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  • Just glad i dont have children , who are the age of kids that like this show

    I have never really understood this show at all, the telletubbies they just seem to repeat things over and over, when they show their little videos “Again , Again, is what they say” Perhaps there is something that little children do fancy about this show, but I’d much rather have to watch Barney, if I had a young child. There seems to be very little education about it, which boggles my mind why it is on PBS. I don’t which is worse the Telletubbies are their cousins the BoohBah’s. Good luck to the parents who have young ones who like this show.
  • Tele who?

    This is the dumbest infant cartoon I have ever seen in my life! At first it caught my attention with multicolored little teletubbies they looked cute! It was different from anything I had ever seen, but then they killed it when they kept repeating everything a dozen times, I know it's for kids to retain more information, but c'mon that's over doing it! The only cool thing in the show maybe the baby as the sun! These teletubbies are the most annoying thing ever, I don't recommend anyone to watch it! Do yourself a favor a change the channel when you run across this show!
  • When I was five I watched this show and realised that it was incoherent.

    How does one go about writing a fifty word or more review about something this hollow? This completely original show should have never originated. The weed smokers who thought of this were clearly watching a Kroftt show and said "Let's make this even less coherent. Try to understand this show sober, I dare you.
  • Why do people waste so many things on BBC for babys? Why do they always know there shows will be rubbish and then make them? A stupid set of 4 people in suits who prat around all day. U like this? If yes yur dumb.

    {Snoring}. This is so boring. Bet young ones are saying its a 10. If you like this your dumb. All they ever do is jump around a shout all the time the shows on. I had 3 videos of it when i was little. 2 Binned, 1 fed to my dogs. So, get your tv Remote ready and change channel! {Snoring} is what i think of it.
  • Why doesn't this show scare the crap out of little children?

    I have looked at this show a number of times. It gives me the creeps. It really makes no sense at all. I don't understand how this doesn't give small children nightmares. I suppose if the child is under one, and can't make out what's on the screen and is impressed with brightly coloured shapes moving around... But it gives me the creeps. What are they supposed to be? What's wrong with their faces? Why can't they talk? Is there really a point to anything they are doing?

    Now, a PBS programmer told me that some stations were playing with the schedule and found that Teletubbies got a higher rating at 11.30 at night than it did in the daytime. These ratings were then related to cities that had a large college population. That actually makes more sense to me than letting children watch this show. It creeps me out.

    I do not have a review but this is one of the worst shows on teavision i think the tellitubies are secretly kiddnapping todlers and secrely training to be futer dictators for all we know this why hitler was a dictator anyway its a bad show that curupts future great minds.
  • It can be sort of a life-saver

    Well, I have a son. He's five years old now, but when he was about two or three years old he had atrocious sleeping-patterns. He woke up every hour or so, and in the morning got up at about six o'clock. During the week this is fine with me, but at the week-end? Boy, I was soooo tired! But at nine o'clock? Whohoo! Teletubbies! Half an hour of relaxed slumber on the sofa! I'm ashamed to admit, but that half hour of parking my child in front of the TV probably saved my life, even though in truth, I don't exactly know what happens after the first five minutes of the show and so I'm probably not entitled to ramble about it. The kids love it. Me too!
  • The Teletubbies started in the U.K. and proved to be a popular children's show. In April 1998, the U.S.A. picked up the Teletubbies on PBS, and proved to be popular with American children too.

    Complete waste of time. Anyone even thinking of watching this.... DON'T. It is a boring dull show about four idiotic teddys singing songs and playing games. Here are the little annoying characters: Tinky-Winky The largest of the four teletubbies. He is purple, and has a triangle antenna (because of these features, critics assume he is gay, but rest assure, he isn't, he may be a tom-girl, but he's not gay.) His favorite thing is his hand-bag which he can amazingly fit large things in. His best friends are Dipsy and Po. He may be large, but he's quiet and gentle. His song is "Tinkle-Winkle, Tinky-Winky"

    Dipsy The second largest teletubby. He is green with a dipstick antenna. His favorite thing is his black and white tie-dye top hat. His best friends are Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. He's more of a loner teletubby, and doesn't like "cute" stuff. His song has a reggae beat.

