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  • You can't be serious. This is educational? How?

    Seriously, who came up with this idea in the first place. Teletubbies is about 4 aliens who act really stupid and do absolutely nothing in this show that helps or educates kids at all. All the aliens ever do is just wander around and ooh and awe over stuff like a flower or bee for 5 minutes straight. They also do speak complete gibberish that does not help the vocabulary of a child at all. Also what's with the sun being a baby's face? This show is pretty much telling kids that the sun is actually a baby. Where's the logic and sense in that? This show is not educational in the least bit. I'd rather watch Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, and Bob the Builder than this junk. I just want to know what the purpose of this show is. Somebody just drop by my profile, and send me a message telling me what the purpose of this show is and how its educational please. If you are a parent and your child is watching that horrible show right now, turn off the TV and have them go play outside or spend quality time with them.
  • Why doesn't this show scare the crap out of little children?

    I have looked at this show a number of times. It gives me the creeps. It really makes no sense at all. I don't understand how this doesn't give small children nightmares. I suppose if the child is under one, and can't make out what's on the screen and is impressed with brightly coloured shapes moving around... But it gives me the creeps. What are they supposed to be? What's wrong with their faces? Why can't they talk? Is there really a point to anything they are doing?

    Now, a PBS programmer told me that some stations were playing with the schedule and found that Teletubbies got a higher rating at 11.30 at night than it did in the daytime. These ratings were then related to cities that had a large college population. That actually makes more sense to me than letting children watch this show. It creeps me out.
  • this show is horrid and teaches children absolutley NOTHING

    man,this show is just awfull.the dolls are creepy,they can give children nightmares.and storyline is just playing weird.they just jump around and eat tubby toast.there isnt ever any event that can teach kids sharing,manners,beeing nice to others,nothing!and it cant even teach children how to speak properly.they never say any normall sentences,they talk like how are babies then suppost to learn how to talk?this show is just pointless.who ever tought of this needs to be thrown in jale for brainwashing children with this crap.dont let your children or younger syblings wach this show!they will become stupid! mngdcftvgbh cfvgbsdfvbvbghnjcfgvbhjnmvsabhnjkmasv dgsbhfngj hfrg gfrhnj swdegfrhjcddfdfdggfsdgdgr dsfghjdefrtgzhu swdefrgthzjrtz wertzui asdxcfvgbhnjm sdefrghjk
  • This show is the worst show to hit television.

    I make it a point not to watch this show unless I have to (I used to have to when my cousins came over our house when they all were real young) but from what I remember and what I have heard, it's the same plot every episode.

    You could technically say that the Episode Guide is incorrect because they show the same show over and over.

    It's so bad, I hated it as an embryo!

  • This hurts.

    What is so educational about teletubbies? Is it supposed to be entertaining? Is supposed to be meant to be doing something. I honestly do not understand it. This show hurts to watch. If it had any point, it would have been known by now. It is a creepy show and I don't think kids would even think it's right to watch it. It is a good thing that it isn't a main show for kids anymore. I think people have suffered enough of the flubbies. Good grief, I can't begin to say how creeped out I am. Very creepy stuff. Thank you.
  • This show deserves .01 but, unfortunantly I had to give it a 1.

    This show is appauling! Who in their right mind would want to watch this? I never liked this show as a kid and I can't imagine any kid who would! Those freaky puppet-things would have given me nightmares, and that banner made me freak.

    First of all, if you're going to make a kids show, don't make the characters freaky like this. I wonder how many kids have run screaming from these guys.

    Second, make a show that's easy to spell. I tried like 8 times to search for this show and every time I mispelled it. I was eventually forced to look it up on google.

    I could rant for several more paragraphs about this, but my fingers are getting tired, so I'll stop here. I just hope everyone got my point!
  • This show sucks!!

