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  • So much better than the Rabbids.

    Rabbids Invasion is a poor man's Teletubbies. Period. Just like how Sanjay and Craig is a poor man's Regular Show. Let your kids watch this instead. The Rabbids has too much toilet humor (in one episode literally even!) and violence, as well as bad behavior and messages. This show is a classic. I don't see how anyone could dislike this show, but like THAT show.

    UPDATE ON OCTOBER 11 (originally posted on October 5): ShadowPhoenix, have you SEEN Rabbids Invasion? It's much worse than this show. And dumber. It's one of those shows where when you watch it you can feel your IQ points dropping.

    UPDATE ON OCTOBER FEBRUARY 2: Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig. Also, to Oldnickolodeon34: I think this really IS the most underrated show ever! Like you said, there's nothing wrong with it and it sure as hell beats any of the new crap Nick has been creating lately. Like Rabbids Invasion, The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Sanjay and Craig, Sam & Cat (which had so much potential but sadly is a good example of a good idea gone bad), and of course, Breadwinners. The only show that I think is even half as underrated as this Liv and Maddie, which also gets too much hate for no good reason. We need more shows like these, and less like the ones I mentioned that are currently polluting Nick.
  • One of the most underrated shows ever.

    I don't care what you say but I like it, so thumbs down this review all you want. I agree with Disney4Life, this show is so much better than Nick's new shows. To all you complaining about how it's not educational, it is educational, it teaches kids about friendship. This show is very peaceful and mellow unlike most kid shows nowadays. It is a little weird but I still watch it to this day and it sure does bring back lots of good childhood memories.
  • Teletubies

    The Teletubbies started in the U.K. and proved to be a popular children's show. In April 1998, the U.S.A. picked up the Teletubbies on PBS, and proved to be popular with American children too.

    Teletubbies is a show about creatures known as Teletubbies (so called because they're tubby, and have TV screens in their stomachs). The Teletubbies live in Teletubbyland, and faraway place inhabited by only the Teletubbies, talking flowers, talking trumpets, a baby sun, the Noo-Noo, a bunch of rabbits, and the narrator. There house is known as "The Tubby-Tronic Superdome", and has everything they need, four beds, a tubby-toast maker, a tubby-custard makers, and a slide used as an alternate entrance. In the middle of their dome, they have a panel of switches and buttons and their tubby sponges which they use to bathe themselves. Each day, the Teletubbies discover new things together, watch videos on their tubby-screens, and have fun together. In Teletubbyland, there's a large windmill, and when it spins pink dust, it let's the teletubbies know that something magical is about to happen. The Teletubbies were developed in U.K. by Ragdoll and BBC.


    Tinky-Winky The largest of the four teletubbies. He is purple, and has a triangle antenna (because of these features, critics assume he is gay but rest assure, he isn't, he may be a tom-girl, but he's not gay His favorite thing is his hand-bag which he can amazingly fit large things in. His best friends are Dipsy and Po. He may be large, but he's quiet and gentle. His song is "Tinkle-Winkle, Tinky-Winky"

    Dipsy The second largest teletubby. He is green with a dipstick antenna. His favorite thing is his black and white tie-dye top hat. His best friends are Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. He's more of a loner teletubby, and doesn't like "cute" stuff. His song has a reggae beat.

    Laa-Laa The second smallest teletubby. She is yellow, with a spiral antenna. Her favorite thing his her giant orange ball that she seems to have no control of. Her best friends are all of the teletubbies. She has a free-spirit and can always find away to enjoy things, her favorite word is "nice." Her song is "La la la la la la la la."

    Po The smallest teletubby. She is red, with an "O" shaped antenna. Her favorite thing is her red and blue scooter which she can ride at an alarming speed. Her best friends are Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. She is very quiet and usually shy, but loves to go fast. Her song is "Fidy Fidy, Mar Mar Mar"

    Noo-Noo The Teletubbie's vacuum cleaner that can suck up anything in his path, even things twice his size. He lives inside the Tubby-tronic Superdome.

    Trumpets Trumpets that come out of the ground and sing songs or recite poems for the Teletubbies to enjoy.

    Baby Sun A sun with a baby's face in it.

    Narrator Basically tells the story, or what the Teletubbies "what to do".

    Show Secrets

    -The teletubbies in real-life are huge, the costumes can reach up to 10 feet!

    -After ten minutes, the actors have to remove the Teletubby heads from their costumes due to carbon dioxide build up.