    Laa-Laa The second smallest teletubby. She is yellow, with a spiral antenna. Her favorite thing his her giant orange ball that she seems to have no control of. Her best friends are all of the teletubbies. She has a free-spirit and can always find away to enjoy things, her favorite word is "nice." Her song is "La la la la la la la la."

    Po The smallest teletubby. She is red, with an "O" shaped antenna. Her favorite thing is her red and blue scooter which she can ride at an alarming speed. Her best friends are Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. She is very quiet and usually shy, but loves to go fast. Her song is "Fidy Fidy, Mar Mar Mar"

    Noo-Noo The Teletubbie's vacuum cleaner that can suck up anything in his path, even things twice his size. He lives inside the Tubby-tronic Superdome.

    Trumpets Trumpets that come out of the ground and sing songs or recite poems for the Teletubbies to enjoy.

    Baby Sun A sun with a baby's face in it. My point proven, Teletubbies is for kids with no brians.
  • Can't stand it!>:-0

    I have watched this with my younger cousin, once and only once, and it was the worst show I have ever watched. I felt as if I was going to vomit. It was stupid, it made no freaking sense at all. It was just plain sick! I hate this show. Wish it was cancelled.
  • Another cruddy show... but those cruddy moments... actually make me laugh at the Teletubbies's humiliation!!

    Teletubies IS another cruddy show... but those cruddy moments... actually make me laugh at the Teletubbies's humiliation!! well, im really serious, i love those really corny parts, especially with the Gayman, Tinkywinky! Or whatever the purple teletubbie's name is. He's so gay! i mean, a guy with a purple purse, Corny and cruddy, but LOL!
  • There are some great shows for little kids. This ain't one of them.

    This show is so stupid! Who wants to watch the same thing twice????????? It's ridiculous! Don't let your kids watch this! Let them watch Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, or anything but this! I'll give them a 0.1 for SOMEHOW getting it onto the air and a 0.4 because I can never give a show a 0.
    Don't let your kids watch this or Barney!!! Those are unwatchable. Hope this show goes off the air soon! On second thought, 0.3! They can barely talk!
    This wins the worst show ever award! I can't even watch a full episode! This is crap! Crap!
  • This is The wost show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot find any show worse than this on T.V. Com. This is also 'painful to Watch!' Don't watch it unless you want to throw up from the worst show ever! Heres what I have to say to the show 'GRR!'. The pepole who made this show must be insane!!
  • An awful show. Why do people watch it?

    You should not watch the Teletubbies. It's a complete waste of time. It's designed for babies and toddlers, but it actually scares some of them because it is so weird. It's supposed to educate the age group, but it doesn't do anything like that. The just show them eating custard and playing with a vacuum. Beware of this show, it's creepy!
  • I am very angry how much intolerance I see in this country. Teletubbies does not promote homosexuality, and it is extremely closed-minded how people think that. Read below for more...

    I don't understand why some people are vigorously infuriated about the theory that Teletubbies promotes homosexuality. I can see why they might think that because of the purple one has a hand-bag. What I wish people would stop doing is stereotyping groups of people. I'm not gay but I have close friends that are, so I know what they go through. There are straight people out there, especially in Europe that have hand-bags, but that doesn't make them gay. Being happy and joyful and playful does not mean someone is gay, I mean it CAN, but that doesn't mean it DOES. It just angers me so much how much intollerance I see in our own United States. We should embraces all the differences in each other, even if one doesn't agree with how you live your life. I'm a 24-year-old male and I have no kids, and I like watching Teletubbies, because I have a kid's heart in me. Closed-minded adults can't understand the show because they aren't kids and they think anything that seems unusual to them should be destroyed off the Earth.
  • People are so retarded for making fun of this show. I don't really like it, but it's not for my age group. You only have liscence to mock it if you are 3 or under.