    Sucks. I don\'t get what there doing!!! And why da
    heck does that purple on carry a purse!!? I
    thought it was a boy. And is that red one a girl
    or boy? Each episode should burn in he--!! This
    show gives other PBS a bad friggin\' name, yeah.
    What are they trying to do? Entertain? Well deh
    doin\' a crappy job...
  • Just glad i dont have children , who are the age of kids that like this show

    I have never really understood this show at all, the telletubbies they just seem to repeat things over and over, when they show their little videos “Again , Again, is what they say” Perhaps there is something that little children do fancy about this show, but I’d much rather have to watch Barney, if I had a young child. There seems to be very little education about it, which boggles my mind why it is on PBS. I don’t which is worse the Telletubbies are their cousins the BoohBah’s. Good luck to the parents who have young ones who like this show.
  • stupidest shit to air in TV history

    this show obiously has no plot, 4 monsters torment children for 30 minutes and oddly the children love it. they eat disgusting pudding and burnt "toast" that would posion humans in real life. and they have nothing to do but act ***ed, also, this show looks like several guys tooks hazardously large shots of marijuana, cocaine, and lsd. then decided to create a tv show to show kids what it's like on drugs. i would give this show a 0/10 (but i cant anymore).
  • The fecal matter of children's programming

    Okay let's start off with the plot of this show. Oh wait.....THERE IS NONE! Teletubbies is the most retarded crap on television. What do they do? Watch TV on their stomachs? It's like they brainwash kids into doing a bunch of stupid crap like jumping around making weird noises. Tubby custard? A baby sun? A vacuum cleaner w/ eyes? I mean WTF? Over the hills and far away, four pedophiles making $20 bucks an hour dressed in retarded costumes hop around with no purpose except into making children autistic retards! Ugh! I'd like to see the paint sniffing moron who made this put on trial! It's shows like these that make parents wanna call Nanny 911. Grade:FU Teletubbies! >:(
  • Why did I watch this show when I was younger, yet why did I watch this show at all?

    Well I can see this plot for this show is really obvious,(sarcasm right there), a bunch of silly...... creatures run around a yard acting really retarded and having a pet vaccum, and talking to a baby in the sun.... -.- WTH!?!?! Well, I can't believe some people like this show, but yet it's their opinion... I can't say I'm surprised that alot of people hate this show since most of us are teens and this is a baby show. I can't think of any think else to say but this show was really horrible and it didn't teach anything to children! I never could stand that baby in the sun, he really bothered me! I'm sorry Teletubbies fans, but this show is bottom of the barrel in my book! Final grade: F---
  • WTF is this?!

    This show is about 4 telebubbies doing a lot of random, boring, and stupid crap that you wouldn't understand. I watched it when I was younger and I didn't like it because to me it didn't make sense. I'm glad they ended this show because come it's for little babies and it's just plain stupid. In fact they should have ended it earlier but oh well at least it ended anyway and it should not come back. If you haven't watched this show I'm telling you that this show is so boring and you just won't understand it let's just leave it at that.
  • Were they on crack or something when they thought of this?

    This has got to be the worst show ever created. No child should be exposed to this crap. Anyone know that giant purple one is a homo? Yeah, his antenna thing is a g@y symbol and his most prized possesion is a pink hand bag. And that baby in the sun thing? What the **** is that!? Enough to give me nightmares that is for sure. I am only rating this a 1.0(which is generous by the way) because's stupid system won't let me rate any lower.
  • There are some great shows for little kids. This ain't one of them.

    This show is so stupid! Who wants to watch the same thing twice????????? It's ridiculous! Don't let your kids watch this! Let them watch Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, or anything but this! I'll give them a 0.1 for SOMEHOW getting it onto the air and a 0.4 because I can never give a show a 0.
    Don't let your kids watch this or Barney!!! Those are unwatchable. Hope this show goes off the air soon! On second thought, 0.3! They can barely talk!
    This wins the worst show ever award! I can't even watch a full episode! This is crap! Crap!
  • Well, it does keep kids happy.

    Statistics have been shown on the Internet about this show and it seems to be popular with the kids. Not as popular as Thomas and Friends but sorta popular. I do feel that all the bashing is kind of unnecessary. Especially if it is a kids show. So, if you hate the show, that is fine. Just do not say that no body likes it. There are kids out there that do.
  • Pretty underrated but there are still better kid shows out there

    Teletubbies are still > Barney

    But I wouldn't really recommend this show for kids.

