Season 3 Episode 3

Teknoman 2: Episode 3 - Virgin Dream

Aired Sunday 10:30 AM Unknown on UPN
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Teknoman 2: Episode 3 - Virgin Dream
"I never forgot that day,..." A young Yumi watches a falling white comet and begins to chase it. "...I knew it was you, Blade. I love you." Then Yumi wakes up and realizes that it was a dream. The Radam fleet is expected to reach earth within another week. On the beach Yumi is thinking about the White Tekkaman. The others talk about him but it's been ten years since he last showed himself. Later, Yumi searches the base for D-Boy. As she sits in one of the corridors, asking Blade to wait for her, she is struck by D-Boy's psychic call and goes to his location. Entering the room, she finds a letter signed with a capital "D". As she looks at it, D-Boy walks in and startles her. Yumi introduces herself and asks if he remembers her; then she asks his name. Getting no response, she looks at the letter again and asks if it's okay to call him Mr. "D" (which she thinks is a little strange). Yumi tells him of her dream how he was in it and that he was the White Tekkaman. She asks if he remembers Tekkaman Blade. She was young at the time and can't remember much, except that he was really beautiful and that after she saw him, the Radam stopped coming, but her dream was unfulfilled. She dreamt of becoming a Tekkaman and fighting alongside Blade. Meanwhile, Aki, after studying some data Honda has brought her, realizes the earth is in great danger. Yumi believes that he understands her feelings, and as D-Boy turns and the door opens he is back-lit; in that instant Yumi believes she sees Tekkaman Blade and runs towards him yelling "don't go!" Yumi runs into a boy's arm and says thanks, until she realizes she is in Mr. D's arms, and is embarrassed. As she leaves, Yumi passes Aki, and watches as the door closes behind them both. Aki gathers the Space Knights in the conference room, where she explains that the Radam are bringing a micro-black hole towards earth - and what could happen if it should come in contact with the planet... Yumi talks to Aki alone and asks about Mr. D. Aki tells her that she doesn't need to know anything. Unsure of her feelings, Yumi doesn't know if she'll be able to fight, and Aki decides to reveal the truth - she says she loves him. Yumi, outraged, runs to Hayato and makes a request. They fly off in the Alpha towards one of the columns for the Oribtal Ring elevator. The rest of the team can't believe that they are going to take on the Radam single-handedly. Aki sends the others after them, but just behind the orbit of the moon, they all run into the Radam fleet. They are fired on and quickly change into their armor and attack. Aki is stopped by D; they go to the beach and Aki retells how Noal had given him the name D-Boy. The Space Knights have their hands full when thousands of alien Tekkamen surround them. Yumi is wrapped up, and the rest of the team is powerless to stop them from stabbing her. As she falls, she blames herself for the team's failure. Suddenly, a blue streak of light from earth hits the Radam Tekkaman, destroying hundreds instantly. As the light dims the team sees a lone figure they think is the Chief, but it's really Tekkaman Blade! "It's not a dream," Says Yumi, "that really is Tekkaman Blade." Aki arrives, gathering the Space Knights to stop the black hole, while Blade turns his attention to the alien Tekkamen. Blade streaks through their ranks vaporizing hundreds without stopping. Yumi uses the Reactor Voltekka to encompass the Radam fleet, releasing the micro black hole, then Blade uses his Voltekka to destroy it. Blade immediately returns to earth and the rest of the team follow, but is this the end of Radam?moreless

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