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NBC (ended 1985)


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  • Comedy and music delivered as only Michael Nesmith could

    When Michael Nesmith decided to create a TV series using the same format as his Grammy-winning video production "Elephant Parts," he created a show unlike any other that was on at the time: beautifully made videos far superior to most of what could be seen on MTV even in those glory days of that network (which owed its existence to Nesmith's innovations) and terrific comedy "films", often featuring some of the best comedians, including Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Mull, Jay Leno (years before he was hosting "The Tonight Show"), Bobcat Goldthwait, and Garry Shandling. Among my favorite segments were "Five Minute Theatre" and "Deep Thoughts from Jack Handy" (yes, they were here long before they appeared on SNL). There were also memorable sketches, including Lois Bromfield's hysterical "Sorority Girls from Hell" and an Irish lesson given by The Funny Boys that I still find myself quoting 20 years later. It's unfortunate that the show was barely given a chance by the network and lasted only eight episodes, but fortunately, selections from the show live on in the compilations "Television Parts Home Companion" and "Dr Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce."