Temptation Island

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 104

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

After the latest bonfires on Night 6, Billy is upset with Mandy. Frustrated, he disappears into Vanessa's cabana. Later, Billy and Vanessa enter the lounge bar at Captain Morgan's Retreat, where Billy sets the place on fire with his pseudo striptease for Vanessa and the single girls.

Morning begins on Day 7 as the coupled men and women retrieve emotionally charged video messages that their partners have left them. These messages prove meaningful considering the unnerving video clips they witnessed at the bonfire the night before. Mandy runs down the dock anxiously anticipating Billy's latest words. She can see that Billy is visibly devastated by her escapades with Johnny and the sexy body shots they shared. Mandy trembles with tears when she sees how she has hurt Billy. In her message to Billy, Mandy guesses that Billy will have seen a clip of her date with Johnny and reassures him that Johnny "is a cool guy that you just cut loose with." She ends by telling Billy that her confidence has returned. Kaya gets emotional listening as Valerie complains that these first few days have been hard for her because she accidentally saw him on his first date (with Alison). Though Valerie waved, Kaya insists he never saw her, and suggests that she should know that "I'm letting my mind totally explore all the possibilities here." Valerie opens the box and plays a very encouraging message from Kaya. He assures her that she is in his head every day. Hearing this, Valerie feels secure and happy - she got exactly what she hoped for. Next, Shannon plays Andy's message. He confirms that he had a good date with rocker Carla, but he will abide by Shannon's admonition to spread himself thin with the single ladies. In her message, Shannon tells Andy that she doesn't have a lot to say this time. She will continue the "closed door" policy and choose not to watch his date clips at bonfire because she got enough of a preview when he scooped Carla out of the pool during the Power Dating selection game. Hearing this, Andy's wheels begin to turn. He speculates that Shannon's having too much fun to think about him. Then Taheed looks into the box. He is surprised to see the message player waiting for him. In her first communication to him since she stormed away after the final dinner, Ytossie lets Taheed know that his body language that night gave his motives away. She expects he is behaving just as badly as he had been behaving before they left LA.

Last, Ytossie arrives at the end of the dock. She opens the box and quickly closes it upon discovering that her boyfriend still has not left her a message. She had wanted him to apologize for their last night together, and instead he has chosen to remain "a hard ass."

After the viewing of the video messages, a controversy surrounding one of the couples begins to stir Temptation Island. Ytossie is so upset by Taheed's silence that she confides her sorrows to Greg (Naval Flight Instructor). As they stroll along the beach arm in arm, she cries on his shoulder and shares some painful information: she and Taheed have a year-and-a-half-old baby together. Shortly thereafter, a water taxi approaches Mata Chica as Mandy explains that the cast has noticed the unsettling appearance of show producer Chris at the resort. Because the cast must never interact with the producers, Mandy explains that she is concerned that "something's about to go down." Taheed gets off the water taxi and walks down the dock. He arrives at Ytossie's cabana and follows her inside. Chris and the show psychologist are seated on a couch across from the couple. Chris informs Ytossie and Taheed that information has come to him that is "very problematic."

Chris explains that he just learned that the couple has a child together and that it is his responsibility as a producer and Fox's responsibility as a network never to put parents into a situation where they could be tempted into destroying their relationship. Therefore Taheed and Ytossie must withdraw themselves from the Temptation Island test. The producer offers them the opportunity to stay in Belize at a different resort, and he encourages them to spend some time together trying to repair their relationship. When Chris excuses himself, Ytossie and Taheed discuss this option. After a few moments, they decide to stay in Belize and try to work things out. Both camps bid an emotional farewell to Ytossie and Taheed, giving their thoughts in interviews. Kaya believes that the child is a large enough motivating factor for them to "patch it up" and stay together. Surprisingly his girlfriend Valerie is more philosophical, believing "If you remain in a relationship with someone that you're not happy with, then you are preventing the person from coming into your life that you are supposed to be with."

After the waters have calmed, the entire cast is summoned to Captain Morgan's Retreat for another poolside event. Andy, Kaya, and Billy are already seated in their chairs when the three girlfriends arrive. Mandy catches a chill from Billy sensing, "He was obviously not happy to see me." Mark acknowledges that it's been a rocky morning, but they still have a fun day in store for them. He announces to the cast that this next date will be a triple date, and that all of the coupled women will go out with their dates in a group, as will the coupled men. Their date mates will be determined in a selection game called Peer Dating. The coupled women each pick a single that they think would be the perfect date for each other while the coupled men do the same.

