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  • This show is kind of good.

    Okay,well this show is kind of bad,but it's kind of good for me.But there are some big promblems of this show and here are the problems:

    Who the heck would put a baby's head on the sun?It will be like a cartoon with a talking sun that's about one year old.

    Why the heck in the beginning and end would put these shower things on going out from the ground?It's very terrible and they can't do that to make this show better.

    I really hate the part where they show these scenes of kids because it's very long and they want to see it again.

    This show is silent and it's very stupid,but I think this show is okay.

    Well,I don't think it's better than Sesame Street,but it's better than Sid The Science Kid.

    I kind of think this show is pretty good and it's not that bad,but it needs a little more improvement.
  • The fecal matter of children's programming

    Okay let's start off with the plot of this show. Oh wait.....THERE IS NONE! Teletubbies is the most retarded crap on television. What do they do? Watch TV on their stomachs? It's like they brainwash kids into doing a bunch of stupid crap like jumping around making weird noises. Tubby custard? A baby sun? A vacuum cleaner w/ eyes? I mean WTF? Over the hills and far away, four pedophiles making $20 bucks an hour dressed in retarded costumes hop around with no purpose except into making children autistic retards! Ugh! I'd like to see the paint sniffing moron who made this put on trial! It's shows like these that make parents wanna call Nanny 911. Grade:FU Teletubbies! >:(
  • I liked this show when I was a little girl (like 3 or 4 years old). But now, being a teenager, I think it's the most retarded show ever made.

    This show is so gay I mean they've got no plot! All they do is do stupid things. They say nothing except for, "Uh-oh." The CG animation is crap! All of it looks so fake! And what's up with the sun being a baby's face? I feel really sorry for those people in the costumes. I know I wouldn't be caught dead in those things! I'm willing to bet when the creator of the show came up with the idea for it, he or she was most likely drunk or high. Like I said before, I did watch this show when I was little. However, when you are that little, you're into that kind of stuff. But now seeing it, when I'm older, all I know is that if I had kids, I definetly wouldn't let them watch this show cause all it teaches kids is how to be gay I learned nothing as a toddler from this show! Worst of all, it stayed on the air, like, ten years after the show was cancelled. Only last year did they take it off the air. So anyway, I think this show is crap and it is one of the stupidest shows to date!
  • Why did I watch this show when I was younger, yet why did I watch this show at all?

    Well I can see this plot for this show is really obvious,(sarcasm right there), a bunch of silly...... creatures run around a yard acting really retarded and having a pet vaccum, and talking to a baby in the sun.... -.- WTH!?!?! Well, I can't believe some people like this show, but yet it's their opinion... I can't say I'm surprised that alot of people hate this show since most of us are teens and this is a baby show. I can't think of any think else to say but this show was really horrible and it didn't teach anything to children! I never could stand that baby in the sun, he really bothered me! I'm sorry Teletubbies fans, but this show is bottom of the barrel in my book! Final grade: F---
  • Parents, if you want your kid to be exposed to shows that are fun and have educational value, do not, I repeat, DO NOT show them this!

    Let me just start by saying that I have no clue why I ever watched this show in the first place. All this show is about is four strange unidentifiable creatures who can only say "Uh-oh!" even when nothing's wrong and wiggle their butts at you at the end of practically every show. Sheesh! It doesn't even have any educational value! In my opinion, the only thing this show teaches kids is to avoid watching television altogether. Plus, another thing, the teletubbies really freaked me out when I DID watch this show, especially Tinky Winky. I mean, he doesn't even talk like the others. That's weird. One more thing that really bugs me that many of the other reviewers have also mentioned is the fact that the sun is really a baby's head! That's just bizarre and it makes me wonder how badly the producers want to scare children. My advice, if you don't want your kids to be scarred for life, parents, do not let them watch this show under any circumstances! Marebear2009, out!
  • I don`t like it anymore

    When I was a baby, I loved this show. I would squeal with delight anytime it would come on. Now, I am 14, and it just isn`t that great to me anymore. But guys, give it a rest. This is a baby show. You guys are teenagers and adults. Of course you`ll hate it because it is a baby show. If babies review this, this show would be as successful as the simpsons. I don`t like this much anymore either, but give it a rest. It is a baby show, and most of you are teens, so its obvious you`ll hate it. This show is weird. I don`t care much for it. But, let your kids watch it because it is a kids show, and I recommend this to kids under 4, but over 4, you probably won`t like it
  • I ain't saying anything.

    I improve this review for my previous review. I'm not going to writing new reviews today. I'm just busy improving my old reviews and looking people and stuff. I hope you understand this review this time.

    I watch when I was a kid, I just stare at the show until it ended. When I grew up, this show, oh boy this is the WORST children show ever.

    Like what is this? A dumb lame show ok, ok, let's tell about this show. It's all about underground colorful mutant creatures named Winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa and Po also Tinky.

