here I am.

    What I love about this show:

    1. The animation.

    Being an artist and studying different types of styles in art - drawing, painting, ANIMATION, etc... - I'm picky when it comes to styles . I could Not watch Batman: The Brave and the Bold because I could not stand that art style (regardless of the plot's quality), sorry to say. I'm happy to so, though, say that I am quite infatuated with the computer-animated yet almost claymation-like way that they did this series. I could almost feel the textures of some parts as I watch. :)

    2. The balance of comedy, action and drama.

    Many times, it's hard to find a good show that is able to juggle all three (or more) in a way that isn't confusing or boring. In my opinion too much one without the others just makes all of the episodes too similar to each other. I can't even count how many times I've lost attention to a show because there was nothing new - sure even in the action shows there was always something exciting happening, but at the same time, it was basically all of the same kind of action... if that makes any sense what so ever.

    3. The characters.

    Surprisingly, I don't hate any of the characters yet. For me, that's saying something. Even in Spongebob (the newer episodes) I have begun to hate characters that I used to like as a child - Patrick, Mr, Krabs... I'm sad to say that since the series has been out since I was like 6 and I used to like all of the characters. Now though... Anyway, back on track: I don't hate any of the characters yet - good or bad - and I think that the creators/designers did great jobs giving them all personalities; it feels like no one was really left out in that department. In other words, it feels like they didn't 1/2 create the characters only to foil other ones.

    4. Lastly, although this is a strange reason, even I admit: The Pun. I knew who my favorite turtle was right away (not because of previous encounters with versions of TMNT, since I wasn't too interested in the other ones, truthfully), but because of the pun with his nickname. Any guesses? Yup Raphael (tell me I'm not the only ones who noticed this pun). The character has a temper and is usually angry; And his nickname is 'Raph', which sounds like 'Wrath' (like in the 7 Deadly Sins) which basically mean anger. x) I noticed that right away and thought it was the most epic thing ever. I love the creators/writers for doing that. They have my eternal respect. lol
  • Why did someone give this a 1

    Someone gave this a 1or something so I'm giving it a 10 to try and fix that. Its not perfect but pretty damn good. April being a kid... eh... the rest seems pretty good. I like Splinter being a badass.

    At first i was a little Disappointed to see the show not following the same old formula and story as the old shows had, but that doesn't mean this shit didn't blow me away! This Show is Hilarious and Action Packed, Great Job Nickelodeon! 10 Ninja Stars!!
  • TMNT forever

    I love this reboot and it gets better every episode
  • Go green!

    I fucking love this show.
  • Turtle Power!

    This show is great! I've always loved watching the TMNTs and I'm especially loving this version. Not only are the voices spot on, but so are the characterizations. These are my turtles! I'm especially enjoying the way that the writing is showing their youth, emphasizing the teenage part. They're clearly kids but very awesome mutant ninja kids who are learning with every episode. And Splinter is the perfect blend of sensei and dad, giving them ninja lessons while at the same time being a very concerned father.

    I have yet to watch an episode (up to 6 right now) where I didn't burst out laughing just from how the turtles interact with each other. I found the anime touches worked well and really emphasized the humor of the turtles expressions. And the Krangs... oh the Krangs are especially hilarious for alien brain-shaped baddies just from the way they talk.

    I'd recommend this show to anyone who likes humor and action (with ninjas!) even if they didn't grow up a TMNT fan like I did.
  • No, Mikey, not in our chests.

    What a spectacular show. The writing is clever and really entertaining. I feel like each turtle's personality was showcased really well. The voicing is great and I love the little anime expressions. If you are a fan of TMNT at all, you will definitely enjoy this show.