Shannon and Mandy decide to give Valerie the choice of either Johnny or Jon. Valerie chooses Jon (Special Education Teacher). Valerie and Shannon set up Mandy with either Greg or Tom. Mandy selects Tom (Ivy League Graduate). Mandy and Valerie decide that Shannon can have either Dano or Jim. Though her boyfriend Andy predicts she will take out Jim, she startles him when she chooses speed demon, Dano (Pro Motocross racer). It's the guys' turn next. Billy and Andy select Elizabeth or LaWonna for Kaya. When he decides on LaWonna (Teen Crisis Counselor), Valerie glares at her boyfriend suspiciously. Mark asks Valerie how she's doing, and she laughs uncomfortably, choking on her response, "I'm….I'm good." She lets out a big sigh. Andy and Kaya offer Billy an ironic choice of Megan (Andy's first blind date) or Alison (Kaya's first blind date). Billy selects Megan (School Teacher). Mandy's date Tom notices that Billy grabs Megan's hand as she passes in front of him. He wins praises from Mandy when he asks if she's all right. At this moment, Mandy explains, "Tom rose above Billy by respecting me. And I'm not Tom's girlfriend. I'm Billy's girlfriend." Kaya and Billy hook up Andy with either Venus or Vanessa. Andy tries to show Shannon and all the rest that he really is a nice guy when he shouts to Venus (3rd year Medical Resident), "Venus, have you been on a date yet?" When she answers no, he picks her. Shannon gushes, "Andy gets better and better as this trip goes on. His selfless rationale shined through and made me want to run over there and jump him." It's a good thing Andy has Shannon because he scores a big zero with Venus who laments that Andy's choice makes her look like a "pity date."

Kicking off the start of the ladies' triple date, Mandy reveals a strong attraction to Tom, declaring that he is one she really has wanted to date this whole time. On the men's triple date, Billy decides to put his concerns about Mandy on hold and let himself be fascinated by Megan. However, tension arises when Andy feels a bit possessive, and can't keep his eyes off of her. Contrasting the two ladies, Andy complains, "Venus is boring…She wasn't nearly as fun as Megan." In interview, Kaya confesses that he digs Megan too, but she is off limits because Valerie blocked her. As they sip tropical drinks, Megan jokes with Kaya, commenting that Valerie still "stares her down" at the poolside events. Kaya loves this. His interview explains that for now, Andy has claimed Megan, and Kaya "won't step on his toes." However, in a private conversation with LaWonna during the date, Kaya reveals his true modus operandi: "Nobody owns anybody. There's not really such a thing as boyfriend-girlfriend in a perfect place." Kaya expresses that he is happy to get to know LaWonna, but that he clearly looks forward to experiencing a different level of intensity that some of the other dates might provide.

The triple dates carry into the evening as Mandy, Valerie and Shannon accompany Tom, Jon, and Dano to The Barefoot Iguana, a local nightclub where Valerie cuts loose on the dance floor. Shannon enjoys going out with a group because it gives the ladies a chance to get to know all three guys at one time. While the group alternately mingles and gets their groove on, Shannon describes that she has had a great conversation with Tom. She discovers she has some things in common with him, and discloses that she would like to date him too. Tom realizes that Shannon possesses "all the qualities" that he really likes "in one" woman. But in this precarious environment, it's safer for him just to focus on Mandy, his designated date.

Meanwhile at another disco where the boyfriends are hanging out with Megan, Venus and LaWonna, Andy does a funky dance around his date, Venus, but in interviews, they both reveal the date didn't go well. Andy remains interested in Megan. Andy will have no worries from Billy because he has more chemistry with Vanessa. In interview, Billy says it would be pointless to pursue Megan anyway because, "she's Andy's pretty much. He likes her, so he can have her."

The dates end on a provocative note from Mandy as she performs a charged dance with Tom. She says that if things don't work out between her and Billy, she could see herself dating Tom more seriously. Furthermore if Tom wants to kiss her, she hopes he will be able to put Billy out of his mind "like I've tried to put Billy out of my mind."

The following evening arrives, and so does the suspenseful bonfire. The coupled men travel to meet Mark first. Tonight he gives the guys the opportunity to remove all the dating blocks for their girlfriends. However, this is not choice each individual gets to make. This can only happen by a majority vote. Andy is reluctant. He speculates that Shannon will read the situation as "reverse psychology." He also warns his buddies that the dates are most likely "going to get way more intense. Waay more intense." In spite of the risks, the guys unanimously vote in favor of tossing all the dating blocks.

