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  • You guys, calm down. It's a baby show. Why are you even watching it?

    I don't get this show. but i have to watch it anyways cuz of my brother. He's a toddler. I mean, criticize it all u want, but you watched it. I don't know why u watch it but, its just a baby show. i mean even i don't get it. im not even sure its educational. But you guys watch it. I mean, take it from a baby's point of view. A baby would love to see these teletubbies. Wouldn't they? I mean they don't really exactly know anything, not really. So if you think it's bad, go right ahead and criticize it, but thats your opinion. You have a right of free speech. But ALWAYS remember this: It is just a show for BABIES and TODDLERS!!
  • What kind of parallel universe have we enter???

    What kind of show that we will be sorry to watch? Thats right, Teletubbies. These little puffballs cant even talk if there lifes depended on it. We have been seeing the same heart attack show over and over again and I still cant find the meaning for this show. When its time for teletubbies, no one goes around the tv and they just wait till its done. All they do is sing with word coming out of their miserable mouths. Im glad its done but Im surprise that they still air the show. We will put this show in its right universe cause this show was not meant for us, its meant for martians. I hope this show gets deleted by human lifeforms forever and every little kids brains will get back to their heads.
  • I want to throw up

    I am not sure yet but I think that this show is talking to all the babies telling them that their parents will die if they don't watch this every day. All it's telling kids is that they need to implant TVs in their stomachs and get unnessisary surgery and also worship little baby suns. I'm sure that most of the kids who watch this show will become petifiles. This show was actually a plan by the government to increase crimerate and get more money from the government. Think I'm crazy? Look who's on reading reviews for the teletubbies.
  • My child loves this show!

    It's a cute show for toddler aged children. My 2 year old has been watching since she was about 1. She loves the baby face sunshine. She laughs whenever it comes on. I don't really care for the "again again" when they show the video another time. I wonder if they have made any new episodes. We keep seeing the same ones over and over. HA i guess you could say "AGAIN AGAIN" As long as my child enjoys it, I guess she doesn't seem to care. It is colorful and upbeat. I personally like Po, if i had to chose a favorite Teletubbie
  • From what i can tell, this show is about these wired muntant alien things that have a tv on their stomach.And the sun is a baby's head. They eat this pink stuff that they always spill and then their vacume cleaner comes and cleans it up. Thats my summery.

    I think this show is a waste of time. I don't evern think babies should watch this. Its like a brain washing show. And personally, i think one of them is very happy if you get my drift. Also, i don't get their vacumecleaner. I mean listen to this. They are eationg when suddenly one of them spills,( this happens every episode) then teir vacume just comes up, by itsenlf and starts cleaning up the mess it self. Now I know that there are self-moving vacumes, but this show came out way befor they were invented. Also, I just don't understand the baby-faced sun. I mean you hear this nois eand then all the teletubies go to the sun and then their stomachs show static like a tv. What's with that. Over all, I think this show is kinda stupid and has no point. That's my review of this show.
  • Teletubies teletubies y i like this i'll never know!

    Every one out has to admit that they sat there for at least ten seconds watching this show. It may be retared and have no point at all but that is the fun of it. A bunch of weird things running around a weird place with an awsome posma vacum. The vacum is by far the tightest pimpest asomest charecter in the entire kid universe and to all the haters out there sit there and watch an episode. After you watch about three episodes you can go head and hate it but trust me you won't. It may have no point but it kicks major #$%!
  • This show is for babies. I hate this show more than anything in the whole entire world. Do me a favor do not watch this show. You can watch this show at your own risk on PBS every morning on weekdays 12:00-12:30 or 12:30-1:00 I don't know.

    The teletubbies speaks this lame language I can't understand. And those babies live in this dream world in a weird place. I don't understand this whole show and I don't want to this is a dumb show at all. And the babies have these names that doesn't make the world of words book.
  • poo

    poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo, totally rubbish, no good for kids, teaches children to talk stupid Like " eh oh" la la,. One of them was gay really realy stupid kids programme, not educational at all. poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo absouloutly POO.
  • What the heck are you supposed to learn from this?

    What the heck? Alien wannabe stuffed animal babies with TVs on their tummies? And a sun with a baby's face? REAL original AND creative. [/sarcasm] They can barely TALK for god sakes. How the heck are people supposed to learn from THAT?! How to talk like retards? Is this crap meant to brainwash little kids these days? Really quite pointless. Even some little kids I know find this show retarded, pointless, and lame. Not even cool for little kids. The show doesn't really teach anything useful at all.

    My advice. Don't ever let your kids know about this show. It may lower their intelligence and make them go insane.

    Darn it. I wish I could give this a 0. But I can't seem to go lower than 1.
  • teletubbies say eehhooo

    t i n k y w i n k y , d i p s e y ,
    l a l a ,
    p o ,
    t e l i t u b i e s , t e l i t u b i e s , s a y ,
    h e l l o ,
    e h h o o , i love the teletubies and teletubby custurd, tinkywinky dipsy lala and po are my favorite childrens characters t e l i t u b i e s , t e l i t u b i e s ,
    s a y ,
    h e l l o ,
    e h h o o , p o ,
  • Eh oh!!

