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  • WHAT THE HECK?!?! This Show is Freakish!!!!!!

    My 19th review after "Barney and Friends" but a remake because it got deleted.

    What in heck's name is this? Ailens with stupid anteinas and attach TV's in their stomachs?!?! Freakish!!! This is Worse then Barney and friends but a little better then Boohbah. I hate this show very much. This teaches Kids how to be Stupid ugly Idiots.
    and What the heck? A sun that has a Baby inside that makes him God?!?! No flipping way!
    Now, I need to give this grade as fast as possible. I give this an E! Here are the results;

    Dialouge: F-- 1.7/10.0 tele-Dummies can't talk! They should change the name from teletubbies to Tele-dummies! The most important part of this Terrbile show, There is Also no Storyline in this show at all. Even Donkey kong country is 1000 times better!

    Grapihcs: C-- 5.0/10.0 Not as good as the barney and friends grapihcs but still pretty medicore grapihcs and it's colorful. Preharps, too colorful! ACK! MY EYES!!!!
    The least important part of this terrblie show.

    Voice Acting: F- 2.8/10.0 The voice-acters should get hit by a burning airplane for Hypoting OUR Childern!

    Educational Value: F-- 0.8/10.0 I hate their educational vaule more then barney and friends! This dosen't even teach kids anything!!! This show is the reason why so MANY kids are Failing School!

    Sound: F-- 1.3/10.0
    One of the worst soundtracks on any TV show ever made!
    I hate the Poorly made cartoony sound effects as well!

    Lasting Appeal: E- 3.0/10.0
    This show is one of the worst things they have ever came up with for kids. Teletubbies should have been on #49 on Tv guide's 50 worst shows of all time. Barney and friends are on #50. Overall E 2.7/10.0
    Even more messed up then Barney and friends. This show litteraly sucks GIANT purple ailen butt. It also litteraly took the darn cake. Aviod this dang show at ALL COSTS more then Barney and Friends NOW!!!!!!!!!!!