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  • Season 3
    • Teknoman 2: Episode 6 - Dangerous Boys
      In the bombed-out remains of Praha, Dead End recovers the Tekk-plant. Meanwhile, Yumi helps D-Boy from his hospital bed, and together they leave the base, leaving the team wondering what is going on. Aki informs the Space Knights about what could happen if the Tekk-plant was used to create more generic Tekkamen. The Tekk-plant at Praha was based on Radam technology, and not Earth's. Now the team must stop the use of this plant, or there could be a repeat of Black September. Once the Tekk-plant has surfaces, generic Tekkamen begin to move in numbers towards it. Yumi goes to the military on the Space Ring to stop them from dropping another nuclear bomb, and the Space Knights go to Praha to make sure the Tekk-plant can't be used. At Praha, David tried to tell Dead End that he's about to repeat the Black September disaster, but Dead won't listen, and instead transforms and attacks David, who refuses to transform. Natasha rescues him, but Dead turns his attention towards her and easily subdues her. Near defeat, Natasha tells Dead that her father was the one who ordered the bomb to be dropped. Enraged, Dead prepares to take his revenge on the daughter of the military that made his life hell. This finally forces David to change, and he stops Dead from killing Natasha. Blade arrives, and he and Dead battle again, while Yumi sets up a barrier to stop the generic Tekkamen from reaching the plant. Blade defeats Dead and tells him to look towards the future. The military still decide to drop the bomb. Aki changes to her Scarlet Tekkaman form to try and stop it, but Dead also goes to stop the bomb. He uses his Voltekka on it and destroys it - and seemingly himself as well. Some time later, another Radam force enters our solar system, and the Knights are called out. As they watch the radar screen, the Radam fleet begins to vanish and they wonder what could be destroying it. They arrive at the fleet's position to find that Dead didn't perish after all, and together they join to fight the Radam.moreless
    • Teknoman 2: Episode 5 - Dirty Night
      David walks the streets and wonders what will happen to D-Boy. He goes to visit him and find Aki D's hand hoping he will improve. David runs out of the room to see Yumi. The next day, the team prepares to launch but David is not around, and they wonder where he is. David drives to a small town by the base and watches the children play. He hears a familiar tune and pulls out his harmonica. That night, David returns to the cemetery, where he meets the mysterious figure again. They go to a bar, and David finds out the stranger calls himself Dead End, and that he doesn't like telling stories about his past. As they walk the streets, they are accosted by a gang, and a fight begins. Dead End sees a Sotai-crystal (one of the Tekka-crystals) on a gang member and freezes. Dead gets cut and David comes to his rescue. Dead runs away, but David catches up, and asks why he ran. So Dead tells him he used to be like the kids in that gang - and about Praha-Black September. 5 years before, the generic Tekkamen revolted and captured the Tekk-plant at Praha. Earth sent in a squad of Sol Tekkamen to stop the revolt, but it was not enough to stop the revolt entirely. So the military decided to drop a nuclear bomb on the city. Noal (from the TV series) tried to warn the earth forces about the military plan, but is taken into custody. This is the last time anyone ever sees Noal. Dead End blames the Space Knights and the Scarlet Tekkaman for the bombing of Praha. He was angry because he didn't die with his friends. He wishes he could join them in death, but he can't manage to kill himself. David then tells Dead of his encounter with the Scarlet Tekkaman and his own story of Praha. David watched as Aki ripped through an army of generic Tekkamen. Aki told him that there was no difference between humans and Tekkamen; they are both equal; neither is better than the other. They both see the bomb coming and Aki grabs David and flees the city. David tells Dead that it wasn't the Space Knights who destroyed Praha, but Dead refuses to listen. Dead then transforms into his Tekkaman armor and goes to make the "Red Satan" pay for what happened at Praha. David and Dead fight, but David can't bring himself to kill Dead. He asks David why he won't kill him, and again states his inability to commit suicide.moreless
    • Teknoman 2: Episode 4 - Dead-Boy
      On a stormy night while the team is away, Blade fights against a new, and more powerful, black Tekkaman. Most of the team return to base (except for David), and discover D-Boy battered and bloodied. That same evening, while slightly drunk, David recalls seeing Aki transform back to human form with D-Boy right behind her. Later, while passing through the cemetery, he comes across a strange, androgynous man playing a harmonica, and they begin to talk. The whole team believes the attack was Radam's doing, and they secretly launch the Blue Earth to find the person responsible for injuring D-Boy. Right after launch, they see a red aura streaking across the sky; the reaction of their Tekka-crystals tells them that this is the person responsible for the attack, so they chase the unknown Tekkaman all the way to the Orbital Ring. Transforming into Tekkaman form, they attack the Black Tekkaman, but he is too quick and powerful. Even a direct hit from Yumi's Reactor Voltekka can't destroy him. The team is about to be destroyed when D-Boy and Aki show up to fight the Tekkaman. Everybody is surprised to hear it speak because they thought it was an alien Tekkaman. Yumi reveals what she has felt during the battle and says, "It's not a Radam, he's just us - a human!" The Black Tekkaman uses its Voltekka and has Blade at his mercy, but David attacks, and the Black Tekkaman retreats for no reason, leaving a near-dead D-Boy. The Black Tekkaman returns to the cemetery, and changes to human form. We discover that it is the same person David met that night in the cemetery.moreless