    -Nikki Smedley landed the part of Laa-Laa when she was make-believing she was a table at the audition.

    -The Noo-Noo is operated by a small man inside him.

    Alot of people have been saying that Teletubbies is teaching their kids to be gay That is a lie. Teletubbies is a show for kids to have fun.
  • It's a good show for babies.

    It's a good show..... for babies. Somtimes it's not cool, sometimes is it cool. Sometime is it the worst show ever, somtimes is it a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. s. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a. a.
  • Eh oh!!

    I can't believe all the bad reviews I've read about the Teletubbies! I love this show. I was 10 when it first aired but I loved it even then! Tinky Winky is adorable with his little handbag and his soft voice! Dispy is the cutest green charcter on TV (sorry kermit), and Laa Laa is just so wonderful and full of imagination! And little baby Po just completes the picture.

    The only let down with this show would have to be the segments with the actual children. I realise that this is for the children watching, but it's not really appealing to me. The rest of the show is just brilliant, between the singing and dancing and the tubby custard and toast, it's just a fantastic children's show, and wonderful viewing for all ages.
  • It cannot be a funny show for adults or teenagers but every little children like it a lot.

    Usually everyone here gives between 0 or 3 for this show, but why are you reviewing here? If this show is made for toddlers, why do you review like it was made for people more mature? You aren\'t toddles, are you? Ok, so you aren\'t the most adequate to give a review. I met a lot of children and they love this show. When I was five, all my class watched it and it was very fashionable to watch teletubbies. This show needs the opinion of people younger, and I think if you can use a computer... I know, you are not children. I am not a child either but I\'m giving the opinion of all little children I met. So... Teletubbies rules! lol
  • Well, it does keep kids happy.

    Statistics have been shown on the Internet about this show and it seems to be popular with the kids. Not as popular as Thomas and Friends but sorta popular. I do feel that all the bashing is kind of unnecessary. Especially if it is a kids show. So, if you hate the show, that is fine. Just do not say that no body likes it. There are kids out there that do.
  • i completely agree with Inflikted1

    You guys ARE losers. it doesn't matter what YOU guys think anyways it's what the little kids think and every little kid i've met loves this show. and if you're writing a review on a show for LITTLE kids, then what are you bullies doing here? get a life. losers.
  • Great for kids!!!

    This show absolutely rips. I mean, when it's on, I always manage to fall asleep, but this show is awesome for kids. I have a 17 month old daughter who just absolutely loves it! It keeps her so enraptured, that I can actually manage to get something done around my house! This show is really educational for them, since starting to watch it, my daughter has learned to "dance" of sorts, ask "What's that" and all sorts of other little things.

    This show's great developmentally. Try it with your kids if you haven't already.

    (note this review is for people who actually have the ability to have kids, and not for the little prickless losers who just come here to bash.)
  • Amazing ....Gruond breaking Just some words describing the phenomanon that is the teletubbies!!

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  • I am very angry how much intolerance I see in this country. Teletubbies does not promote homosexuality, and it is extremely closed-minded how people think that. Read below for more...

    I don't understand why some people are vigorously infuriated about the theory that Teletubbies promotes homosexuality. I can see why they might think that because of the purple one has a hand-bag. What I wish people would stop doing is stereotyping groups of people. I'm not gay but I have close friends that are, so I know what they go through. There are straight people out there, especially in Europe that have hand-bags, but that doesn't make them gay. Being happy and joyful and playful does not mean someone is gay, I mean it CAN, but that doesn't mean it DOES. It just angers me so much how much intollerance I see in our own United States. We should embraces all the differences in each other, even if one doesn't agree with how you live your life. I'm a 24-year-old male and I have no kids, and I like watching Teletubbies, because I have a kid's heart in me. Closed-minded adults can't understand the show because they aren't kids and they think anything that seems unusual to them should be destroyed off the Earth.
  • Of course you would hate this show cuz it's a BABY SHOW!!!

