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  • This show is the worst show to hit television.

    I make it a point not to watch this show unless I have to (I used to have to when my cousins came over our house when they all were real young) but from what I remember and what I have heard, it's the same plot every episode.

    You could technically say that the Episode Guide is incorrect because they show the same show over and over.

    It's so bad, I hated it as an embryo!

  • This show sucks!!

    Sucks. I don\'t get what there doing!!! And why da
    heck does that purple on carry a purse!!? I
    thought it was a boy. And is that red one a girl
    or boy? Each episode should burn in he--!! This
    show gives other PBS a bad friggin\' name, yeah.
    What are they trying to do? Entertain? Well deh
    doin\' a crappy job...
  • Teenki Winki, Deep Si, La La, DIE YOU DAMN BASTARDS!

    Please, Oh God Please Kill This Show! This Is A Absolute Waste Of My Freakin\' Time! Why Am I Writng A Review Of This Bull Crap? Because It\'s Fun To Make Fun Of Kid Shows!

    Okay, When I Was A Kid I Watched This Show And I Liked It, When I Was Like Little For God Sakes! Now I Understand All The retarded Values Of This show, How It's About Homosexual Happy Retarded Doll Crap Things!

    This Show Is A Absolute Disgrace, Not Only Because Of The Teletubbies Themselves, But Because It Has Serious Bull Crap Waste Of Time.

    Not Only Did I Remember That The Videos That Retarded Kids Sent Are 10 Freakin\' Minutes Long, But They Play The Same Damn Thing Two Times! We Don\'t Want To Watch The Damn Thing Again Okay! We Get It Stop It!

    And Please For God Sakes I Think The Most Payed Person On The Show Is The Little Baby Sun Whatever The Hell It Is.

    He\'s Probably Loaded With Money But Disappointed And Sad That He\'s Not Going To Get A date For The Senior Prom!

    Please PBS Or Whatever The Heck The Channel Is Called Kill This Show!

  • I HAVE 2 WORDS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY, GAY, GAY!

    I HATE THIS SHOW! Watching grass is more intertaining. I can't even believe it is still running! And who wants to watch their bellys and watch kids play 2x in a row! That is pure crap! I am so glad little kiddies like this show cuz I am not watching!
  • The only thing worse than barney. The good thing is that you have more targets to shoot. Teletubbies must be destroyed as soon as possible.

    What were people thinking? If we can make GTA: SA a rated AO game and Dawn of the Dead on DVD, why did we make this teletubbcrap thing? There are internet pop-ups that are more interesting than this! I wish to annihilate these, these things! What are these things? You are better off watching a blank tv screen than this. Basically, you just watch these mutated inhuman jerks jump up and down and playing some inapropiate "bumping" game. And what the hell is the word Teletubbies? The title itself is making me sick. Bart Simpson should beat their asses. Even Lisa would try to kill them. Theh Simpsons rock!
  • This sucks!

    One word to describe this... WORST SHOW EVER!
    Reasons - 1) Have they ever heard of the english language?
    2) They're super lame!
    3) It brainwashes 1 year olds (I bet even THEY don't watch this load of crap!)
    4) Even Tweenies are better than this (They also suck!)

    Advice to young children - Stay away from it!!!
  • The Teletubbies fall flat by doing absolutely everything wrong...

    A bad taste in humor, the characters look like something out of a horror movie, and it's the same crap over...and over...and over again in each episode. I honestly think the creator must've been drunk to make a homicidal show. I watched one episode and within a few minutes, instantly my eyes began to bleed. I can understand how little kids can whatch this senseless junk (Kids think different than we do) but if your any age above maturity don't whatch this show!!! It'll hypnotize you into commiting suicide...You've been warned...Stay away from the Evil!!!!! I can go on and on about how horrible this show is but i'm not going to because there probably wouldn't be any space in the whole Universe that could hold it.
  • This show is so horrifying. Curse it!

    Thsi show is horrifying! They worship a sun god or something. A baby! Oh my gosh. And you can barely understand what they say. I saw one episode when I was small, and I had nightmares for a looooooooooooong time. Seriously, I wonder why kids can watch this without wetting their beds every day. And they live in some kind of prison chamber like house. It's a pity kids don't know that the only reason they make this show is to make money. And what are those creatures supposed to be anyways? Some possesed creatures with white powder? This show is very scary. I would give it a negative googolplex out of 10 but the scale only goes down to 0.
  • This is The wost show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot find any show worse than this on T.V. Com. This is also 'painful to Watch!' Don't watch it unless you want to throw up from the worst show ever! Heres what I have to say to the show 'GRR!'. The pepole who made this show must be insane!!
  • Can't stand it!>:-0

    I have watched this with my younger cousin, once and only once, and it was the worst show I have ever watched. I felt as if I was going to vomit. It was stupid, it made no freaking sense at all. It was just plain sick! I hate this show. Wish it was cancelled.
  • Why do people waste so many things on BBC for babys? Why do they always know there shows will be rubbish and then make them? A stupid set of 4 people in suits who prat around all day. U like this? If yes yur dumb.