    They go on stupid adventures and doing stupids things. That's it.

    The plots are just plain stupid.

    Educational Value:
    There's no good educational values in this show. It teaches kids to do stupid things and play stupid.

    They're all weird.

    The dialogue is way childish.

    Voice Acting:
    annoying British Voice Acting.

    Overall: ABYSMAL!
    This worse than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I recommend you should watch Blue's Clues.
  • lol does anyone like this show

    when i was little i use to like this show. but it scared the hell out of me. the voices on the show freaked me out. and i was only like 5 and i just hated the show. i know its a kid show but it's even bad for a kid show!!!! i don't think anyone gave this show a good score. and if u did how old are u? 4 5 maybe 6? if so then why do u have a account??? since i have nothing else to say about this show im ending my review right here
  • This is a really messed up show, and something that parents need to stay away from. As a child I watched this show every now and then on Nick Jr. and I can tell you that it was quite disturbing.

    The show centers around 4 otherworldly creatures, their vacuum cleaner, a baby sun, and vat of strange vomit-like material known only as tubbie custard. There is only one 3 letter acronym that comes to mind after watching a show like this.

    I saw it when it first aired in the US, I was 7 at the time. The show had no plot, and I wondered what was the point. At school, it was made fun of constantly and for good reason. The teletubbies acted quite strangely and did not encourage good behavior in children. In fact, I don't know what kind of behavior it does encourage. Personally, I am not easily influenced, but I wouldn't want children to see a show such as this. It is a waste of their time. It doesn't teach anything except strangeness. By the way, any adult who goes around acting like tinky winky is quite likely to be arrested.
  • Lame.

    There is nothing good or funny about the whole thing. It's super stupid. Who wants to watch this all day. Some reviews say it helps children. Well I am not a child! I am a teenager. If they show a new episode 1 more time.... I am gonna smash my TV! Screw you teletubbies! And people who think it helps. Oh by the way. I think getting rid of the show on television really helps. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Seriously. Teletubbies is a show that children like just for there dumb minds. Dumb, Lousy, Stupid and Abysmal.
  • Very educational (sarcasm)

    This is the worst TV show in the history of TV shows.
    The youth pastor at my church does not allow his kids to watch it and i agree with him. Who would want their kids to
    emulate those squeaky voiced things? You can't learn anything from this garbage. It should be illegal to show this crud on television I don't see why it's still on television
  • This show deserves .01 but, unfortunantly I had to give it a 1.

    This show is appauling! Who in their right mind would want to watch this? I never liked this show as a kid and I can't imagine any kid who would! Those freaky puppet-things would have given me nightmares, and that banner made me freak.

    First of all, if you're going to make a kids show, don't make the characters freaky like this. I wonder how many kids have run screaming from these guys.

    Second, make a show that's easy to spell. I tried like 8 times to search for this show and every time I mispelled it. I was eventually forced to look it up on google.

    I could rant for several more paragraphs about this, but my fingers are getting tired, so I'll stop here. I just hope everyone got my point!
  • Teletubbies is bad for older people.

    This review was written by an autistic Boy who has severe communications difficulties. As such we are removing the review but leaving his rating as is. We will be moderating all his posts from this point forward as an effort to avoid any confusion and hurt feelings. This blanking of what he has written will happen to all the "Reviews" he has made at this time, and should any be made in the future they will be done on a case by case basis. Please do not take offence at our sons words or reviews as he is struggling to communicate with a world that he has trouble reasoning with.
  • Why do some idiots hate shows like this? Or Barney? Because they're dumb jerks who are way above the target audience for this show and hate it just because it's a toddler show.

    Why do some idiots hate shows like this? Or Barney? Because they're dumb jerks who are way above the target audience for this show and hate it just because it's a toddler show.

    Teletubbies is infact sort of interesting, they have TVs on their bellys! But back to my rant, people seem to think baby shows should be destroyed. They need to get their heads together. Nobody's forcing you to watch it so why hate it? Oh, I forgot, you people don't listen to reason. Honestly, even the Teletubbies are more mature than you..

    Anyway, this show is good for a toddler show. I've given it a "So-so" rating. It's not as good as Barney, though!

    I don't get the point of all of this.Is this to make kids like Michael Jackson?!NO REASON!EXACTLY!First of all they have a freakin' baby sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's wrong!Just show a normal sun "oh it's a happy day with the teletubbies"But no!Second, they have a slide in there little igloo thingy of a clubhouse they slide UP the slide.They are teaching kids to be retards.Seriously!I could make comics making fun of them,some they explode,some people stab them to death,and one would be where Freddy Cougar killed them in there sleep!If you have kids then dont let them watch this terror of a show!*shivers*gives you nightmares!
  • WTF is this?!