    Why would the heck people post reviews and said this is a bad show?! Why are you even watching it? Everyone knows that it's a baby show and babies love it. I know many very young people and toddlers watch this show everyday and loved it! There are many stupid shows and little kids loves to watch it because it's so interesting. I dunno how their brains work and why but it just happens. I thought this show was cute. Baby Sun? So random and yet, so cute. Television on their bellies makes me want go "awww! I want that in real life!" Any idiot would rate this as sucky show. Why watch it, then? It's designed for babies, not grown up people.
  • teletubbies say eehhooo

    t i n k y w i n k y , d i p s e y ,
    l a l a ,
    p o ,
    t e l i t u b i e s , t e l i t u b i e s , s a y ,
    h e l l o ,
    e h h o o , i love the teletubies and teletubby custurd, tinkywinky dipsy lala and po are my favorite childrens characters t e l i t u b i e s , t e l i t u b i e s ,
    s a y ,
    h e l l o ,
    e h h o o , p o ,
  • Great for toddlers

    Yup, this show is great! Toddlers can really learn a lot of stuff in life from this
  • Oh, you know what I'm thinking. "This sow sucks! I'm glad it's over!" Well, here's my answer!

    9.0 I know, you won't like it, I won't like it, no on over 5 will like it. You have to face the inedible fact;


    And I must admit! When my 3-year-old bro wants me to watch it, I feel like shooting a gun up my head. But, you must face the fact, this will NOT appeal to older people. When I was 3, I loved this show, and anyone who didn't, I'd beat to a pulp! So, in this, I will review in what a 3 year old says it.

    "Ohh! I love this show! Those teletubbies are four and they helps us with shapes, colors, and numbers! They enetrain me forever! Love it! Love it! Love it!"

    This is what CHILDREN shoul watch! Now, I should rate this a 10, but with the lack of story, 9.

    So, in concution, under 5 will love it! Over 5, you'll hate.
  • i loved this show when i was a kid. used to watch it all the time.

    i absolutely adored this show when i was a kid.
    i watched it all the time.
    and i had a tinkie winkie {or whatever the name was} stuff animal. plus i have po.


    but anyways, now when i look at the tv and see it on, it seems really fake and stupid. so much for the good times eh?

    and the baby in the sun;;...that's kind of weird.
    but i like the ending when everyone has to go back inside and they say "bye!" amd all that stuff.
    then the sun goes down and the show ends..

    overall, this show is good for little kids, not for older though .
  • Teletubies teletubies y i like this i'll never know!

    Every one out has to admit that they sat there for at least ten seconds watching this show. It may be retared and have no point at all but that is the fun of it. A bunch of weird things running around a weird place with an awsome posma vacum. The vacum is by far the tightest pimpest asomest charecter in the entire kid universe and to all the haters out there sit there and watch an episode. After you watch about three episodes you can go head and hate it but trust me you won't. It may have no point but it kicks major #$%!
  • Teletubbies is one of the most favorite tv show of many children...because of this children appearance,comedy and the little child can comunicate what did they saying and playing....the four cute teletubbies is the cute and has own good in color.

    the teletubbies is the four cute character they all is cute and good with their good friend hte vacuum cleaner who love the four.... this four character with the names of: 1.Tinkiwinkie the color is violet and the eldest 2.Dipsy the color of light green and the second 3.Lala the only girl and color yellow she is the third 4.Pooh the baby color red and the cutest of them all enjoy this tv show cartoon with this four cute teletubbies many children love this show so if did not know this open your tv and find it
  • Cool!

    Cool! Note to Spongeyfan: Don't you even realise that 5.8 is a good rating ?
  • Great back then!

    It was certainly engaging to say the least. They need to bring back the teletubbies with a more modern version geared toward learning. At least if they could speak now and teach something would be fabulous. When I am with the family and the little ones are watching this, it is certainly entertaining. But just like Mr. Rogers was wonderful, just bring it back with a sense of the new millenium. The rugrats grew up and everyone still loved them. Overall, a decent show for the little ones but it can only get you so far then you need more.
  • It's so stupid it's funny.

    Like I said before, It's so funny it's stupid! I think I remember watching this as a kid, last week I watched it out of curiosity, and boy, is this stuff stupid. I think my favorite was dipsie for some reason. I liked his hat I guess. My little brother was Tink-winky. Probably because it was the only boy left. The only reason I gave it that rating is I am getting into watching baby shows for comedy. This show is probably number 1 in the "Funny Baby Show Charts."

