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  • Avoid at all costs!!!

    I was busy looking for a decent show to watch on TV. Then suddenly from out of the blues came out this omnipotently unintelligent, retarded, and totally morbid show.
    I mean, there are other decent kid's shows like Sesame Street and Little Einsteins, but this one made me freak out 'coz this damned thing is so retarded, at the same time, horrifying to look at.

    Omnipotently unintelligent.
    WTF are they saying? I can only here sounds like laughter or something, baby talk, and some jargon things like 'Tinky-Winky do baba ehehe e... hehehehe.' All they do is roam around here and there doing nothing but stupid stuff like eating custard this and custard that, talking gibberish and worshipping their so-called 'god'.

    Omnipotently retarded.
    Whoever thought of this must be either of the following: retarded, drunken, sick, perverted, or maybe one of the members of the church of satanism. Ok, so they're creatures from outer space with weird antennae-like things on their heads. Here, IMO, is the characteristics of each four:
    Tinky-Winky: the largest of the four. He's in a purple suit. He has the attitude of a f*g and he has a girl's purse.
    Dipsy and Lala: Retarded girls in a green and yellow suit respectively that talks nothing but gibberish. Dipsy is stupider.
    Po: Midget in a red suit that's just or more retarded than the other three.
    Then they have TV screens in their bellies that at certain times shows some real images. What the heck is this?!!! They also have some sort of vacuum cleaner like thing that guards the spaceship and cleans up everything that can talk by making suction noises. Then they are kind of worshipping the so-called sun with baby characteristics who they think is their 'god' and they 'worship' them? The hell?!! This is a cult! Judging by their actions alone you can say that this show is f*****g retarded.

    Omnipotently morbid.
    Lastly, this show is just pure horror! Those four things look like satanistic and purely horrifying dolls! The scary faces, the empty black eyes... the TV in their stomach seems to act like a camera to take a peek into the human realm for the devil to analyze their potential weakness to prepare a massive attack, just like the one in South Park's Best Friend's Forever when the devil plans to attack heaven.

    But what makes these creatures rather satanistic and very horrifying are its ears. They look like the devil's ears!
    Looking into them is like looking at the devil's minions, as if they are tasked to turn human children into retards.
    The pictures of them in this website even looks horrifying, and they seem to be DIRECTLY staring at you... like mindless zombies waiting to jump out of your computer screen and eat you alive! Holy s**t!

    The only reason why I gave this show a 0.1 instead of a 0 or a negative googolplex raised to the power of infinty times x equals negative b plus or minus the squareroot of b square minus 4ac all over 2a about Teletubbies is how the hell did they lasted as long as 8 years+?!!!
    I hope this show would be cancelled out and fast! Just looking at them gave me goosebumps!

    Sorry for the long review.