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Welcome to Teletales. Paul Lally tells them, Rae Owings draws them. The prequel to Teletales was Gather 'Round, which relied on familiar fairy tales. In this series, though, Lally and Owings concentrated on less-recognized folk tales long out of print. In a sense Teletales' producer John Robbins was rescuing fables and myths. The Production Team: For years, Lally and Owings had worked together with John Robbins on many ITV series, including Cover to Cover, The Word Shop, The Book Bird, Storybound and Readit. These series were filmed in Virginia for the late Ray V. Gladfelter. As the 1980s began, Robbins started his own production company, Positive Image Productions, and with his familiar team surrounding him, continued to film ITV programs for schools. Teletales was one of Positive Image Productions' last works. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.