    I can't believe all the bad reviews I've read about the Teletubbies! I love this show. I was 10 when it first aired but I loved it even then! Tinky Winky is adorable with his little handbag and his soft voice! Dispy is the cutest green charcter on TV (sorry kermit), and Laa Laa is just so wonderful and full of imagination! And little baby Po just completes the picture.

    The only let down with this show would have to be the segments with the actual children. I realise that this is for the children watching, but it's not really appealing to me. The rest of the show is just brilliant, between the singing and dancing and the tubby custard and toast, it's just a fantastic children's show, and wonderful viewing for all ages.
  • What is the educational purpose in this show?

    This show is so bad that I would rather watch paint dry. Honestly. I find it hard to see the educational purpose in a show about pointless characters in a made up world. There is no storyline whatsoever, and the only compensation for this boring show is the use of bright colours. But it is hard to see the value in a show that basically follows the same routine in each episode. The characters, storyline and concept is so unimaginably pointless that it is simply boring.

    What happened to learning the ABC\\\'s on sesame street? Is this what children have been reduced to watching?
  • This show may be for kids, but when I first watched it at the age of three it gave me cancer.

    This show is a piece of crap. Normal childrens shows should teach them how to count...not how to have televisions in their stomachs. This show also teaches them how NOT to count...this teaches them that the sun is actually a baby, and that over the hills and far away teletubbies come to play. Although the SpongeBob SquarePants rumor was fake, which was about a little boy running into the ocean to see SpongeBob and eventually drowning, I believe that a little boy is getting lost on Mt. Everest at this very moment looking for a bunch of television-bellied bears. Sorry, Teletubs, but you guys suck.
  • ok well it started out eith a really gay theam song where po and mo are laying on top of each other rolling around!! yeha that is bad for little kids to be watching!! nad they did other gay stuff too!

    ok 1 question y is this soon airing in UK! po and dippsie roll around on top of each other!! and no it istn a popular kids show no one watchs it!! i only had to watch it because me little cousin was watching it but started cryiong because she hated it!! so yeah never air it again it is for the good of man kind!! go tit i hope u do! anyone who ever saw this would agree woth me! seesime street should be in UK becaus ethat si sooo much awsomer!! seriously!! got it!! please i never wAnt to see tinkie winkie dippsie lalal and po ever again!! i only kno ther enames because i hate this show and the song is very stupid!
  • Wtf?I know who thought of this...A thirty year old man who lived in his mothers basement.That's who.

    wtf? I know who thought of this... A thirty year old man who lived in his mothers basement. That's who.

    This show just yells "Gay!". What are they even teaching?! Oh,I know, "How to be a gay: By The teletubies " YOu know what I say to that, tata?S T F U!God,who even watches this crap anymore?!Now the only reason I am writing a review on this is cause my friend told me too, that's why!And I cant believe the editor has over 1700 points!Im shocked that anyone even contributed to this show!Shcked I tell you Shocke out of my skull...
  • i once watched when i was 5 years old horrible this show insires too badly

    this show is about 5 or 6 creatures from the bottom of the earth running ammok the earth grounds yeah what the heck this show is not educational im so happy this show is cancelled no one should watch these creatures from hell they at least made fun of this robot chicken which im so happy they did
  • Teletubbies is one of the most favorite tv show of many children...because of this children appearance,comedy and the little child can comunicate what did they saying and playing....the four cute teletubbies is the cute and has own good in color.

    the teletubbies is the four cute character they all is cute and good with their good friend hte vacuum cleaner who love the four.... this four character with the names of: 1.Tinkiwinkie the color is violet and the eldest 2.Dipsy the color of light green and the second 3.Lala the only girl and color yellow she is the third 4.Pooh the baby color red and the cutest of them all enjoy this tv show cartoon with this four cute teletubbies many children love this show so if did not know this open your tv and find it
  • man thats ugly

    t.t.t.t.h.h.h.a.a.a.t.t.t i.i.i.s.s.s sooooooooooooooo UGLY! i can't understand a word they say. ruuun awaaaaaay they will melt ur face off with their ugliness aaaaahhhh!!!! everytime i see teletubbies i skip lunch. they look like elephant crap. and come on i've heard of baby faced louie but baby faced sun is just plain ridiculous. what a pile of crap
  • ...

    Okay. I know this is only a kids\' show. But, I just can\'t stand it! I mean, there isn\'t even a storyline, and every episode is almost exactly like the other. And it\'s so stupid! They\'re chubby guys with telivisions on their stomachs. How dumb is that? And don\'t they eat anything other than tubby-toast? I\'ve given this show a chance. But it is just too boring. I would\'ve give this show a 0 if i could\'ve...
  • Worst.Show.Ever! It disgusts me to have to rate it!