    • Teknoman 2: Episode 3 - Virgin Dream
      "I never forgot that day,..." A young Yumi watches a falling white comet and begins to chase it. "...I knew it was you, Blade. I love you." Then Yumi wakes up and realizes that it was a dream. The Radam fleet is expected to reach earth within another week. On the beach Yumi is thinking about the White Tekkaman. The others talk about him but it's been ten years since he last showed himself. Later, Yumi searches the base for D-Boy. As she sits in one of the corridors, asking Blade to wait for her, she is struck by D-Boy's psychic call and goes to his location. Entering the room, she finds a letter signed with a capital "D". As she looks at it, D-Boy walks in and startles her. Yumi introduces herself and asks if he remembers her; then she asks his name. Getting no response, she looks at the letter again and asks if it's okay to call him Mr. "D" (which she thinks is a little strange). Yumi tells him of her dream how he was in it and that he was the White Tekkaman. She asks if he remembers Tekkaman Blade. She was young at the time and can't remember much, except that he was really beautiful and that after she saw him, the Radam stopped coming, but her dream was unfulfilled. She dreamt of becoming a Tekkaman and fighting alongside Blade. Meanwhile, Aki, after studying some data Honda has brought her, realizes the earth is in great danger. Yumi believes that he understands her feelings, and as D-Boy turns and the door opens he is back-lit; in that instant Yumi believes she sees Tekkaman Blade and runs towards him yelling "don't go!" Yumi runs into a boy's arm and says thanks, until she realizes she is in Mr. D's arms, and is embarrassed. As she leaves, Yumi passes Aki, and watches as the door closes behind them both. Aki gathers the Space Knights in the conference room, where she explains that the Radam are bringing a micro-black hole towards earth - and what could happen if it should come in contact with the planet... Yumi talks to Aki alone and asks about Mr. D. Aki tells her that she doesn't need to know anything. Unsure of her feelings, Yumi doesn't know if she'll be able to fight, and Aki decides to reveal the truth - she says she loves him. Yumi, outraged, runs to Hayato and makes a request. They fly off in the Alpha towards one of the columns for the Oribtal Ring elevator. The rest of the team can't believe that they are going to take on the Radam single-handedly. Aki sends the others after them, but just behind the orbit of the moon, they all run into the Radam fleet. They are fired on and quickly change into their armor and attack. Aki is stopped by D; they go to the beach and Aki retells how Noal had given him the name D-Boy. The Space Knights have their hands full when thousands of alien Tekkamen surround them. Yumi is wrapped up, and the rest of the team is powerless to stop them from stabbing her. As she falls, she blames herself for the team's failure. Suddenly, a blue streak of light from earth hits the Radam Tekkaman, destroying hundreds instantly. As the light dims the team sees a lone figure they think is the Chief, but it's really Tekkaman Blade! "It's not a dream," Says Yumi, "that really is Tekkaman Blade." Aki arrives, gathering the Space Knights to stop the black hole, while Blade turns his attention to the alien Tekkamen. Blade streaks through their ranks vaporizing hundreds without stopping. Yumi uses the Reactor Voltekka to encompass the Radam fleet, releasing the micro black hole, then Blade uses his Voltekka to destroy it. Blade immediately returns to earth and the rest of the team follow, but is this the end of Radam?moreless
    • Teknoman 2: Episode 2 - Virgin Blood
      D-Boy sits quitely and watches Aki sleep. He can feel the approaching Radam fleet. After only a month of training, Yumi has become an accomplished swordswoman with her lance, but she still needs a lot of practice. When Natasha and David return from leave, the entire team takes off in the Blue Earth to practice in space. Yumi observes the destroyed Orbital Ring and remembers her mistake with the Reactor Voltekka. She is teasingly reminded of it by Natasha and David. The two Tekkamen separate from their fighters and jump around the space rubble. Yumi then fires the Reactor Voltekka and plays mental "follow-the- leader", tracing their path. Natahsa catches her foot, and can't get out of the beam path, but Yumi is able to divert the beam from Natasha. Yumi then redirects the beam back to herself, where she turns it off before it destroys all of them. Aki returns to the Orbital Ring, hoping privately that they will be able to stop the Radam. On board the Blue Earth, Hayato is teased about Yumi because she and David are not on the bridge. Yumi asks David about his offer. David asks her about the White Tekkaman and retracts his offer because she only met the White Tekkaman once. David is impressed by her innocence, and they leave the room laughing. Hayato comes around the corner, sees them laughing, and jumps to the conclusion that they had actually slept together. Later, Hayato confronts David about this supposed affair, when they both hear voices coming from Natasha's room. Both are