Tek War

CTV (ended 1996)





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  • The science fiction novels of William Shatner brought to the small screen. Surprisingly good stuff.

    This series, adapted for television from the novels of the same name by William Shatner was pretty good TV. Set in the future, the series tells stories related to a highly addictive computer-based drug called Tek, and the people who use/abuse it, sell it, or try to stamp it out (our hero, Jake Cardigan). The show was action-filled, funny, exciting to watch, had really good stories to tell, great technology for the period and a good cast. And though I had to get over his Star Trek connections, William Shatner did a much better job in this series. We have learned over time that he's a much better comedic actor than when he's taking himself too seriously.
  • One of a kind when it came out.

    A narcotics police drama set in the future. william shatner made a really good series. this show was entertaining. the hi tech hardware associated with this show was at the time, top of the line, but it may be old now. but what's important was that the stories of the episodes were really entertaining, they weren't dull. the episodes are watchable, you don't get bored watching it. this is a really good show, you don't need to think much about the plot, you let the action unravel the story for you, you just sit back and enjoy, you'll really be entertained.
  • Tek War is really A-MA-ZING!

    Tek War is really A-MA-ZING! If everything on television these days are as good as Tek War, I don't think I'll ever remove myself from the television set. Whoever came up with the idea behind Tek War is a genius!I am very interested to see this movie again and again.
  • this show was pretty good for a while

    i remember when this show first came out. as a part of the action pack. it and hercules were the only to shows to get off the ground. knight rider 2000 or whatever it was called was absolute junk in my opinion. william shatner was pretty good in this show. greg evigan did a better job with this than he did in bj and the bear. i did not realize the chick from andromeda was in this show though.