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Teknoman was an anime series originally created and aired in Japan under the name Tekkaman Blade (translated and transliterated). It concerned a mysterious young man named Slade who had the power to transform into an armored space warrior, helping Earth's forces to fight an alien invasion. He fights alongside the Space Knights, a small paramilitary organization. Aired on Tokyo TV from 1992 to 1993, the series was brought to the United States in 1995 by Haim Saban, who had previously achieved success by importing another Japanese show that was Americanized into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Of the original 49 Japanese episodes, the first 26 were dubbed and aired on UPN before the show was cancelled. An English-language version aired outside of the US included 46 episodes, some having been combined or eliminated. This show guide reflects Teknoman, the American show, rather than Tekkaman Blade, the original Japanese show. This is due to the vagaries of having to translate Japanese titles, names and dialog as well as the mismatch between the number of English language and Japanese episodes. Data including air dates reflects the UPN broadcasts. Among Teknoman's weapons are the Tekno Lance, Fire Lance, Tekno Rang and Techno Power Blaster.moreless
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  • Blade aka D-Boy

    Growing up in Australia, one the first cartoons I instantly liked was Teknoman, and to this day I Still like it. Granted there are allot of other similar shows but IMO this one is the best. I haven't seen the Japanese version only the English dubbed version. Either way i still think it was a ahead of its time. Think of Blade the teknoman as a knight with extremely sophisticated armor which kicks you know what. His tekno blasters are still one the best, granted unoriginal, weapons in anime and the fact that he could go super teknoman is just plain awesome. If you haven't seen this show its definitely worth watching.

  • Blade a young man with no memory of his past but with a destined future of saving the earth from a raise of alien beings bent on global terror

    Where shall i begin starting watching this when i was 12yrs old have never regretted it since,back when most cartoons where one two dimensional this gave life to its characters and lives that could have been own.For instance even though blade has no memory of his past he still feels a connection to the aliens,one he clearly cant explain,or what about the several warriors with abilities much like himself.Every day i wondered is today the day he unlocks his true potential and realizes who he really is even though i was upset when it was i can surely i was never disappointedmoreless
  • Blade as Teknoman is the last hope to save the planet Earth. But he don\'t remember anything from his past, don\'t remeber who he was and why he wear this strange Tekno suit...moreless

    I think Teknoman is one of the best space-anime that I\'ve ever saw. The plot is very good, characters are interestings and drawing stand on high level. I think, Teknoman is good movie for anime fans, whitch likes robots, space-operas or braves heroes.

    In American version there are only 42 episodes, but in Japan Teknoman (Tekkaman Blade) has got 49 episodes! I don\'t know what happens to the 7 episodes in Am. ver.

    After the orginal Teknoman there are three specials, whitch are the links beetwen Teknoman and Teknoman Blade II (Twin Blood, Burning Clock, Missing Link).

    In the end I want to order Teknoman all people, witch likes anime.moreless