Telephone Time - Season 1

CBS (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Again the Stars
    Again the Stars
    Episode 17
    The story of the world's first humane treatment of the insane as Dr. Phillippe Pinel took the first steps toward modern mental therapy in a Paris hospital in 1792.
  • Grandpa Changes the World
    Far more than courtroom drama, this TRUE STORY about how Alexander Hamilton, attorney to William Penn and the only colonial admitted to the English Bar, came out of retirement to defend a printer accused of libelling the Governor by printing the truth in his newspaper about his corrupt activities. The principals established in this case, as so eloquently argued by Hamilton, had a profound influence on the drafting of the Bill of Rights several years latter. "Gentlemen, with an impartial, uncorrupted verdict we assure ourselves, our posterity, the right, the liberty of speaking and writing the truth." As author and host, John Nesbitt says at the conclusion of this drama, "The great footnote to this story, of course, lies in the Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Old Andrew Hamilton that day in court was not so much defending his client with law that was already in existence, but was actually creating law that would not be clearly written down for generations to come. And when the Bill of Rights was first being written, there on the table lay a transcript of the case which we have just seen. Which is why we tried to say in our title that Andrew Hamilton, or Grandpa, did change the world."moreless
  • The Key
    The Key
    Episode 15
    In the 19th century a young girl lost her eyesight and hearing due to scarlet fever, this story similar to Helen Keller's is told here.
  • Joyful Lunatic
    Joyful Lunatic
    Episode 14
    Joseph Priestly, a minister and scientist is up against much when his followers dismiss his scientific findings.
  • The Gingerbread Man
    The Gingerbread Man
    Episode 13
    A German baker acts as a secret agent during the Revolutionary War. He enters the British camps and tells Hessian soldiers about all the opportunities that await them in America.
  • Smith of Ecuador
    Smith of Ecuador
    Episode 12
    The story of an American engineer's rescue work after the earthquake of August 6, 1949 in Ecuador.
  • Felix the Fourth
    Felix the Fourth
    Episode 11
    A Cuban postman raises money to attend the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis when on his way he gambles his money away.
  • Harry in Search of Himself
    Story of Henry Bergh, founder of the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is told.
  • The Man Who Believed in Fairy Tales
    Story of Heinrich Schliemann, the discoverer of Troy, this businessman turned anthropologist believed the poems of Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey, that it was not a myth but a reality.
  • Emperor Norton's Bridge
    Once a successful merchant, Norton went bankrupt in an attempt to corner the rice market. Now an old man, he proclaims himself the emperor of the city of San Francisco. His favorite project is to be the building of a bridge across San Francisco Bay.
  • Time Bomb
    Time Bomb
    Episode 7
    A desperate husband races against time to develop a synthetic insulin for his diabetic wife in Shanghai.
  • The Stepmother
    The Stepmother
    Episode 6
    Follwing the death of his spouse, Tom Lincoln brings home a new wife. Young Abe resents his new stepmother, but she slowly wins him over with her kindness.
  • The Mystery of Caspar Hauser
    In 1830, a 17-year-old is found lying on a street in Nuremnberg. The only thing known about the young man is that he'd been imprisoned and tortured.
  • Borders Away
    Borders Away
    Episode 4
    The WW2 story of Captain Dan Gallery. He convinced his superiors he could capture a German U-boat. See the top secret preparation, the planning for booby traps, and the actual boarding and capturing of the U-505 German submarine. This harrowing feat led to the capture of the German code books which helped shorten the war.moreless
  • Captain From Kopenick
    Based on a real scandal where a cobbler posing as a captain absconded with the treasury of a Berlin suburb in 1906.
  • Man With A Beard
    Man With A Beard
    Episode 2
    During the 1800s, a Massachusetts farmer is sentenced to prison for wearing a beard, defying convention in the town in which he lived. This episode is based on a true story.
  • The Golden Junkman
    The Golden Junkman
    Episode 1
    True story of an Armenian immigrant who overcomes all odds to become a wealthy and educated man: after his wife's death, he rears his beloved sons in old-world simplicity, only to have them turn on him and call him an ignorant peddler. Hurt, but not discouraged, he begins to educate himself by studying the encyclopedia and ultimately returns to college to earn his degree and the respect of his children. A hardworking, old-world immigrant raises two sons by himself while becoming very succesfull in the junkyard business. His sons attend the best college, but to the father's dismay, they resent and are embarrassed by his crude style and mannerisms. Undaunted, the man sends himself to college and proves to be a brilliant student with an enclyclopedic mind. The family is lovingly reunited when the boys see their father for the kind, loving, generous, happy, well-liked man that he has become.moreless
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