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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Season 2 Episode 22

Vengeance Is Mine

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jun 29, 2014 on Nickelodeon
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Leonardo conducts one final attempt to rescue Karai, against Splinter's wishes.

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  • Misguided Vengence

    Revenge is not a straight path, it is a forest one can get lost in.

    Hatori Hanzo

    Movie: Kill Bill

    This is probably one of the best but also saddest episodes for the show. It really isn't the most uplifting entry for the show because it's one of those rare times where the good guys actually lose.

    Not much I can really say, what I really like about this episode is that it wasn't so much a Turtles episode but one really about both Karie and Splinter. We of course see her escape and actually join up with the A Team (the turtles) which I thought was really cool because, it wouldn't just mean she would be the fifth turtle of the bunch if you really want to count it; but also that there will be another member of the human team, so April will have another girl to go back and forth with which is cool, girl power. Hopefully, Irma will be part of the group and contribute which of course would triple the power.

    Sadly, it didn't go that way, once Karie and we are told the story about the fate of Splinter's mother as well as family ninja clan which I'll admit was really sad. In a way Splinter's dilemma sort of reminds me a little of the story in the film "The Mask of Zorro" like the Don Rafael villain like him, Shreader suffers from an envy complex he doesn't just want to destroy Splinter he wants to be him and have everything he wants that he feels he's unable to achieve for himself. And like in that film just as Don Rafael destroyed everything that Don Diago (Zorro) built he also takes his child to be his own, which is the same thing Shreader just did to Splinter.

    This story of course makes Karie's blood boil and go on a mission of vengeance. She of course is impatient and desides to go on her own, which you already know is a very bad idea, infiltrating an enemy base by yourself is practically a sucide and the odd of success going at it alone are practically none; which is why it's important to always have a partner or a team let alone arm yourself with a well thought out plan. I really liked the moment both Leo and Karie had before she went off which I thought was sweet, I liked that he wasn't going to stop her but was going to help her. They way both of them look at each other and say you can see there are sparks flying between both of them (their not related, it's not wrong ), and we see a moment where it looked like she was about to kiss Leo but of course she tricks him and knocks him out. Don't worry someday that kiss is going to happen, at least I hope but it better happen for Casey and April that's a must.

    Karie goes in and of course Shreader lays a trap for her, as she is outnumbered and outmatched. I liked the fight between both Karie and Shreader, Shreader of course easily beats her which makes sense since he taught her all her moves. And then uses her as bait so that he can use some mutagen to turn the Turtles into his mindless mutant slaves. At that point I know that Shreader is no longer worthy to be her father.

    We then see another battle with the Turtles and Splinter and it's a soild battle. We see that Leo is very close to saving Karie but then unfortunately Shreader then pounces on Leo and swings at him, the blade of course misses Leo but unfortunately it cuts the chain holding the cage Karie was in and she falls into the mutagen.

    The last minutes are heartsinking when we see her transform into a mutant, pretty much a humanoid Cobra which I'll admit is cool looking. But the heartsinking moment was when Splinter tries to talk to her, Karie says one word "Father?. It was one word but it really told a big detail on the effect of the mutagen that it has altered her mind, it might have given her partial amnesia as she is unable to acknowledge she knows Splinter and the Turtles. But also has tapped into primal instincts as we see she has also became a bit animalistic. She of coruse runs away as the building was exploding, in a way it represents what Shreader is feeling just more hate toward Splinter as he's lost Karie despite the fast it really was Shreader's fault but also shows that history has repeated for Shreader as he has once again destroyed the things he wanted the most not realizing he already had it.

    The saddest moment was with Splinter, we don't see his face and he has his back to the Turtles and us, I can tell from that deep silence he is exercicsing he is feeling the deepest sadness which I'll admit was just heartbreaking almost put a tear or two in my eye, because once again Splinter has lost everything.

    However the ending there was a glimmer of hope, before Karie was dumped into the mutagen, we saw that the mutagen was contaminated with some other chemical. This of course made Karie change back into human form temporarly, so an antimutagen is possible.

    Overall this was a great episode and season which I personally thought was even better than the first. At this point anything is possible. One of the things I'd like to see in the new season is Irma finally joining up with the group and having a useful role in things instead of just being there. Let alone I wouldn't mind if both Donnie and her hook up, ok , ok I know long shot but I don't see a reason why it couldn't happen those two have more in common and lets face it those jokes of Don's crush on April are getting old. I'd like to see April and Casey become more than just friends. Probably some new characters, like I was thinking Chaplin, whom was a character in the 2002 version of Turtles, also no doubt Usagi Youjumbo that would be so awesome he's one of my favorate characters in the series and it was hinted at with that little story Tiger Claw told about his cut tail. As for plot, things are probably going to get even darker and harder for the Turtles, I'd love to see the City Fall arc which is my favorate story arc in the IDW comic series, I'd love to see this shows version of that where everything in New York has finally gone to hell, the city in that arc was practically a war zone and we would see the Turtles, April, Casey, Splinter, and may'be even Karie and Irma if allowed will all get to kick some serious butt.

    I don't know we'll just have to wait and see. See ya on the next season.moreless

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