    I'd suggest watching it a couple times for laughs and memories, then if you like it continue watching it (Which I doubt.)
  • This show based around four children, Tinky-Winky Dipsy Laa-Laa and Po, who live in idealistic Teletubbyland. They start each day with the sun rising. They have fun playing with their favorite things and eating Tubby-Custard. Teletubbies love eachother ve

    This show is an Educational and Entertaining show for the 1-3 year olds. I know it is educational because my niece learned how to say hello and bye-bye while watching this program. And my 1 year old son loves this show. Everytime it comes on he gets a big smile on his face. They talk and walk and act funny because they are made to seem like the children they are targeted for (1-3 years). For those of you who do not understand this show and how it can be entertaining and informative that's because you are not the ones they made the show for. If you do not believe, then just look at the smiling faces of the children who do. They believe and that is all that matters.
  • Teletubbies should be given some praise the ideas are really good i mean since when did some people make a huge it tv show out of strange things?...not alot

    so the teletubbies...ah memories i remember lots of my family watching this from generation to generation. Its a CHILDS PROGRAMME! its not supposed to appeal to adults so cut the poor teletubbies some slack.The strange creatures Tinky winky,dipsy,lala and po have tvs in there bellies Come on how easy would that be and they dont even need a remote.The babys a sun yes a sun i thought that was funny.Noo Noo the vacum cleaner with eyes and tuby custard an tuby toast you gotta love it! So be nice to teletubbies they entertain kids what more do you want? Super violence in it? that wouldnt be sutible for children under 5.
  • My child loves this show!

    It's a cute show for toddler aged children. My 2 year old has been watching since she was about 1. She loves the baby face sunshine. She laughs whenever it comes on. I don't really care for the "again again" when they show the video another time. I wonder if they have made any new episodes. We keep seeing the same ones over and over. HA i guess you could say "AGAIN AGAIN" As long as my child enjoys it, I guess she doesn't seem to care. It is colorful and upbeat. I personally like Po, if i had to chose a favorite Teletubbie
  • I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.

    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
    I use to wacth this show all the time, It was great. But as i grow it began to seem so boring, So i would rate it a 5, But it's great for little kids ages 1-9.
  • A loveable set of characters who teach basic concepts. My son's first favourite tv show.

    I use to think this show was inappropriate for young children. But when my son was 18months old he fell in love with it. He is six now and won't let us give away his teletubby videos. I was amazed at how quickly my son picked up vocabulary when he watched this show. He also learned new concepts. His first computer game was teletubbies. He loved being able to predict which teletubby was going to be picked for the video sequences. Every Christmas we still pull out the Teletubbies Christmas special, which teaches children about celebrations all over the world. The critics of this show obviously didn't watch it with young children.
  • Oddly relaxing

    Why does everyone hate the Teletubbies? It's like hating a marshmallow. It's not doing anything to hurt anyone, and you don't have to do anything with it if you don't want to. So some people like it. Chill. I don't see why anyone feels so strongly about it that they must write scathing reviews or give it a low rating. I personally find it kind of relaxing. It's not a bad thing to watch if you're stuck at home with the flu or recovering from surgery,or just because you feel like it. And it's a great show for the little ones, with it's bright colors and the Teletubbies' cheerful, smiling faces.
  • I think it is OK.

    Why do people think it is a bad show? Look at all the merchendise! I think it is OK. My favourite teletubbies is Dipsy and Po. It may teach kids nothing but it is funny. I think Tinky Winky is gay He wears a ballet style tutu and likes it so much she doesn't want to give it to Laa-Laa! And wearing a handbag indeed! Dipsy is a bit of a loner. His face is darker than the rest. I love his hat. Laa-Laa is good, but her singing, well, hear for yourself! Po is cute. She seems to know martial arts.
  • Teletubbies are strange mutant creatures from Teletubby land whose evil scheme it is to hypnotize the children of planet Earth into becoming completely addicted to television. By the way, they've pretty much succeeded.

    This show drives me crazy, but so often when I come across it, or someone else in my family is watching it, I admit I get a bit mesmerized by it, by the characters, by the use of repetition, by the use of repetition, by the use of repetition. Okay, bye now. Okay, bye now. Okay, bye now...
  • I like this show because I like watching people in these kind of costumes walk around.

    The reason that this show has such a bad rating here at is because that the people who rate this show are selfish. They don't consider the fact that it's for children, or they don't think out of the box. The reason people may think this show is uneducational is because that people expect too much on school education just because it's a children's show. Well there is some educational value in it. It may not teach you about numbers or the alphabet, but what it teaches you about is friendship. It shows you how to get along and make peace with your family and friends. They may have poor speech skills, but they are expressive and do things well. I don't blame anyone about the Teletubbies' appearances freaking people out, but this show is recommended for people from babies to toddlers. They are too young to be freaked out by them. That's all I have to say.
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