    A lot of the bad reviews on here are don't even think there's evidence of you even watching the show.

    Teletubbies aren't happy all the time contrary the popular belief,there's actually SOME conflict like when one epsiode I watched where lalas ball got sucked up by noo noo and then they panic and chase him,there's this other time when the teletubbies are fighting over tinky winkys purse when they found out it can store happens is that a problem occurs and the teletubbies solve it and learning a lesson of teamwork or friendship.

    They also don't talk gibberish all the time,sure they do but they don't main it as their main language,they actually spoke some REAL words.

    This show doesn't have those annoying baby songs which speak about friendship and junk but in reality just an ear worm for the kids to watch the show.

    There is some repetitiveness in this show but at least it's not all the time and not to the kind of thing when they recycle the same idea over and over again like Dora or Barney.

    The problem I have with this show is the visuals,the tummy tv thing and the intro

    Please change the stupid intro,from what I can tell from the intro:teletubbies come out of some hole,so as to appease their baby sungod then government periscopes come out of nowhere and teach them how to appease the baby sun god and they do some kind of ritual dance before a random windmill appears which shows that the baby sun god is appeased amd they say uh oh for no reason and an unholy attempt to mind control intro song is pretty good though.

    The sets design are weird. teletubbies home and noo noos design is sun is really creepy,teletubbies look like nazi monkeys,the periscopes also creep me out as a kid.

    The tummy tv thing while not unholy,features the same thing over and over it's boring.

    If you can pass the intro(I know that I used to hide behind the sofa and wait for the intro to be over as a kid)

    The unholy set designs and annoying tummy tv it's actually quite a good baby there's better shows out there.
  • I ain't saying anything.

    I improve this review for my previous review. I'm not going to writing new reviews today. I'm just busy improving my old reviews and looking people and stuff. I hope you understand this review this time.

    I watch when I was a kid, I just stare at the show until it ended. When I grew up, this show, oh boy this is the WORST children show ever.

    Like what is this? A dumb lame show ok, ok, let's tell about this show. It's all about underground colorful mutant creatures named Winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa and Po also Tinky.

    They go on stupid adventures and doing stupids things. That's it.

    The plots are just plain stupid.

    Educational Value:
    There's no good educational values in this show. It teaches kids to do stupid things and play stupid.

    They're all weird.

    The dialogue is way childish.

    Voice Acting:
    annoying British Voice Acting.

    Overall: ABYSMAL!
    This worse than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I recommend you should watch Blue's Clues.
  • The Teletubbies fall flat by doing absolutely everything wrong...

    A bad taste in humor, the characters look like something out of a horror movie, and it's the same crap over...and over...and over again in each episode. I honestly think the creator must've been drunk to make a homicidal show. I watched one episode and within a few minutes, instantly my eyes began to bleed. I can understand how little kids can whatch this senseless junk (Kids think different than we do) but if your any age above maturity don't whatch this show!!! It'll hypnotize you into commiting suicide...You've been warned...Stay away from the Evil!!!!! I can go on and on about how horrible this show is but i'm not going to because there probably wouldn't be any space in the whole Universe that could hold it.
  • WHAT THE HECK?!?! This Show is Freakish!!!!!!

    My 19th review after "Barney and Friends" but a remake because it got deleted.

    What in heck's name is this? Ailens with stupid anteinas and attach TV's in their stomachs?!?! Freakish!!! This is Worse then Barney and friends but a little better then Boohbah. I hate this show very much. This teaches Kids how to be Stupid ugly Idiots.
    and What the heck? A sun that has a Baby inside that makes him God?!?! No flipping way!
    Now, I need to give this grade as fast as possible. I give this an E! Here are the results;

    Dialouge: F-- 1.7/10.0 tele-Dummies can't talk! They should change the name from teletubbies to Tele-dummies! The most important part of this Terrbile show, There is Also no Storyline in this show at all. Even Donkey kong country is 1000 times better!

    Grapihcs: C-- 5.0/10.0 Not as good as the barney and friends grapihcs but still pretty medicore grapihcs and it's colorful. Preharps, too colorful! ACK! MY EYES!!!!
    The least important part of this terrblie show.

