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  • What is this crap?!

    First of all this the most GAYEST show there! Little kids do NOT wanna watch gay characters dance like turds! Before it ended, even the new episode looked like repeats! I recommend toddlers should watch shows like The Backyardigans and Handy Manny not this crap! This show should be taken off the air and the creator should be shot to death! It's freakin' scary. What do they wanna do? Make the cry? I feel like shooting those little turds for teaching kids to be gay The sun talks, and they eat stuff like "tubby custard"! What sick mind made this?!
  • Silly, dull and boring!!!

    I hate shows like this!!! I really can't stand them.

    Teletubbies is so stupid! I mean there is nothing good in it and It's just Bottom of the barrel!

    The storyline is so stupid and silly, It is oviously a show for babies but no! They shouldn't put shows like this onto! It's disruptive to the older kids and adults. This show is just absolute crap! Why watch this??? No point so...

    Look everyone, I really can't stand this show or any shows like this and It's painful enough being here and reviewing it so I'm going to say one more thing:

    -silly show
    -boring show
    -Dull show

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to read my review and trust me, I really hate giving shows bad scores but look at this RUBBISH!!!!!
  • Silly, dull and boring!!!

    I hate shows like this!!! I really can't stand them.

    Teletubbies is so stupid! I mean there is nothing good in it and It's just Bottom of the barrel!

    The storyline is so stupid and silly, It is oviously a show for babies but no! They shouldn't put shows like this onto! It's disruptive to the older kids and adults. This show is just absolute crap! Why watch this??? No point so... It's so painful that even hearing the word "Teletubbies" is HORRIBLE!

    Look everyone, I really can't stand this show or any shows like this and It's painful enough being here and reviewing it so I'm going to say one more thing:

    -silly show
    -boring show
    -Dull show

    Thanks for reading for taking the time out to read my review and trust me I really hate giving shows bad scores but look at this RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What the crap

    this yet is 100th worst shows ever to aire in my list,i never have seen a show so bad in MY life,i mean come on its a bunch of more stupid peole in costumes just like in barney and friends,so you must never and i mean never watch this show even if your just 1 or 4 years warning you now,you will never sleep agian if you watch one single episode if this bull crap. you think its a good programe but its not,why don't you just go watch brandy and mr whiskers and never watch this again, bye.
  • Why did i ever watch this show.

    I'm not the kind of person who likes to dogged out shows but hey this is worth it. Its so stuipd how can any kid see any thing entertain in this show i just can't see it. It was torture of having to be with my sister baby sitting. What i want to know is how they kept this show still running because to say the least it doesn't deserve to. How long did this show last because i never check and to be honest never cared. This show got on my last nerves i mean all they said was la la and poe.
  • It's a good show for babies.

    It's a good show..... for babies. Somtimes it's not cool, sometimes is it cool. Sometime is it the worst show ever, somtimes is it a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. s. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a.
  • Great back then!

    It was certainly engaging to say the least. They need to bring back the teletubbies with a more modern version geared toward learning. At least if they could speak now and teach something would be fabulous. When I am with the family and the little ones are watching this, it is certainly entertaining. But just like Mr. Rogers was wonderful, just bring it back with a sense of the new millenium. The rugrats grew up and everyone still loved them. Overall, a decent show for the little ones but it can only get you so far then you need more.
  • this show is horrid and teaches children absolutley NOTHING

    man,this show is just awfull.the dolls are creepy,they can give children nightmares.and storyline is just playing weird.they just jump around and eat tubby toast.there isnt ever any event that can teach kids sharing,manners,beeing nice to others,nothing!and it cant even teach children how to speak properly.they never say any normall sentences,they talk like how are babies then suppost to learn how to talk?this show is just pointless.who ever tought of this needs to be thrown in jale for brainwashing children with this crap.dont let your children or younger syblings wach this show!they will become stupid! mngdcftvgbh cfvgbsdfvbvbghnjcfgvbhjnmvsabhnjkmasv dgsbhfngj hfrg gfrhnj swdegfrhjcddfdfdggfsdgdgr dsfghjdefrtgzhu swdefrgthzjrtz wertzui asdxcfvgbhnjm sdefrghjk
  • Oddly relaxing

