Season 3 Episode 1

Teknoman 2: Episode 1 - Virgin Flush

Aired Sunday 10:30 AM Unknown on UPN
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Teknoman 2: Episode 1 - Virgin Flush
A young tech (Yumi Francois) out delivering plans realizes she is lost, and accidently stumbles into an unknown office. Inside, a strange figure in dark glasses sits. She apologizes for interrupting and leaves, wondering who the strange man is. On the fringe of our solar system, the United Earth Fleet tried to stop Radam's advance, but they are unsuccessful because their special Sol Tekkamen strike-force has not arrived yet. Even with the Sol's help, the officers realize it's only a temporary measure, and what they really need are true Tekkamen. On earth the Tekka-cadets keep practicing, while Yumi stands by and watches them. Once practice ends, Yumi is chastised by Natasha for not having fixed a communication pack. Natasha says that her mistake could cost the life of one of them. Honda steps in and takes the blame. As Natasha lets Yumi go, she sees the crystal revealing that Yumi is also a candidate for the Tekka-process. Later, Yumi pretends to be a Tekkanman and is surprised by the young pilot, Hayato. They sit down to talk, and both wonder who the third Tekkaman will be. Aki shows up and tells Hayato to take Yumi up in the Gamma for a tryout. All team members are present when Aki announces that Yumi will be the third Tekkaman. Everyone is surprised, and Natasha demands to know why Yumi was chosen. Aki says, if she has a problem-she can leave. Aki also informs them about the special weapon "Reactor Voltekka." This will enhance the power of a Voltekka, and cause the intended target to be encompassed by a crystal field, becoming an additional voltekka; which will then spread in different directions, causing further objects to be engulfed, and so on... But it can only be attached to one person, and Natasha is chosen to wear it. The Tekka-cadets go to the Tekkplant for the procedure which will take 10 hours to complete. Aki hops that they have 10 hours before Radam attacks. Out in space, the United Forces are decimated by an alien Tekkaman. It wipes out the squad of Sol Tekkamen and then destroys the flagship with its Voltekka. The Radam then opens a multi-dimensional wormhole and sends its missiles to their designated targets. This causes a disruption in the tekka-process. When Aki, David and Natasha regain consciousness, Aki tells them that the process is only 90% complete, and due to a computer error, Yumi was given the Reactor Voltekka. The Radam have destroyed the fleet and warped into earth's orbit, so the Space Knights must fight... In space, Aki orders the attack, but holds Yumi back because she's untrained. David and Natasha transform and go after Radam, using their Voltekkas on the alien Tekkaman, but only destroy his hovercraft. It counterattacks and is crushing both of them in its grip, when Yumi disobeys Aki and tries to save them. But unfortunately, Yumi can't fight. Realizing that she can use the Reactor Voltekka, she activates it, instantly destroying the alien Tekkaman and enveloping the entire Radam fleet. Being a rookie, however, Yumi can't stop the reaction and it continues to grow, affecting the Orbital Ring. Aki quickly stuns Yumi with a laser shot to break her mental control of the Reactor Voltekka, which then dissipates. Back on earth, Yumi is confined to quarters for insubordination and destroying part of the Orbital Ring. She protests, but is slapped by Natasha, who tells her she is totally unqualified to be a Tekkaman. Yumi sits and cries in her quarters as Natasha's words echo - while D-Boy senses the approach of the Radam fleet's second wave.moreless

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