    Voice Acting: F- 2.8/10.0 The voice-acters should get hit by a burning airplane for Hypoting OUR Childern!

    Educational Value: F-- 0.8/10.0 I hate their educational vaule more then barney and friends! This dosen't even teach kids anything!!! This show is the reason why so MANY kids are Failing School!

    Sound: F-- 1.3/10.0
    One of the worst soundtracks on any TV show ever made!
    I hate the Poorly made cartoony sound effects as well!

    Lasting Appeal: E- 3.0/10.0
    This show is one of the worst things they have ever came up with for kids. Teletubbies should have been on #49 on Tv guide's 50 worst shows of all time. Barney and friends are on #50. Overall E 2.7/10.0
    Even more messed up then Barney and friends. This show litteraly sucks GIANT purple ailen butt. It also litteraly took the darn cake. Aviod this dang show at ALL COSTS more then Barney and Friends NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Teledummies

    Stupid shitty show. Instead of Teletubbies, we should call them Teledummies.

    Tinky Winky = Tardy Wardy

    Dipsy= Ditzy

    La La = Blah Blah

    Po = Dope
  • Oh me,oh,my...

    This is one of the most retarded shows in a whole history of planet Earth,universe and beyond.I just can't even think about this garbage without thinking about it's quality.Yet another show made for making money etc.Everything about it is wrong.Those demon-monsters teletubbies are annoying and I just want for someone to shot them.When they are showing themselves at the end of every episode they would make a perfect target.And that vacuum-elephant like thing...WTH is that?What a poor excuse for a kids show.If you want for your kid to be smart when he/she grows up,don't let them watch this trash.

    Prepare the missiles.
  • The review says it all--why do I even have to write anything?

    TVDude, the reviewer before me, has summed up the review I was begging to write, so I'll just copy his (I'm sorry, but I'm sorta slow on reviews today):

    "Seriously, who came up with this idea in the first place. Teletubbies is about 4 aliens who act really stupid and do absolutely nothing in this show that helps or educates kids at all. All the aliens ever do is just wander around and ooh and awe over stuff like a flower or bee for 5 minutes straight. They also do speak complete gibberish that does not help the vocabulary of a child at all. Also what's with the sun being a baby's face? This show is pretty much telling kids that the sun is actually a baby. Where's the logic and sense in that? This show is not educational in the least bit. I'd rather watch Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, and Bob the Builder than this junk. I just want to know what the purpose of this show is. Somebody just drop by my profile, and send me a message telling me what the purpose of this show is and how its educational please. If you are a parent and your child is watching that horrible show right now, turn off the TV and have them go play outside or spend quality time with them." Oh, and the show also promotes staring at the sun.
  • I liked this show when I was a little girl (like 3 or 4 years old). But now, being a teenager, I think it's the most retarded show ever made.

    This show is so gay I mean they've got no plot! All they do is do stupid things. They say nothing except for, "Uh-oh." The CG animation is crap! All of it looks so fake! And what's up with the sun being a baby's face? I feel really sorry for those people in the costumes. I know I wouldn't be caught dead in those things! I'm willing to bet when the creator of the show came up with the idea for it, he or she was most likely drunk or high. Like I said before, I did watch this show when I was little. However, when you are that little, you're into that kind of stuff. But now seeing it, when I'm older, all I know is that if I had kids, I definetly wouldn't let them watch this show cause all it teaches kids is how to be gay I learned nothing as a toddler from this show! Worst of all, it stayed on the air, like, ten years after the show was cancelled. Only last year did they take it off the air. So anyway, I think this show is crap and it is one of the stupidest shows to date!
  • Lame.

    There is nothing good or funny about the whole thing. It's super stupid. Who wants to watch this all day. Some reviews say it helps children. Well I am not a child! I am a teenager. If they show a new episode 1 more time.... I am gonna smash my TV! Screw you teletubbies! And people who think it helps. Oh by the way. I think getting rid of the show on television really helps. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Seriously. Teletubbies is a show that children like just for there dumb minds. Dumb, Lousy, Stupid and Abysmal.
  • Daily fix of drugs will make you enjoy this program, yes even for children...

