Season 3 Episode 2

Teknoman 2: Episode 2 - Virgin Blood

Aired Sunday 10:30 AM Unknown on UPN
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Teknoman 2: Episode 2 - Virgin Blood
D-Boy sits quitely and watches Aki sleep. He can feel the approaching Radam fleet. After only a month of training, Yumi has become an accomplished swordswoman with her lance, but she still needs a lot of practice. When Natasha and David return from leave, the entire team takes off in the Blue Earth to practice in space. Yumi observes the destroyed Orbital Ring and remembers her mistake with the Reactor Voltekka. She is teasingly reminded of it by Natasha and David. The two Tekkamen separate from their fighters and jump around the space rubble. Yumi then fires the Reactor Voltekka and plays mental "follow-the- leader", tracing their path. Natahsa catches her foot, and can't get out of the beam path, but Yumi is able to divert the beam from Natasha. Yumi then redirects the beam back to herself, where she turns it off before it destroys all of them. Aki returns to the Orbital Ring, hoping privately that they will be able to stop the Radam. On board the Blue Earth, Hayato is teased about Yumi because she and David are not on the bridge. Yumi asks David about his offer. David asks her about the White Tekkaman and retracts his offer because she only met the White Tekkaman once. David is impressed by her innocence, and they leave the room laughing. Hayato comes around the corner, sees them laughing, and jumps to the conclusion that they had actually slept together. Later, Hayato confronts David about this supposed affair, when they both hear voices coming from Natasha's room. Both are dumbstruck, and they sneak up on the door to hear more of the conversation. Now Hayato believes Yumi is going to have sex with Natasha, and breaks into the room, only to discover that they were really talking about mixed drinks. The rest of the team shows up to celebrate Yumi's accomplishments with a party. While the team sleeps it off in Natasha's room, David wakes up and leaves. As he walks down the corridor, he sees an open door and enters. Finding a Bible, he opens it to the passage on Sodom and Gomorra. As he reads aloud, Aki arrives and recites the passage with him. David is surprised, and Aki tells him that Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back, and that David might be as well, since he does not look forward. David then remembers a scene of a scarlet Tekkaman sticking its lance into a dead generic-type Tekkaman. He is about to ask Aki a question, when the Radam reopen the warp field and attack. The Space Knights use caution when confronting the alien Tekkamen in the city. They attempt a surgical strike. Yumi uses the Reactor Voltekka and mentally controls the beam to destroy them, but is only able to disintegrate part of one. Then she stops because she sees the other alien Tekkamen standing over their fallen comrade. When the team sees this, they can't bring themselves to kill aliens that feel remorse, and in that moment of indecision, the aliens counterattack with their Voltekkas. Yumi is ambushed, knocked off her ship, and is bound up by the aliens. Aki, realizing they might lose the fight, runs into the control room yelling "Pegas Teksetter" as she jumps into the waiting robot (a style of transformation we've seen before from the TV series). The team is recovering as a ship makes a flyby, breaking Yumi's bonds, and suddenly, everyone sees the Scarlet Tekkaman. David says that it's the Chief. The team is stunned as they watch Aki mercilessly rip, chop, and mutilate the Radam forces. Now they see what real battle is.moreless

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