    If this was made to terrify me in my youth they\\\\\\\'ve done it! I used to check for Teletubbies under my bed every night! *shuddesrs* Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew Thank god just fifty words to go no...wait no forty one! No i hate this show...stay away from them stay away from the ew ew ew ew EEEEEWWW! Could this show be anyore frightening *shudders...again* DO NOT WAtCH THIS SHOW!!!!! I hate this show...Sorry to all peole who actually LIKE this show Iys Forcing me to rate it

    yah o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o o o o o o o o o oo o oooo o o o o o oo o o oo oo o oo o o o o o o oo oo o oo o o o o o oo o o o o oo o o o oo o oo o o o oo o o oo o o o oo o o oo oo o o oo o o oo o oo o oo o o o oo o o
  • Whoever thought of this needs serious psychiatric help.

    Ok all I have to say about this show is that it's scary! I had to watch it once at a babysitting job, and it honest-to-goodness scared me! Why would you put these creepy martian like things in little toddlers' minds?! I saw one where they did their excercises...that's the only one I've ever seen, my mom never ever let me watch it. Anyway, I find this show scary and annoying beyond all possible belief. Whoever thought of this needs serious psychiatric help, as I said before. Please don't air this show anymore! It's just plain old completely weird!
  • Teletubbies is such a dumb show.

    Now I\'m not hating it because it\'s plan stupid, oh no no no...
    This show with it\'s characters going:
    \"What\'s dat?\"
    \"Tele bubbles!\"
    The way they talk really screwed up some kids grammer. And I have proof.
    My cousin, now 8 years old, cannot even speak proper english because of this show. Now I\'m blamming ALSO my stupid Aunt and Uncle and all the other parents who let there kids watch this show.
    It\'s the show\'s fault for making the characters act so stupid and the stupid parents who let them watch it.
    This show should be taken off air an replaced with something better.
    Barney is even better than this accursed show.
    And it seems like it encourages kids to be GAY because the purple teletubbie has a stupid purse and acts like a woman even though it\'s a HE.
    And that green teletubbie wears a pimp/gangster like hat.
    I hope this show just goes off air. It\'s making young children act even YOUNGER than how young they are still...
  • Why do they even keep it on?

    I absolutely hate this show! It's weird and has almost no plot! Just walking around some place in the world with lots of bunnies, those weird telescope things that pop out of the ground, and that sun with a baby's face on it. Also, if they have TVs on their stomachs, why not get cable? It's better than watching some stupid videos about cars and stuff that they play.
  • It cannot be a funny show for adults or teenagers but every little children like it a lot.

    Usually everyone here gives between 0 or 3 for this show, but why are you reviewing here? If this show is made for toddlers, why do you review like it was made for people more mature? You aren\'t toddles, are you? Ok, so you aren\'t the most adequate to give a review. I met a lot of children and they love this show. When I was five, all my class watched it and it was very fashionable to watch teletubbies. This show needs the opinion of people younger, and I think if you can use a computer... I know, you are not children. I am not a child either but I\'m giving the opinion of all little children I met. So... Teletubbies rules! lol
  • No story...

    This program has no meaning. Each episode is just these...I dont knows...running around making high-pitched humming noises. And what\\\\\\\'s with that vacuum cleaner?
    I know this program is meant for 3 year olds but what lessons is this program teaching? This is in no way like real life. The part that I do not understand at all is that sun with a baby in it and he/she laughs every few minutes...
    I watch certain programs just to review them on this website, but I have no idea why I watched this. This program is not worth watching. It was the worst 30 minutes!
  • i love barney compared to this

    when i seen this show when i was 6 i thought why not give it a try i watched it and hated it,it accually scares me kinda with those frekin monsters running around speaking jibberish and then they have these t.v.s on their stomach which mkes me think where do you plug in the cord for those t.v.s and then on the t.v.s little kids do stuff that is boring like maybe tying their shoe or going to school which is boring.then their is this sun with a babies face which i think those things worship it.i do not know how this show is educatinal it didn\'t teach me anything so if your smart you won\'t watch if you do for how bad this show i\'ll probally get a gun and pull the triger.

    i wold of givin this show a 0 but they won\'t let me
  • I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.

    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
  • Are they smoking something?

    There are many words in the English dictionary that can be used to describe this show. Among them are scary, horrible, useless, and many more. Most of them too inappropriate to post on this review. But overall this show is retarded, just like the people who thought of this show. I mean were they on crack or something? I just don't get it. This show is so stupid. Complete waste of time and money. Seriously, this show is so bad that I would have given it a 0.1, but would't let me. So I had to deal with giving it a 1. And the people inside those costumes, god, I feel so sorry for them. This show is so bad that it makes you want to rip your eyes out, put them through a meat mincer, feed them to your dog and use them for many other horrible things. Never watch this show if you do not want to be dumb. It makes people dumb.
  • Just one big steaming piece of crap.

    I would love to see the people from FullMetal Alchemist, Ghost in the shell, Star Trek, Star Wars, Samurai Champoo, X-Men and CowBoy BeBop all team-up and kill all the teletubbies and other retard characters on this show. I mean this show is so retarded. And only babys watch it. Anyone over four who watches it needs to stop now.
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