Next, they are given the chance to watch video snippets of after-hours activities at their girlfriends' resort (these are activities with the singles that don't occur during dates). Tonight the guy's choice does not impact his girlfriend's choice, so if Kaya watches a tape, Valerie can still elect not to watch. Mark reads the tape titles : "Flesh Parade", "Jacuzzi Jump" and "Make him do Anything I Want". The random titles do not indicate which girlfriend is featured on which tape. So if Billy elects to watch a tape, there's no guarantee it will feature Mandy -- he might see Valerie or Shannon instead. And if, for example, he decides not to watch a tape, he might deprive Andy of seeing Shannon. Since the guys have always watched each other's tapes together, the choice is all or nothing by default. Kaya goes first. Handing the decision to fate, Kaya asks Mark to shuffle the tapes, and then he grabs one. It's "Flesh Parade," which is part of the "costume" pageant that the single guys performed for the ladies on the beach. The clip features Sean, the massage therapist, seemingly flashing the girls. Ironically, Billy dismisses the viewing experience as "painless," while Andy remarks on how much their ladies seemed to enjoy it. Next, Andy selects "Make Him do Anything I Want," which features Shannon in a hot tub with Sean. She brags that she is wearing Sean's two blocking bracelets, so he is going to have to do anything she wants him to do in order to get them back from her. Sean points out the massage table is "right over there." Kaya goes last, and they all see "Jacuzzi Jump." This time Valerie and Charlie stand on the edge of the hot tub while Mandy, Shannon and the singles chant their names encouraging them to jump in together. The crowd goes wild as Valerie begins to remove her pants and reveals her thong. Chickening out, she decides to leap in with her pants on. In Mark's presence, the guys appear content with the fact that the ladies are having a good time as they have encouraged them to do. As the bonfire winds down, Mark announces there will be no opportunity to communicate with video messages tonight. Before they leave, he mentions that there are two more dates to go -- one date tomorrow and then the final date. The final date will be a special, romantic experience; However, Mark explains, "You can only go on that date with somebody you've already dated."

Mandy, Valerie, and Shannon arrive at the bonfire. They accept their boyfriends' challenge and unanimously agree to lift the dating blocks for the fellows. When Mark describes the option to watch video clips of the late night fun at their boyfriends' resort, the ladies are suspicious, but their expressions appear a little mischievous tonight. Mark reads the titles, "Sex Advice," "Striptease," and "Hammock Ride." Before he can finish reading, Valerie whispers to her friends, "We're watching the tapes," and Mandy agrees, "Let's watch it." Having immediate second thoughts, Valerie begs off and makes Shannon choose first. Shannon resists, telling Mark that she feels peer pressure to watch. In the end, Shannon selects what sounds like a harmless tape, "Sex Advice." The three women bicker about what they've embarked on with this choice, but now it's too late. They watch a clip where Andy, Kaya, and Taheed bash Mandy for doing the body shot with Johnny. They hope that Billy seeks revenge with Vanessa the cowgirl because, as Kaya whoops, "It's time for the rodeo!" Valerie and Shannon are clueless, but Mandy knows what this conversation is all about. She suspects that Billy has sought revenge for her actions with a girl that he likes. Without even a pause, Mandy's anger makes her bold and she demands, "I want to see another one." She selects "Striptease." Unfortunately, the clip is about Billy again. Mandy watches him perform the sexy pseudo striptease in the bar for Vanessa and the single girls.

When it's over, she tries to laugh it off, but she can't suppress her anger. Last, Valerie is left with "Hammock Ride." The tape shows Andy as he lies in a hammock with Megan, caressing her legs. Shannon's eyes well up with tears. Her goal all along has been not to have a mental picture of what her man's been up to. Now she has a visual and it upsets her, despite Mandy and Valerie's apologies for dragging her into it. In contrast to their partners, the women are all much more disturbed by the videos they've watched than the men were. Mark informs the ladies that they will not be able to communicate via video messages tonight. The last order of business has to do with the next two dates. Just as he did with the men, Mark explains that the final date is a late night date. Making the experience even more intense, Mark explains that date can only be with someone they have dated once before. The women head back to the boat with a lot to digest.

After the bonfire, Shannon, Mandy and Valerie walk across the beach into the darkness. They only get a few steps away from the fire pit before major anxiety flares up. Valerie worries that since Kaya was urging Billy to get revenge for Mandy's hanky-panky with Johnny, he might be inclined to get revenge for something he has seen her do in the after-hours partying. Valerie suspects that Kaya saw the jump into the hot tub. Shannon worries that her hot tub antics have gotten back to Andy too. Mandy is affected worst of all. She has seen a side of Billy that she has never seen before and it causes her anxiety to spin out of control. She wrings her hands and tells the girls that this could be the end of her and Billy's relationship. Back inside the boat, Mandy reaches her crisis point. She leaps off the boat and runs back to the resort. She cries inconsolably in the bathroom…she is in deeper than she ever imagined.
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