Season 2 Episode 7

Music with Debbie

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 01, 1997 on BBC

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  • It should have stopped right here.

    If there was any justice in Public Television, this fiasco would have ended right here. Whoever it was who made the mistake of bringing this misguided piece of trash to America. I have no idea who the idiot, who was drinking in England and, in a drunken stupor, thought that this would be a great show to bring to America, but it should be considered a criminal act.

    The only thing that could have helped society is if at least one person at PBS would have looked at the first episode and admitted that it's crap. If they would have just said, "enough is enough"!

    This show may be good entertainment for people who are drunk, stoned or English, but it should never be allowed near children.

    It should have stopped here.