dumbstruck, and they sneak up on the door to hear more of the conversation. Now Hayato believes Yumi is going to have sex with Natasha, and breaks into the room, only to discover that they were really talking about mixed drinks. The rest of the team shows up to celebrate Yumi's accomplishments with a party. While the team sleeps it off in Natasha's room, David wakes up and leaves. As he walks down the corridor, he sees an open door and enters. Finding a Bible, he opens it to the passage on Sodom and Gomorra. As he reads aloud, Aki arrives and recites the passage with him. David is surprised, and Aki tells him that Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back, and that David might be as well, since he does not look forward. David then remembers a scene of a scarlet Tekkaman sticking its lance into a dead generic-type Tekkaman. He is about to ask Aki a question, when the Radam reopen the warp field and attack. The Space Knights use caution when confronting the alien Tekkamen in the city. They attempt a surgical strike. Yumi uses the Reactor Voltekka and mentally controls the beam to destroy them, but is only able to disintegrate part of one. Then she stops because she sees the other alien Tekkamen standing over their fallen comrade. When the team sees this, they can't bring themselves to kill aliens that feel remorse, and in that moment of indecision, the aliens counterattack with their Voltekkas. Yumi is ambushed, knocked off her ship, and is bound up by the aliens. Aki, realizing they might lose the fight, runs into the control room yelling "Pegas Teksetter" as she jumps into the waiting robot (a style of transformation we've seen before from the TV series). The team is recovering as a ship makes a flyby, breaking Yumi's bonds, and suddenly, everyone sees the Scarlet Tekkaman. David says that it's the Chief. The team is stunned as they watch Aki mercilessly rip, chop, and mutilate the Radam forces. Now they see what real battle is.moreless
    • Teknoman 2: Episode 1 - Virgin Flush
      A young tech (Yumi Francois) out delivering plans realizes she is lost, and accidently stumbles into an unknown office. Inside, a strange figure in dark glasses sits. She apologizes for interrupting and leaves, wondering who the strange man is. On the fringe of our solar system, the United Earth Fleet tried to stop Radam's advance, but they are unsuccessful because their special Sol Tekkamen strike-force has not arrived yet. Even with the Sol's help, the officers realize it's only a temporary measure, and what they really need are true Tekkamen. On earth the Tekka-cadets keep practicing, while Yumi stands by and watches them. Once practice ends, Yumi is chastised by Natasha for not having fixed a communication pack. Natasha says that her mistake could cost the life of one of them. Honda steps in and takes the blame. As Natasha lets Yumi go, she sees the crystal revealing that Yumi is also a candidate for the Tekka-process. Later, Yumi pretends to be a Tekkanman and is surprised by the young pilot, Hayato. They sit down to talk, and both wonder who the third Tekkaman will be. Aki shows up and tells Hayato to take Yumi up in the Gamma for a tryout. All team members are present when Aki announces that Yumi will be the third Tekkaman. Everyone is surprised, and Natasha demands to know why Yumi was chosen. Aki says, if she has a problem-she can leave. Aki also informs them about the special weapon "Reactor Voltekka." This will enhance the power of a Voltekka, and cause the intended target to be encompassed by a crystal field, becoming an additional voltekka; which will then spread in different directions, causing further objects to be engulfed, and so on... But it can only be attached to one person, and Natasha is chosen to wear it. The Tekka-cadets go to the Tekkplant for the procedure which will take 10 hours to complete. Aki hops that they have 10 hours before Radam attacks. Out in space, the United Forces are decimated by an alien Tekkaman. It wipes out the squad of Sol Tekkamen and then destroys the flagship with its Voltekka. The Radam then opens a multi-dimensional wormhole and sends its missiles to their designated targets. This causes a disruption in the tekka-process. When Aki, David and Natasha regain consciousness, Aki tells them that the process is only 90% complete, and due to a computer error, Yumi was given the Reactor Voltekka. The Radam have destroyed the fleet and warped into earth's orbit, so the Space Knights must fight... In space, Aki orders the attack, but holds Yumi back because she's untrained. David and Natasha transform and go after Radam, using their Voltekkas on the alien Tekkaman, but only destroy his hovercraft. It counterattacks and is crushing both of them in its grip, when Yumi disobeys Aki and tries to save them. But unfortunately, Yumi can't fight. Realizing that she can use the Reactor Voltekka, she activates it, instantly destroying the alien Tekkaman and enveloping the entire Radam fleet. Being a rookie, however, Yumi can't stop the reaction and it continues to grow, affecting the Orbital Ring. Aki quickly stuns Yumi with a laser shot to break her mental control of the Reactor Voltekka, which then dissipates. Back on earth, Yumi is confined to quarters for insubordination and destroying part of the Orbital Ring. She protests, but is slapped by Natasha, who tells her she is totally unqualified to be a Tekkaman. Yumi sits and cries in her quarters as Natasha's words echo - while D-Boy senses the approach of the Radam fleet's second wave.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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