    Seriously, get a life! If you're just going to make fun of toddler shows you would probably be more helpful to the world if you went and crawled under a rock. Just because one of them carries a handbag (in England) doesn't mean they're gay. If you like freak out about that than you're too stupid to do anything constructive. If you don't like it, don't watch it, don't talk about it, ignore it. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
  • This is the worst show ever, I agree. But come on! You must be pretty stupid to make fun of a show for 2-year-old toddlers! Pretty immature. And you must be pretty dorky since you've watched this because like I said, this show is for 2 year old children!

    This show is absolutely the worst show on television(along with Boohbah)but you don't have a license to mock a stupid children's show! Oh geez! Do you people really watch PBS? And you swear and curse a stupid half-an-hour show, when you shouldn't even be watching it! Now I have a sister who watches this a zillion times and I do feel like ripping my eyes out when I hear that stupid,"Tubby Custard! Tubby Custard! Yay!"(Explains why they're so fat!) and "La La! Dipsy! Tinky-Winky! Po!". But seriously, folks. You don't have to rub it in PBS's face that a bunch of teenage and older kids are making fun of a 3 and under show! So please, folks. Stop wasting your stinking time making fun of pathetic children's show. Becuase frankly, YOU guys are acting like pathetic children!
  • Amazing ....Gruond breaking Just some words describing the phenomanon that is the teletubbies!!

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  • I remember...

    When I was little, I loved the show, and I got the computer game. But once you played it, it literally wouldn't let you exit out. And it kept on freezing.

    I may have loved the game and show as a baby, but now, I'm all like, 'Um...'

    (And some people said that they watched the show, and I say 'Sure...')
  • It used to be good.. I guess

    Good ol' Teletubbies were good when it had a story line about making custard or running away from a fan, but now they're just flying around in a one colour background. It should have stopped back when it was good.. They should have let it have a nice end, but they went on..
  • Great for kids!!!

    This show absolutely rips. I mean, when it's on, I always manage to fall asleep, but this show is awesome for kids. I have a 17 month old daughter who just absolutely loves it! It keeps her so enraptured, that I can actually manage to get something done around my house! This show is really educational for them, since starting to watch it, my daughter has learned to "dance" of sorts, ask "What's that" and all sorts of other little things.

    This show's great developmentally. Try it with your kids if you haven't already.

    (note this review is for people who actually have the ability to have kids, and not for the little prickless losers who just come here to bash.)
  • Best Show ever!

    This is great it got a 2.1 Oh yeah! Serious ok this show sucks and smells and the teletubbies suck! if you watch this show you must be on Drugs or high just what Happy yellow ball said i agree with him or her. WARNING! the following program, your seeing is cruel and Painful to watch keep the remote from Childern from all times Thankyou.
  • This has to be the most boring kid's show ever.

    The whole show is about these big puppet like creatures that run around in a valley of some sort. They don't speak, only a narrator talks. Then they have a segment where they document diffent real life kids. They don't just show this once, but twice. This is a really boring, stupid, and noeducational show. Although preschoolers enjoy it.
  • Ummmmm what?