    Why does everyone hate the Teletubbies? It's like hating a marshmallow. It's not doing anything to hurt anyone, and you don't have to do anything with it if you don't want to. So some people like it. Chill. I don't see why anyone feels so strongly about it that they must write scathing reviews or give it a low rating. I personally find it kind of relaxing. It's not a bad thing to watch if you're stuck at home with the flu or recovering from surgery,or just because you feel like it. And it's a great show for the little ones, with it's bright colors and the Teletubbies' cheerful, smiling faces.
  • aliens!

    i liked it for a while when i was a kid but now i am a teen and you know it sucks very bad. la la, dipy, tinky winky, and po are off the chain ! my fav tele tubbie is po. what's yours? tinky winky dipy crazy r they loopy? ya they r cool as ice though! a classic kid show from da u. k.every one watch it while eat big fat bag o' potato chippys. wanudh k i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i enjoy it! so do u!
  • I think it is OK.

    Why do people think it is a bad show? Look at all the merchendise! I think it is OK. My favourite teletubbies is Dipsy and Po. It may teach kids nothing but it is funny. I think Tinky Winky is gay He wears a ballet style tutu and likes it so much she doesn't want to give it to Laa-Laa! And wearing a handbag indeed! Dipsy is a bit of a loner. His face is darker than the rest. I love his hat. Laa-Laa is good, but her singing, well, hear for yourself! Po is cute. She seems to know martial arts.
  • Teletubbies should be given some praise the ideas are really good i mean since when did some people make a huge it tv show out of strange things?...not alot

    so the teletubbies...ah memories i remember lots of my family watching this from generation to generation. Its a CHILDS PROGRAMME! its not supposed to appeal to adults so cut the poor teletubbies some slack.The strange creatures Tinky winky,dipsy,lala and po have tvs in there bellies Come on how easy would that be and they dont even need a remote.The babys a sun yes a sun i thought that was funny.Noo Noo the vacum cleaner with eyes and tuby custard an tuby toast you gotta love it! So be nice to teletubbies they entertain kids what more do you want? Super violence in it? that wouldnt be sutible for children under 5.
  • This show is for losers


    What were the retarded creators thinking when they created this stupid show about overweighted aliens popping out of the dome and a weird telephone just pops out somewhere. What a irregular show. I'm glad that this show is finally cancelled and I'm really thinking that this show is too disturbing for me to like. Sesame Street doesn't do that rubbish. Here is this character called Tinky Winky and he holds a purse like he's a girl. And the characters suck!

  • Oh me,oh,my...

    This is one of the most retarded shows in a whole history of planet Earth,universe and beyond.I just can't even think about this garbage without thinking about it's quality.Yet another show made for making money etc.Everything about it is wrong.Those demon-monsters teletubbies are annoying and I just want for someone to shot them.When they are showing themselves at the end of every episode they would make a perfect target.And that vacuum-elephant like thing...WTH is that?What a poor excuse for a kids show.If you want for your kid to be smart when he/she grows up,don't let them watch this trash.

    Prepare the missiles.
  • This show is the worst show to hit television.

    I make it a point not to watch this show unless I have to (I used to have to when my cousins came over our house when they all were real young) but from what I remember and what I have heard, it's the same plot every episode.

    You could technically say that the Episode Guide is incorrect because they show the same show over and over.

    It's so bad, I hated it as an embryo!

  • This show sucks!!

    Sucks. I don\'t get what there doing!!! And why da
    heck does that purple on carry a purse!!? I
    thought it was a boy. And is that red one a girl
    or boy? Each episode should burn in he--!! This
    show gives other PBS a bad friggin\' name, yeah.
    What are they trying to do? Entertain? Well deh
    doin\' a crappy job...
  • Teenki Winki, Deep Si, La La, DIE YOU DAMN BASTARDS!