    I just don't understand why people would release a tv show about strange muti coloured albinos with tv's on there stomachs, I really don't. It may be a children's show but the majority of them are supposed to teach children something arent they? What did this teach them? The teletubbies don't even speak! Let me just list a few things that are completely terrible about this show...

    1 - There is a talking hoover on it called noo noo...please explain.

    2 - The teletubbies are obsessed with tubbie toast and eat it all the time, im surprised they arent obeise weirdos by now who die young because of the fat clogging up there arteries. 3 - The sun...Has anyone looked at the sun and seen a strange baby inside it smiling at everyone? No! But I bet some poor little kids decided to find out if there was and got blinded because of it, damn you teletubbies!

    4 - What are those strange poles which come out of the ground and say "Time for tubbie bye bye!" ? ??? ? Is it revealed later in the series that the teletubbies are actually prisoners in a concentration camp forced to engage in bizarre activities in that creepily happy area? Are they locked in a cell between episodes and forced to eat moldy fish? The truth is no one knows what those poles are or who there leader is, but one thing can be certain, they are pure evil.
  • Teenki Winki, Deep Si, La La, DIE YOU DAMN BASTARDS!

    Please, Oh God Please Kill This Show! This Is A Absolute Waste Of My Freakin\' Time! Why Am I Writng A Review Of This Bull Crap? Because It\'s Fun To Make Fun Of Kid Shows!

    Okay, When I Was A Kid I Watched This Show And I Liked It, When I Was Like Little For God Sakes! Now I Understand All The retarded Values Of This show, How It's About Homosexual Happy Retarded Doll Crap Things!

    This Show Is A Absolute Disgrace, Not Only Because Of The Teletubbies Themselves, But Because It Has Serious Bull Crap Waste Of Time.

    Not Only Did I Remember That The Videos That Retarded Kids Sent Are 10 Freakin\' Minutes Long, But They Play The Same Damn Thing Two Times! We Don\'t Want To Watch The Damn Thing Again Okay! We Get It Stop It!

    And Please For God Sakes I Think The Most Payed Person On The Show Is The Little Baby Sun Whatever The Hell It Is.

    He\'s Probably Loaded With Money But Disappointed And Sad That He\'s Not Going To Get A date For The Senior Prom!

    Please PBS Or Whatever The Heck The Channel Is Called Kill This Show!

  • I HAVE 2 WORDS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY, GAY, GAY!

    I HATE THIS SHOW! Watching grass is more intertaining. I can't even believe it is still running! And who wants to watch their bellys and watch kids play 2x in a row! That is pure crap! I am so glad little kiddies like this show cuz I am not watching!
  • This sucks!

    One word to describe this... WORST SHOW EVER!
    Reasons - 1) Have they ever heard of the english language?
    2) They're super lame!
    3) It brainwashes 1 year olds (I bet even THEY don't watch this load of crap!)
    4) Even Tweenies are better than this (They also suck!)

    Advice to young children - Stay away from it!!!
  • So much better than other crappy kids' shows

    I used to think this was the most underrated show ever, but then they made Liv and Maddie. This was also my favorite show until Liv and Maddie came out. I just reviewed Dora the Explorer and now I'm on Teletubbies! I'm still watching One Hundred and One Dalmatians. They finally got the message to the Colonel and now St. Tibs in in the De Ville House investigating the crime! I wish this movie had a profile at this site. They don't have a profile for The Jungle Book either.
  • I don`t like it anymore

    When I was a baby, I loved this show. I would squeal with delight anytime it would come on. Now, I am 14, and it just isn`t that great to me anymore. But guys, give it a rest. This is a baby show. You guys are teenagers and adults. Of course you`ll hate it because it is a baby show. If babies review this, this show would be as successful as the simpsons. I don`t like this much anymore either, but give it a rest. It is a baby show, and most of you are teens, so its obvious you`ll hate it. This show is weird. I don`t care much for it. But, let your kids watch it because it is a kids show, and I recommend this to kids under 4, but over 4, you probably won`t like it
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