Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Season 2 Episode 6

Target: April O'Neil

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Nov 23, 2013 on Nickelodeon
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April still refuses to have anything to do with the turtles. However, an attack by the Foot clan may force her to change her mind.

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  • Back in the game

    Knowing April I knew she wouldn't stay mad at them forever. It's true that may'be her return seemed just a little fast, I personally wouldn't of minded a few more episodes where she was on her own, but then again as a saying goes "time stands still for no

    The bit of humor I liked was when the Turtles were watching that "Go-Lion/Voltron" knock off anime. I always love those faux cartoon segments which I always find hillarous. Anyway the episode they were watching was about the princess character leaving again, she did this 28 times in that show. At that point I probably would of kicked her out, let alone it seems like the Princess comes off as a real self centered b.... in that show. But it's always funny how it parallels with the current circumstances that the Turtles are in and they always do provide a good lesion despite a bit double standard for the cartoon.

    The business with the Turtles was as usual Turtle business, but the really highlight and plot was with April (hence the title of the episode) and Casey. I really love the battle sequences with the two, the new version of Casey jones is just awesome he's probably my second favorate character in the show. He sort of like the graphic novel hero "Kick Ass" sort of a grounded vigilante. That action on the ice rink was awesome, this really was Casey's turf as he was just shooting pucks at the foot robots as much as "Happy Gillmore", using his hockey stick and utilizing the ice rink enviorment well. The foot robots don't disappoint, I like that their kinda walking Swiss Army knives as they always have deadly sharp weapon pop out of their body. April also is good as holding her own, I really like seeing her ustilize her ninja skills as well as her trademark weapon the bladed fan, how the heck she can catch it safely without cutting herself is anyones guess. But of course we see things get really thick for her as Karie has a model two of the robot she wants to test out, and April unfortunately is the prime candate. And we see April fights to the best of her ability and does get a few lucky shots on Karie, but like I said a few it's not enough as Karie once again gets the best of her from the mere fact Aprils martial arts skills are not on the level yet. At that point you know April is in deep crap and needs backup pronto, but unfortunately Casey still has his own battle with the foot robots to deal with, let alone a block or two away so he can't get to her.

    It was cool seeing Donnie come to her rescue, despite almost violating one of the Marine codes "Stick with you squad" but I don't think he really violated the code; if a squad mate is far from you squad and needs assistance then it's optional for one or two squadmates to provide it while the rest proceed on mission, at least that's what I think. The fight with the Mark 2 Footsoilder was soild and I liked that once again the akillies heel principle was applied, it's always the smallest thing that can make the biggest thing defeat itself. And in the end April comes back with the gang and forgives them, I never did thing the mutagen thing was totally there fault in the first place as Donny says somethings are out of there control and that's true when it comes to plans and missions things don't always go according to plan.

    The only things I didn't like was Donetello stalking April, that I thought was out of character. Let alone that sequence where he day dreamed of flying around the world once he got the peck in the cheek was cheesy.

    One thing I don't want to happen is Donny and April hooking up. It's not because he's a turtle but there are just some characters that are best left as being friends than the other way around, I don't want another Ron and Hermime on our hands. It has to be Casey and April, both I feel have the best chemistry and I can tell just like the hockey pucks, sparks are just flying between the two.

    Overall, this was a very good episode, April is back in the game.moreless

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