Tell Me You Love Me

HBO (ended 2007)


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  • It's sexual, but is it good?

    There was once a Mad TV skit I saw for "Sluts and the City" and the opening line was "It's not HBO, it's porn." Well, that would be the exact way to describe Tell Me You Love Me. It's a show about three couples who are having sexual issues and see a sex therapist.

    The number one reason it's bad: it's too sexual! There's evne a warning (!) about how frank the show is before it starts. There's everything from senior citizens having sex to (fake) erect penises. This show holds no bars, but when it gets to taking up a third of the show, it's just way too much.

    The one thing I will commend the show on is it's acting. As usual, HBO has chosen primo material as it's actors and actresses. Not only this time are the actors HBO material, but they also are brave as they bare more than just naked emotions.

    There's a reason why the show was cancelled so quickly. In fact, I'm surprised they were thinking about renewing it. When has sex meant good TV?
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