    {Snoring}. This is so boring. Bet young ones are saying its a 10. If you like this your dumb. All they ever do is jump around a shout all the time the shows on. I had 3 videos of it when i was little. 2 Binned, 1 fed to my dogs. So, get your tv Remote ready and change channel! {Snoring} is what i think of it.
  • I've seen alot of crap on TV, but this takes the cake!

    Wow this show sucks I mean I tried to watch it but it was so boring and retarded I just couldn't take it!. Even when I was 7 I couldn't stand it I had to take the plug out as my TV buttons were broken!. Why the hell is there a baby's face in the sun and why do the teletubbies have to be so retarded?. I hope this is cancelled for good and I hope to never see them again on my TV. Teletubbies is not good for us and especially our children!. I'm completly disgusted to see that this is still aired on TV. Teletubbies suck!.

  • Never will I watch it again.

    The Teletubbies is the worst show I have ever come across. It gives you a severe headache and inability to hear. How the heck could I watch this show? When I was four, I loved it more than Barney, Sesame Street, and Bear In The Big Blue House put together. Compared to Teletubbies, Barney is my idol. This show is severe torture, I don't understand why anyone would put themselves through so much agony, so many tears!! Everytime I hear the Teletubbies, my ears are almost to the point of bleeding. Teletubbies is truely horrorfying, something that I would never watch, even if that was the last show on the air. I give it a 0.1, only for it managing to stay on the television for 8 years. Lol.
  • Best Show ever!

    This is great it got a 2.1 Oh yeah! Serious ok this show sucks and smells and the teletubbies suck! if you watch this show you must be on Drugs or high just what Happy yellow ball said i agree with him or her. WARNING! the following program, your seeing is cruel and Painful to watch keep the remote from Childern from all times Thankyou.
  • An awful show. Why do people watch it?

    You should not watch the Teletubbies. It's a complete waste of time. It's designed for babies and toddlers, but it actually scares some of them because it is so weird. It's supposed to educate the age group, but it doesn't do anything like that. The just show them eating custard and playing with a vacuum. Beware of this show, it's creepy!
  • Why doesn't this show scare the crap out of little children?

    I have looked at this show a number of times. It gives me the creeps. It really makes no sense at all. I don't understand how this doesn't give small children nightmares. I suppose if the child is under one, and can't make out what's on the screen and is impressed with brightly coloured shapes moving around... But it gives me the creeps. What are they supposed to be? What's wrong with their faces? Why can't they talk? Is there really a point to anything they are doing?

    Now, a PBS programmer told me that some stations were playing with the schedule and found that Teletubbies got a higher rating at 11.30 at night than it did in the daytime. These ratings were then related to cities that had a large college population. That actually makes more sense to me than letting children watch this show. It creeps me out.
  • teletubes sucks realy bad they cant realy talk,they hae some issues to slove about gender,i mean, come on people,do kids realy wach it i bet you it does not teach anything!!!,i cant belive they still have it around in the u.s!!!they sould take it off the

    this shows sucks,big time none of the people i know that have kids at age 2 and up see the show,and you know why,because they are gay,look i have nothing agest gay people,but look at tinke winke,he is a boy and he hs a girl purse,not a man purse, a girl purse!!.so what that tells boys that are young,"okay,im going outside with my moms purse and take it with me where ever i go!,but its okay i saw it on teleltubies!this show is nt ment to be in the us
  • The Teletubbies started in the U.K. and proved to be a popular children's show. In April 1998, the U.S.A. picked up the Teletubbies on PBS, and proved to be popular with American children too.

    Complete waste of time. Anyone even thinking of watching this.... DON'T. It is a boring dull show about four idiotic teddys singing songs and playing games. Here are the little annoying characters: Tinky-Winky The largest of the four teletubbies. He is purple, and has a triangle antenna (because of these features, critics assume he is gay, but rest assure, he isn't, he may be a tom-girl, but he's not gay.) His favorite thing is his hand-bag which he can amazingly fit large things in. His best friends are Dipsy and Po. He may be large, but he's quiet and gentle. His song is "Tinkle-Winkle, Tinky-Winky"

    Dipsy The second largest teletubby. He is green with a dipstick antenna. His favorite thing is his black and white tie-dye top hat. His best friends are Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. He's more of a loner teletubby, and doesn't like "cute" stuff. His song has a reggae beat.

    Laa-Laa The second smallest teletubby. She is yellow, with a spiral antenna. Her favorite thing his her giant orange ball that she seems to have no control of. Her best friends are all of the teletubbies. She has a free-spirit and can always find away to enjoy things, her favorite word is "nice." Her song is "La la la la la la la la."

    Po The smallest teletubby. She is red, with an "O" shaped antenna. Her favorite thing is her red and blue scooter which she can ride at an alarming speed. Her best friends are Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. She is very quiet and usually shy, but loves to go fast. Her song is "Fidy Fidy, Mar Mar Mar"

    Noo-Noo The Teletubbie's vacuum cleaner that can suck up anything in his path, even things twice his size. He lives inside the Tubby-tronic Superdome.

