Tek War

CTV (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Betrayal
      Episode 18
      It becomes apparent to Bascom that there is a security leak at Cosmos and he seeks outside help to identify the leak. Jake becomes the number one suspect, especially after the outside help is found murdered.
    • Redemption
      Episode 17
      Jake is ordered to provide security to one of the candidates running for Mayor. Frank Avery is a recovering TEK addict and Jake naturally does not like either politicians or addicts. The biggest threat is Brackett, the candidate of the TEK Lords, who have hired Trask to sabotage Avery's campaign. Jake and Sam must protect Avery's reputation before voting ends and the TEK Lords have control of the city.moreless
    • Skin Deep
      Skin Deep
      Episode 16
      Sharon, Jake's old girlfriend, comes to him for help to solve her murder. The woman is a double and informs Jake the Sharon's husband killed her. She states that he is a major distributor of TEK and Sharon found out. Jake begins to believe this story when Sharon's body is discovered, only her husband is the Police Commissioner and frames Jake for the murder. Jake enlists Sam's help and together they work to prove his innocence.moreless
    • The Gate
      The Gate
      Episode 15
      Danny and his friend, Peter meet Tina and follow her to a "Party". At this party, Peter uses a head set and ends up disappearing. Danny tries to find his friend on his own and ends up being trapped in some alternate reality. Back in the real world, Danny and Peter are unconscious. Jake discovers that this world is draining the minds of the people trapped to run a computer. Jake goes into the alternate reality to save Danny and his friend, hoping he can find a way out for all of them.moreless
    • Forget Me Not
      Forget Me Not
      Episode 14
      Jake finds himself alone in an alley beaten and bruised with some memory loss. At Cosmos, it is discovered that memories were taken from Jake and that he must recover his missing memories or he will die. Through the investigation into what happen, Jake and Sam discover that other memories of prisoners were accidentally shared during their cryogenic state. They also find out that Jake's memories were stolen to help another inmate, Lobo to steal a shipment of rock fuel.moreless
    • Zero Tolerance
      Zero Tolerance
      Episode 13
      Peter and his sister, Rachel have discovered a potion that kills those who have used TEK. They contact Jake to join their movement as they feel he has made progress in the war. Jake joins the cause so he can find a way to stop them from hurting anyone.
    • Cyberhunt
      Episode 12
      Nika gets herself into trouble when she hacks into cyberspace to find hidden bullion a favor to an old friend and because she feels under appreciated at Cosmos. Jake must intervene to rescue her from the law, the underworld and even the bullion.
    • Deep Cover
      Deep Cover
      Episode 11
      Jake finds himself getting a new partner, Sam Houston and her first assignment is to infiltrate the Del Amo organization. Problem is that Cassandra and her brothers are running it and they have a device that reads your mind. Sam agrees to undergo mind sculpting, which creates a new personality and hides the old one. Then she is positioned to help Michael escape from jail and becomes Cassandra's right hand. When her true identity is discovered, Sam's life and true personality are threatened and Jake must rescue both of them.moreless
    • Carlotta's Room
      Carlotta's Room
      Episode 10
      David Lane is a politician, who has fallen in love with a computer generate prostitute, Carlotta. Only he believes that she is real, being held hostage and being forced into this program. David decides to buy the program, but instead ends up on the losing end of a blackmail scheme. When he turns up dead, Jake must find out what happened to his friend and the truth about Carlotta.moreless
    • Deadline
      Episode 9
      When Lieutenant Winger, an android, is attacked and his CRU (Cortical Relay Unit) is stolen; he finds himself needing the help of his biggest adversary, Jake. Winger has only 18 hours before his brain will shut down and Jake continues to run into various roadblocks trying to save his life.
    • Chill Factor
      Chill Factor
      Episode 8
      Lowell was recently convicted and scheduled for cryogenic freezing and he injected himself with a virus. Although the virus I no threat, as it is a harmless form, the computers running the cryogenic system reacts to the discovery and stops Lowell's process. The computer detects that the virus is present in other already frozen convicts and unfreezes them as well. Lowell and the other convicts take control of the cryogenic facility and they take Jake as one of their hostages. Recent upgrades to the computer system include the fail safe plan to sterilize the cryogenic facility, which will kill everyone that is not frozen. Jake must find a way to save everyone, even if that means they may be scared to death.moreless
    • Killer Instinct
      Killer Instinct
      Episode 7
      When a cop is killed by a seemingly innocent and good teenage boy, Jake and Sid begin looking into reasons why this might have happened. They check out a new game that the boy had been playing and discover that someone hacked into the game. They created a virus that motivates all people to commit violent acts. Only problem is that this virus is spreading and Jake must get the hacker before he is affected.moreless
    • Alter Ego
      Alter Ego
      Episode 6
      Miles Connor was a TEK Lord that was caught and imprisoned in a cryogenic state. Connor seems to have re-appeared seeking revenge on those that put him away, which includes Jake and Sid. His body is discovered to be in the same place and he is still in his cryogenic sleep. Jake and Sid investigate the other Connor and find some disturbing and deadly answers.moreless
    • Stay Of Execution
      Alec Seeger takes control of Weathercon, making demands and threats. Jake is recruited to help and is partnered with an old partner of Alex's, Lianna. Lianna is a prisoner who has been temporarily released to help on this mission, if she does well, she may have her sentence reduced. Jake must determine if Lianna is helping or hurting his search for Alex.moreless
    • Promises to Keep
      Promises to Keep
      Episode 4
      Tom Weston went into hiding because he was making progress on a cure for TEK addiction. When he returns from the dead to reclaim his lost love, Jake must make the ultimate sacrifice.
    • Tek Posse
      Tek Posse
      Episode 3
      Jake is enticed by John Grant and his newly formed team known as the "Tek Posse". This is a group of men that operate above the law and have some of the best tools, including a mind prober, which is a prototype. One the first mission, Jake begins to doubt his decision to leave Cosmos.moreless
    • Unknown Soldier
      Unknown Soldier
      Episode 2
      When Electra helps Jake in a fight, he decides to assist her in getting a job at Cosmo. But Jake is unaware that Electra is an enhanced "X-Class" soldier and she moonlights as an assassin. Her current target is Jake's boss and friend, Walter Bascom.
    • Sellout
      Episode 1
      Beth Kittridge is hired by Marty Dollar to find a way to make TEK non-addictive. Beth soon discovers that he is planning on lacing the music players with the main ingredient in TEK so he can sell these players to customers. This would create millions of new addicts and he would be the only supplier.moreless
  • Season 1