    This show. What is this? Well it's Teletubies and it's filled with boredom. They make no sense. I understand this show meant for little kids but this show is just ridiculus. The Teletubies just make random noises like "eeha". It's retarded. This is just a very random and boring show. I ONLY gave this a 0.4 because their idiotic noises will give you a couple laughs then it's get's old. Otherwise I would have gave it a big fat 0! Oh man what else is their to say? Man this show is just abysmal. Even Barney is alot better than this show.
  • teletubes sucks realy bad they cant realy talk,they hae some issues to slove about gender,i mean, come on people,do kids realy wach it i bet you it does not teach anything!!!,i cant belive they still have it around in the u.s!!!they sould take it off the

    this shows sucks,big time none of the people i know that have kids at age 2 and up see the show,and you know why,because they are gay,look i have nothing agest gay people,but look at tinke winke,he is a boy and he hs a girl purse,not a man purse, a girl purse!!.so what that tells boys that are young,"okay,im going outside with my moms purse and take it with me where ever i go!,but its okay i saw it on teleltubies!this show is nt ment to be in the us
  • i completely agree with Inflikted1

    You guys ARE losers. it doesn't matter what YOU guys think anyways it's what the little kids think and every little kid i've met loves this show. and if you're writing a review on a show for LITTLE kids, then what are you bullies doing here? get a life. losers.
  • This show based around four children, Tinky-Winky Dipsy Laa-Laa and Po, who live in idealistic Teletubbyland. They start each day with the sun rising. They have fun playing with their favorite things and eating Tubby-Custard. Teletubbies love eachother ve

    This show is an Educational and Entertaining show for the 1-3 year olds. I know it is educational because my niece learned how to say hello and bye-bye while watching this program. And my 1 year old son loves this show. Everytime it comes on he gets a big smile on his face. They talk and walk and act funny because they are made to seem like the children they are targeted for (1-3 years). For those of you who do not understand this show and how it can be entertaining and informative that's because you are not the ones they made the show for. If you do not believe, then just look at the smiling faces of the children who do. They believe and that is all that matters.
  • Never will I watch it again.

    The Teletubbies is the worst show I have ever come across. It gives you a severe headache and inability to hear. How the heck could I watch this show? When I was four, I loved it more than Barney, Sesame Street, and Bear In The Big Blue House put together. Compared to Teletubbies, Barney is my idol. This show is severe torture, I don't understand why anyone would put themselves through so much agony, so many tears!! Everytime I hear the Teletubbies, my ears are almost to the point of bleeding. Teletubbies is truely horrorfying, something that I would never watch, even if that was the last show on the air. I give it a 0.1, only for it managing to stay on the television for 8 years. Lol.
  • A truly beautiful dramedy that must be seen to be believed.

    The show discusses the trials and tribulations of four highly interesting individuals: Tinky Winky, a bartender that serves Dipsy his drinks, Dipsy, an alcholohic, Laalaa, Dipsy's girlfriend, and Po, a used car saleswoman. There are many plot twists in the storyline, and the show is so inspiring. It is truly a masterpiece that is beyond it's time. I cried when I saw that Po was shot in the driveby shooting, and when Dipsy found out that he had cancer.

    Overall, I recommend the Teletubbies because it is such an amazing work of art. It is both funny and sad, and so full of jokes.
  • This is just SICK!

    How would these people ever disagree with this show. Other viewers aren't saying that to make haters worse! Although the show isn't that educational the show is good for the children and don't even get me started on Boobah!

    It maybe gay but heck I give this score higher because of the people who try to help set the statement right. It starts at 4 alien like characters who they start a show that features fun and activites. And so that's the whole point with this review and It's a 3 out of 10 for the final score.
  • Teletubies? I think not. More like pedophile...

    I swear, some pedohalic british guy made this. i remember when I was but a wee liitle one this damn show was on, EVERY day ALL day. Thank god people are finally starting to realize how perverted this show is. No, it not a typo, I said the teletubies show is perverted. A few examples. Okay, has anyone ever noticed when the teletubies rub their stomach and make aroused throat noises? Man, that freaked me out... Okay the shapes on their head... hm, now I wonder what THOSE are for. If your child/ infant/ toddler watches this (ever) then bad things will happen. one thing is that they moght get extremly paranoid, and aftraid to venture under a bed, or inn any small space, for fear of the teletubies lurking every where. Look at their faces. Their eyes... empty like a doll's eye.
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