    This show is about 4 telebubbies doing a lot of random, boring, and stupid crap that you wouldn't understand. I watched it when I was younger and I didn't like it because to me it didn't make sense. I'm glad they ended this show because come it's for little babies and it's just plain stupid. In fact they should have ended it earlier but oh well at least it ended anyway and it should not come back. If you haven't watched this show I'm telling you that this show is so boring and you just won't understand it let's just leave it at that.
  • Oh, you know what I'm thinking. "This sow sucks! I'm glad it's over!" Well, here's my answer!

    9.0 I know, you won't like it, I won't like it, no on over 5 will like it. You have to face the inedible fact;


    And I must admit! When my 3-year-old bro wants me to watch it, I feel like shooting a gun up my head. But, you must face the fact, this will NOT appeal to older people. When I was 3, I loved this show, and anyone who didn't, I'd beat to a pulp! So, in this, I will review in what a 3 year old says it.

    "Ohh! I love this show! Those teletubbies are four and they helps us with shapes, colors, and numbers! They enetrain me forever! Love it! Love it! Love it!"

    This is what CHILDREN shoul watch! Now, I should rate this a 10, but with the lack of story, 9.

    So, in concution, under 5 will love it! Over 5, you'll hate.
  • WHAT?!

    WHAT IS THAT?!that was the lamest it has tv as stomachs and i dont like kids anyway if your with me send me mail i have 30 years to check it all!L-A-M-E!LAMEEE dont watch it dont let your kids watch it say bye bye not uh oh!whats up with there talking skills its awful!they say ball with a w and scooter without the s! speaking lessons!this is weird,lame stupid NONESENSE!Who made this show losers who live with there mothers! Like the people who like this bull get over it its lame and gladly gone im sry i watched this and now im typing about it!
  • i loved this show when i was a kid. used to watch it all the time.

    i absolutely adored this show when i was a kid.
    i watched it all the time.
    and i had a tinkie winkie {or whatever the name was} stuff animal. plus i have po.


    but anyways, now when i look at the tv and see it on, it seems really fake and stupid. so much for the good times eh?

    and the baby in the sun;;...that's kind of weird.
    but i like the ending when everyone has to go back inside and they say "bye!" amd all that stuff.
    then the sun goes down and the show ends..

    overall, this show is good for little kids, not for older though .
  • I used to like Teletubbies when I was very young but not now i'm grown up.

    Teletubbies was one of my childhood favorites when it bagan back in April 1998. If I saw it now it would make me feel very silly because i'm too old for it. One or two bits that stcks in my head that were silly was when the purple one Tiki-Winki put Dipsy's hat, Laa laa's ball and Po's scooter in his bag. Now how would all that fit in a little red bag like he's. Also another silly bit is when they get into bed there beds make a silly noise. Back when I was very young and it first came out I thought it was funny but now I think it is a silly childrens programme.
  • Daily fix of drugs will make you enjoy this program, yes even for children...

    I just don't understand why people would release a tv show about strange muti coloured albinos with tv's on there stomachs, I really don't. It may be a children's show but the majority of them are supposed to teach children something arent they? What did this teach them? The teletubbies don't even speak! Let me just list a few things that are completely terrible about this show...

    1 - There is a talking hoover on it called noo noo...please explain.

    2 - The teletubbies are obsessed with tubbie toast and eat it all the time, im surprised they arent obeise weirdos by now who die young because of the fat clogging up there arteries. 3 - The sun...Has anyone looked at the sun and seen a strange baby inside it smiling at everyone? No! But I bet some poor little kids decided to find out if there was and got blinded because of it, damn you teletubbies!

    4 - What are those strange poles which come out of the ground and say "Time for tubbie bye bye!" ? ??? ? Is it revealed later in the series that the teletubbies are actually prisoners in a concentration camp forced to engage in bizarre activities in that creepily happy area? Are they locked in a cell between episodes and forced to eat moldy fish? The truth is no one knows what those poles are or who there leader is, but one thing can be certain, they are pure evil.
  • Of course you would hate this show cuz it's a BABY SHOW!!!

    Why would the heck people post reviews and said this is a bad show?! Why are you even watching it? Everyone knows that it's a baby show and babies love it. I know many very young people and toddlers watch this show everyday and loved it! There are many stupid shows and little kids loves to watch it because it's so interesting. I dunno how their brains work and why but it just happens. I thought this show was cute. Baby Sun? So random and yet, so cute. Television on their bellies makes me want go "awww! I want that in real life!" Any idiot would rate this as sucky show. Why watch it, then? It's designed for babies, not grown up people.
  • I loved this show when I was little, but now??

    Teletubbies first premiered in the United Kingdom, but then it came to the United States. I loved this show so much when I was little, that when I was 3 I dressed up as Tinky Winky! :P lol I really did! But Po is my favorite out of them. I seriously think this show is crap now. I used to watch it with my friend like every day, but I'm not friends with him anymore. :( lol And I thought that Tubby custard looked nasty! I hated it so much. I also still have some VHS tapes of this show from when I was little.
  • What is this?