    Trumpets Trumpets that come out of the ground and sing songs or recite poems for the Teletubbies to enjoy.

    Baby Sun A sun with a baby's face in it. My point proven, Teletubbies is for kids with no brians.
  • There are some great shows for little kids. This ain't one of them.

    This show is so stupid! Who wants to watch the same thing twice????????? It's ridiculous! Don't let your kids watch this! Let them watch Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, or anything but this! I'll give them a 0.1 for SOMEHOW getting it onto the air and a 0.4 because I can never give a show a 0.
    Don't let your kids watch this or Barney!!! Those are unwatchable. Hope this show goes off the air soon! On second thought, 0.3! They can barely talk!
    This wins the worst show ever award! I can't even watch a full episode! This is crap! Crap!
  • Ummmmm what?

    This show. What is this? Well it's Teletubies and it's filled with boredom. They make no sense. I understand this show meant for little kids but this show is just ridiculus. The Teletubies just make random noises like "eeha". It's retarded. This is just a very random and boring show. I ONLY gave this a 0.4 because their idiotic noises will give you a couple laughs then it's get's old. Otherwise I would have gave it a big fat 0! Oh man what else is their to say? Man this show is just abysmal. Even Barney is alot better than this show.
  • I remember...

    When I was little, I loved the show, and I got the computer game. But once you played it, it literally wouldn't let you exit out. And it kept on freezing.

    I may have loved the game and show as a baby, but now, I'm all like, 'Um...'

    (And some people said that they watched the show, and I say 'Sure...')
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!2003-2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ok so... wow!

    i must say .. i was on youtube maybe a few months ago me and my dad and brother watched this episode it was so funny and weird and stupid we couldnt stop laughing! we like watching crap like this 2 make fun of it, K? itd never be something that i think is learning and creativity and point of this is... 0. they mustve been on drugs. heck, look at the episode, musical playtime, then write down what u learned.. which will be nothing!!
  • NOOOOOO!!!!!

    Teletubbies freaking sucked! No wonder I never watched that peice of crap when I was younger. All I remember from that show are four fat multicolored baby looking things and the sun with the face. This show was just plain terrible.

    If you want to keep your three year old entertained instead of scarred for life then I don't suggest anyone to watch this show.

    Watch Caillou or Little Bill instead.

    @Disney4life: sorry it took me so long to reply. I visit this site weekly, not daily, so it may take a while. But I still haven't gotten a chance to watch Rabbids Invasion yet. I'll definitely get to it ASAP.
  • This is the worst childen's show ever!

    It's so bad, that only one thing is good. That is the inside of the house machines. Everything else Sucks. This show is almost Pointless as the late 2000's the Mr. Men Show. And almost bad as Sonic X. 5/100 Horrible.
  • The worst show ever

    I'm glad I never watched this, my mom has a burning hatred for this unspeakable piece of filth and never bought it. This show, if you can call it that, makes no sense whatsoever. Four demonic aliens dancing around and singing and a baby, the creators should go fuck themselves.

    On a more sympathetic note, the creators have my absolute pity and should go and create something that isn't a waste of space. They must have been on drugs when they made this. Maybe they should be shot. I know people can have their opinions but I can't believe a perfect score and a 9.0 sits directly below this text, seriously?
  • Gross and yuck -_-.

    My nana told me I could not watch this show and boy I'm glad she did it's crap it sucks the sun is ugly this show is boring crap that needs to burn 1/10 horrible/abysmal.
  • I can't belive I used to like this show

    I'm such a dumbnut when I watched this. Fuck, that show isn't even that funny. The characters make gay stereotype. All they say "again again". It's even more friendly than disney cartoons. Which is disney cartoons are better than this piece of crap. Only soccermoms would enjoy this show a lot.
  • Teledummies

    Stupid shitty show. Instead of Teletubbies, we should call them Teledummies.

    Tinky Winky = Tardy Wardy

    Dipsy= Ditzy

    La La = Blah Blah

    Po = Dope
  • Braindead show.

    This show, can increase your IQ if it's below 15, but if it's above, it'll reduce down to the floor. LOL. So true.

    Plot: This show is about 4 aliens that has a very forgettable and strange name, who always stands and spin around in the hills like a total idiot.

    Characters: Idiotic and unfitting to teach kids, how can you teach with someone who didn't see the most basic living things in the world in the first place, oh wait, they're aliens. But they should be smarter right? But they're stupid. They can't teach kids. They always go off-course on their thoughts. Their eyes is creepy, but their designs are somewhat okay for me I admit.

    Education value: Do you think there would be if the assigned characters and the concept is so very stupid? Well, no. I can't even find one, at least one, a tiny one.

    Overall: -1.3. One show that needs to be buried underground or be stocked in the old closet to be forgotten.
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