Season 1 Episode 38

My Mum's a Doctor

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM May 21, 1997 on BBC

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  • This review outlines how I feel about the episode in terms of educational value to children who watch it. It gives my opinions on its value to a child. It reinforces there is nothing to fear when visiting the doctor.

    I think the episode was well planned, written and acted out. It gave a sense of reality in terms of going to the doctor. OK, the girl in the episode was the daughter of the doctor, but it demonstated that there was nothing to fear about the visit.

    It was good how the doctor explained to the girl just what she was going to do. I refer to the scene when she asked the girl to lie down, and was adding a bit of humour, (to break the ice a little)when she proceeded to feel the girl's tummy. I found that was very comforting for the girl.