    I know this is supposed to be a show for little kids, but it really isn't teaching them anything. Seventy-Five percent of the time the characters are saying uh-oh, which is kinda dumb in my opinion. If your trying to teach kids, teach them something other than saying uh-oh all the time. The characters were in badly created costooms, plus they were in an area which even a 2 year old could probably tell wasn't real. At least try to make things look real. If something does not look real, then the kid is definetly not going to keep watching it.
  • It's so stupid it's funny.

    Like I said before, It's so funny it's stupid! I think I remember watching this as a kid, last week I watched it out of curiosity, and boy, is this stuff stupid. I think my favorite was dipsie for some reason. I liked his hat I guess. My little brother was Tink-winky. Probably because it was the only boy left. The only reason I gave it that rating is I am getting into watching baby shows for comedy. This show is probably number 1 in the "Funny Baby Show Charts."

    I'd suggest watching it a couple times for laughs and memories, then if you like it continue watching it (Which I doubt.)
  • The only reson i picked to do teletubies is because my nickname is one of the teletubbies. La la and i love her lots.

    The Teletubbies started in the U.K. and proved to be a popular children's show. In April 1998, the U.S.A. picked up the Teletubbies on PBS, and proved to be popular with American children too.Teletubbies is a show about creatures known as Teletubbies (so called because they're tubby, and have TV screens in their stomachs). The Teletubbies live in Teletubbyland, and faraway place inhabited by only the Teletubbies, talking flowers, talking trumpets, a baby sun, the Noo-Noo, a bunch of rabbits, and the narrator. There house is known as "The Tubby-Tronic Superdome", and has everything they need, four beds, a tubby-toast maker, a tubby-custard makers, and a slide used as an alternate entrance. In the middle of their dome, they have a panel of switches and buttons and their tubby sponges which they use to bathe themselves. Each day, the Teletubbies discover new things together, watch videos on their tubby-screens, and have fun together. In Teletubbyland, there's a large windmill, and when it spins pink dust, it let's the teletubbies know that something magical is about to happen. The Teletubbies were developed in U.K. by Ragdoll and BBC.
  • Teletubbies are strange mutant creatures from Teletubby land whose evil scheme it is to hypnotize the children of planet Earth into becoming completely addicted to television. By the way, they've pretty much succeeded.

    This show drives me crazy, but so often when I come across it, or someone else in my family is watching it, I admit I get a bit mesmerized by it, by the characters, by the use of repetition, by the use of repetition, by the use of repetition. Okay, bye now. Okay, bye now. Okay, bye now...
  • Another great review brought to you by "The Painful Review Team"! A great show to scare the crap out of little kids while teaching them how to speak like a retard

    The characters have the most messed up names I've ever heard: Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laalaa and Po! I mean what the crap! These guys are like little aliens that run around in a world with a baby trapped in the sun. The world is seriously messed up, and I really don't see what this is supposed to be teaching little kids. All they do is dance around... and sing... and stuff. The worst part about the whole thing is that Tinky Winky, the purple one, turned out to be a gay man in that suit. And of course you can't forget the big controvesery about the toy that said "I've got a gun!" These crazy guys with tv's on their stomaches watch something on the tv about some child doing something artistic or whatever. And the, when you think the tv stuff is over, they shout "Again, Again" and they show the same clip again! This thing is a living nightmare. Keep your children away from it!

    Note: This review and all others by this team are not meant to attack the opinions of any user[s]. We are merely telling our opinion on popular television programs. If you have a problem with our reviews send me or JoeLostDharma a PM instead of reporting abuse.
  • Parents,if you have kids who like this show,change the channel before it burns their brains out!

    What do I have to say about this show?Let's see,It's an abomination!All I see is some aliens that have telivisions wired to the stomach.All it can teach kids is how to be gay.Anne Wood(She's the creator from what I heard)is positively MAD!!!You creatures go back to the UFO you crashlnaded on with Barney!Thank god it's cancelled!I don't even get the baby faced sun thing.It makes no sense,just like the rest of the show!This show sets a bad example to our children.Then again,the creator must be deranged since she creates gay shows like BooBah(Have no clue what it is but it must be gay
  • Underappreciated???

    Whats there to appreciate. This show is rediculous. i cant really remember all of the weird things that happened in this show. It is just mind boggling. I dont see the point or purpous. Even Barney had a point to it. If you think Barney is scary, look at the teletubbies. Speakin there baby language. Has any one really figured out what planet these things live on? I dont know? What education do these creatures show. I mean they talk baby talk. One of them has a television on its stomach and you get to watch random kids doing... what ever. Tell me the point of the show somebody.
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