    Please, Oh God Please Kill This Show! This Is A Absolute Waste Of My Freakin\' Time! Why Am I Writng A Review Of This Bull Crap? Because It\'s Fun To Make Fun Of Kid Shows!

    Okay, When I Was A Kid I Watched This Show And I Liked It, When I Was Like Little For God Sakes! Now I Understand All The retarded Values Of This show, How It's About Homosexual Happy Retarded Doll Crap Things!

    This Show Is A Absolute Disgrace, Not Only Because Of The Teletubbies Themselves, But Because It Has Serious Bull Crap Waste Of Time.

    Not Only Did I Remember That The Videos That Retarded Kids Sent Are 10 Freakin\' Minutes Long, But They Play The Same Damn Thing Two Times! We Don\'t Want To Watch The Damn Thing Again Okay! We Get It Stop It!

    And Please For God Sakes I Think The Most Payed Person On The Show Is The Little Baby Sun Whatever The Hell It Is.

    He\'s Probably Loaded With Money But Disappointed And Sad That He\'s Not Going To Get A date For The Senior Prom!

    Please PBS Or Whatever The Heck The Channel Is Called Kill This Show!

  • I HAVE 2 WORDS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY, GAY, GAY!

    I HATE THIS SHOW! Watching grass is more intertaining. I can't even believe it is still running! And who wants to watch their bellys and watch kids play 2x in a row! That is pure crap! I am so glad little kiddies like this show cuz I am not watching!
  • The only thing worse than barney. The good thing is that you have more targets to shoot. Teletubbies must be destroyed as soon as possible.

    What were people thinking? If we can make GTA: SA a rated AO game and Dawn of the Dead on DVD, why did we make this teletubbcrap thing? There are internet pop-ups that are more interesting than this! I wish to annihilate these, these things! What are these things? You are better off watching a blank tv screen than this. Basically, you just watch these mutated inhuman jerks jump up and down and playing some inapropiate "bumping" game. And what the hell is the word Teletubbies? The title itself is making me sick. Bart Simpson should beat their asses. Even Lisa would try to kill them. Theh Simpsons rock!
  • A convoluted and traumatizing acid trip---For your preschoolers! Yay! Big hug!

    I hope this show burns in hell. It does not deserve to be considered an actual children's show. This has no educational value whatsoever, and it diverts too much attention from the real world and throws kids into a trippy world of ugly aliens and their stupid baby sun god. I'm not even going to get into how strange the sun god was. Or that vacuum cleaner thing. I swear, when I was little and this came out, I was so scared by those things that I never wanted to watch it again. And that purple one was totally gay, no one can deny it. This show is just baby talk and acid trips with a bunch of stupid aliens, some field rabbits, and a freakin baby in a sun. I would give it a zero for its lack of educational value, but since the site refuses to let me, I'll give it a one.
  • Wdf?

    Is there even 1 10 in this rewiew! You know why because this show sucks hard! Like the Wiggles, but much worse. This show is about 4 I don't know what things teletubbies whatever that is that explore there world. Uh this show isn't even educational. All it does is teach your kids to make a mess of your kitchen. Trying to make tubby custard! That stuff isn't real. It also makes kids thing flowers can talk. Plus I thought Tinky Winky was a girl, but no apparently he was a boy. He holds a purse. So the teletubbies are gender confused. How stupid and unoriginal can this show get!?!?!??!??!?!?!
  • Classic for totalers

    Now to me Teletubbies is a stubid show.That is for my age though.I mean for people that grown out of it is so stiubid.Then what the heck is everyone complaining about.It is a good show for younger childeren.So what if it has a stubid plot.SO there is no use for you to call this show stupid.
  • what were they thinking!!!!!!??????????

    this show is really bad. i mean not even my cousins can stand it. they would rather do there homework.if only there was a way to cancel this show!one of my brother's friend said that one of them were queer(it was the purple one).man if only there were dinosaurs that can get rid of them and rib off there spine and brains(if they have any).i think kids should watch something else beside this load of crap!parents, dont let your children watch this. the next thing you know it, one of them might get a chain saw and vut one of the teletubbies head off.
  • The review says it all--why do I even have to write anything?

