Season 1 Episode 4

Funny Lady - Naughty Sock

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Apr 03, 1997 on BBC

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  • Gosh the Noo Noo sure is one naughty Noo Noo!!!

    As I cannot remember the specific episode where I remember the Noo Noo was was being naughty chasing those evil teletubbies around the inside of their home and they do the same thing to the Noo Noo. Seriously, this show is the worst thing that I've ever witnessed on television even though there are somewhat similar cartoons that make no sense like Barney, this is still my worst show in history.

    But gosh, the Noo Noo was being naughty on this particular episode, so what! Who cares if the Noo Nooo was being disobedient? The point is that Noo Noo Vacuum cleaner belongs in the garbage! Ughh, this show is so painful to watch, it makes me sick, so I change the channel fast but this episode that I saw, man he was one NAUGHTY Noo Noo!

    Other than that, I remember the teletubbies eating a piece of their toast and then the machine breaks up (as it always does) and the Noo Noo eats it all up. La La get's up and yells "Naughty NoO NoOO!" then the chaos starts to rise.

    On on the other episodes the tubbies watch some sort of Bear running away from some silly lion, the beer pulls faces at it while it's facing the opposite direction.

    Yuk, so stupid and painful to see. Every episode of this show is just as bad the others but this one in particular with that Naughty Noo Noo was the funniest but most terrible episode in all record! ("vomits")

    This is one review on an episode of this Abysmal show and the only I'll be writing....
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