    TVDude, the reviewer before me, has summed up the review I was begging to write, so I'll just copy his (I'm sorry, but I'm sorta slow on reviews today):

    "Seriously, who came up with this idea in the first place. Teletubbies is about 4 aliens who act really stupid and do absolutely nothing in this show that helps or educates kids at all. All the aliens ever do is just wander around and ooh and awe over stuff like a flower or bee for 5 minutes straight. They also do speak complete gibberish that does not help the vocabulary of a child at all. Also what's with the sun being a baby's face? This show is pretty much telling kids that the sun is actually a baby. Where's the logic and sense in that? This show is not educational in the least bit. I'd rather watch Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, and Bob the Builder than this junk. I just want to know what the purpose of this show is. Somebody just drop by my profile, and send me a message telling me what the purpose of this show is and how its educational please. If you are a parent and your child is watching that horrible show right now, turn off the TV and have them go play outside or spend quality time with them." Oh, and the show also promotes staring at the sun.
  • This sucks!

    One word to describe this... WORST SHOW EVER!
    Reasons - 1) Have they ever heard of the english language?
    2) They're super lame!
    3) It brainwashes 1 year olds (I bet even THEY don't watch this load of crap!)
    4) Even Tweenies are better than this (They also suck!)

    Advice to young children - Stay away from it!!!
  • The Teletubbies fall flat by doing absolutely everything wrong...

    A bad taste in humor, the characters look like something out of a horror movie, and it's the same crap over...and over...and over again in each episode. I honestly think the creator must've been drunk to make a homicidal show. I watched one episode and within a few minutes, instantly my eyes began to bleed. I can understand how little kids can whatch this senseless junk (Kids think different than we do) but if your any age above maturity don't whatch this show!!! It'll hypnotize you into commiting suicide...You've been warned...Stay away from the Evil!!!!! I can go on and on about how horrible this show is but i'm not going to because there probably wouldn't be any space in the whole Universe that could hold it.
  • This show is so horrifying. Curse it!

    Thsi show is horrifying! They worship a sun god or something. A baby! Oh my gosh. And you can barely understand what they say. I saw one episode when I was small, and I had nightmares for a looooooooooooong time. Seriously, I wonder why kids can watch this without wetting their beds every day. And they live in some kind of prison chamber like house. It's a pity kids don't know that the only reason they make this show is to make money. And what are those creatures supposed to be anyways? Some possesed creatures with white powder? This show is very scary. I would give it a negative googolplex out of 10 but the scale only goes down to 0.
  • I've seen alot of crap on TV, but this takes the cake!

    Wow this show sucks I mean I tried to watch it but it was so boring and retarded I just couldn't take it!. Even when I was 7 I couldn't stand it I had to take the plug out as my TV buttons were broken!. Why the hell is there a baby's face in the sun and why do the teletubbies have to be so retarded?. I hope this is cancelled for good and I hope to never see them again on my TV. Teletubbies is not good for us and especially our children!. I'm completly disgusted to see that this is still aired on TV. Teletubbies suck!.

  • This hurts.

    What is so educational about teletubbies? Is it supposed to be entertaining? Is supposed to be meant to be doing something. I honestly do not understand it. This show hurts to watch. If it had any point, it would have been known by now. It is a creepy show and I don't think kids would even think it's right to watch it. It is a good thing that it isn't a main show for kids anymore. I think people have suffered enough of the flubbies. Good grief, I can't begin to say how creeped out I am. Very creepy stuff. Thank you.
  • Kids, don't do drugs

    When I was a little kid, I used to watch this a lot. I don't know why anymore. This show does not teach anything. The creatures just wander around making weird noises and they have this creepy vacuum cleaner follow them. And why do these weird speakerphones come out of the ground? Um...this show is weird.

    Wait, you DO learn something: Don't take drugs! So if you end up taking drugs, this is what you see! I can only say one good thing about this show: It triggers a lot of nostalgia in me if I watch it while babysitting. That's it.
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