Temptation Island

Season 3 Episode 6

Episode 306

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

After the last bonfire, the girls went back to Palmetto and Melissa was the most upset over what she saw and heard from Michael's video. Melissa took off her necklace and dropped it in Giulio's shirt pocket. Stephanie was also upset about what she saw in Anthony's tape. She said it reminded her of when she and Anthony fell in love. She was talking to Jeff by the pool and told him how she missed when Anthony felt the same way about her as he clearly did about Ashley.The next day at Luna, the boys began contemplating who they wanted to pick for their final dates. Michael, surprisingly said that he may pick Ida for his final date and not Tiffany. Mark called everyone together and told the guys they needed to pick their final dates. Mark told them that the dates were overnight dates and were truly "awesome." Eric chose first and he selected Ida. But Ida denied him and forced Eric to sit back down while the other guys selected their dates. Jason then selected his date. He chose Amy and she accepted. Anthony, to no surprise, chose Ashley for his final date and she obviously accepted as well. The moment of truth then came for Michael and he ended up selecting Ida and not Tiffany. Tiffany felt that she and Michael had the stronger connection and felt that he chose Ida for a ridiculous reason. She didn't think he was true to his feelings.

Back to Eric, he finally chose Kaileen because he didn't make a true connection with any of the women. Over at Palmetto, the girls had to choose their final dates as well. Kara chose first and selected Ian for her final date. Melissa went second and chose Jerome for her final date. Stephanie went third and selected Jeff for her final date. Kristin went last and selected Ryan for her final date. Back at Luna, the final dates began. The boys all had romantic dinners with their dates and discussed what was going to happen over the next 48 hours. The next day, the final dates officially began. Michael was saying that if he's going to take something to the next level, he needed to have that complete connection. Anthony and Ashley took a helicopter to Antigua, Guatemala and they were both blown away. Ashley said this was the kind of place she'd want to go on a honeymoon. Anthony said he found himself comparing her more and more to Stephanie. On Stephanie's final date, she and Jeff went to Jaguar Paw in Belize. They swam and intertubed through caves. On Kristin's final date, she and Ryan went snorkeling in Cayos Cochinos. Kristin said that it's been a long two weeks though and she was excited to see Eric.

On Eric's final date, he and Kaileen went to the Mayan Ruins of Copan, Honduras. Kaileen knew however that Eric was simply counting down the minutes to see Kristin. On Jason's final date, he and Amy went scuba diving in Guanaja, Honduras. Jason said whoever gets Amy as a girlfriend is going to be a very lucky guy. Jason said it was the best time he'd had since being there. On Kara's final date, she and Ian went to Chan Chich Lodge in Belize. They hiked through ancient tombs and got freaked out by the bats. On Michael's final date, he and Ida went white water rafting in Pico Bondito, Honduras. Michael said Ida is the kind of girl he could take home to his parents. He said she is perfect. Ida said that she and Michael have a good start to a relationship. On Melissa's final date, she and Jerome went to Maruba Jungle Spa in Belize. They did mud treatments and were painted. Jerome said the place was very erotic and sensual. Melissa said there were physical and emotional sparks with Jerome. Melissa was very happy to be away from everything, all the drama, etc. They did shots together and Melissa said she didn't regret anything. Michael and Ida had a nice dinner and got to know each other on a really personal level. Michael said that he had been with Melissa for two years and when it came time to go to bed, Michael couldn't go through with cheating on his girlfriend. Ida was disappointed.

Eric and Kaileen meanwhile, had a nice dinner together, but he was very eager for it to end because he still wanted to get back to Kristin. Ryan told Kristin that if she didn't have a boyfriend, he would pursue her. Ryan was disheartened that there wasn't anything he could do about his feelings for her. Kristin said she didn't find any temptation on the island and nothing could draw her away from Eric. Jason told Amy at dinner that for the first time, he really thought he could spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend. Kara on the other hand, wasn't as sure as Jason and told Ian on her date that her mind was opened to a lot of other possibilities and things going on in the world. Jeff and Stephanie's dinner was in a cave. Jeff said they got pretty physical after the dinner with lots of hugging and handholding. At the end of the date however, they parted ways and Jeff said he respected Stephanie for keeping up her guard.

Dinner with Ashley and Anthony was very romantic. There were flower pedals everywhere and Anthony finally opened up to Ashley. After the dinner, they went back to Ashley's room and they kissed throughout the night. Ashley said she was falling in love with him. The next day, Anthony and Ashley discussed what they were going to do after the show. Anthony said he was excited because it was going to be a new beginning. Melissa said that saying goodbye to Jerome was going to be hard and dealing with Michael was going to be harder. Stephanie said that her experience with Jeff had been an emotional rollercoaster but she wouldn't change anything because of how much she learned. Michael said that Ida had tremendous qualities but he's in love with his girlfriend and couldn't wait to be back with her. Everyone returned back to the island and Kara especially wondered what the experience did for Jason. Mark brought the girls together and told them they had 5-10 final minutes before the singles would leave and they would go to the final bonfire. Kara was worried about the bonfire, while Stephanie and Jeff embraced and Melissa and Jerome soaked up their last moments together in a paddle boat. Melissa said she didn't want to go to the bonfire, but instead wanted to stay on the island with Jerome. Over at Luna, the guys took a few final moments with their single girls before they went to the final bonfire. Ashley broke down crying before Anthony left.

At the final bonfire, Jason met up with Mark first. He waited patiently for Kara as Mark talked to him about his experience. Mark said he really watched Jason grow up over the time. Jason said he finally saw what he needed to change, his anger, etc. in order to better himself for his girlfriend and their life together. Mark then brought Kara down to the bonfire and told Jason to wait off so he could talk to her privately as well. He asked Kara what her thoughts were. She said she really missed him but the one thing she took from this experience was that she needed her independence in order to bring the most to any relationship. When Jason and Kara finally came together, Jason spoke first and told her how much he missed her. He also told her how he learned about himself and wanted to be with her. Kara then told Jason that she knew she wanted to be with him, but she learned that she needed her independence and that she needed a breather and should be on her own. Jason said that he felt the opposite of what she said, but he respected how she felt, and if that's what she wanted than that's what they'll do. Mark then told them they were done and to have a safe trip home.

Next up at bonfire, Michael came down to talk to Mark. Mark asked him what he was going to say to Melissa. Michael said he wanted to move forward with his relationship and was ready to get engaged. Melissa then came down to talk to Mark privately as well. He asked her how she was feeling and Melissa said she was overwhelmed. Melissa said she didn't want to waste any more time with a boyfriend if he didn't want to settle down. When Mark brought them both together, Melissa spoke first. She told Michael that the video clips that she saw were shocking and it was hard for her to watch. After that she started to let her guard down and followed her heart. Michael said on the flip side he saw video of her that he didn't like either. He also said that he didn't pick Tiffany on his final date because Melissa was the one for him. He then asked her what she wanted to do. She said she met somebody else and doesn't think they should be together anymore. Michael was in total shock and didn't know what to say. Michael then said he had nothing left to say and walked off without Melissa. Melissa said that it hurt right then but she was glad to find out about him now and not later.

Eric was next to arrive at final bonfire. Eric said he was incredibly excited to see Kristin and said that the future was only looking brighter for the two of them. Kristin then joined Mark and told him she also couldn't wait to see Eric and hoped that their future is now stronger as a result of the show. When they were brought together they both affirmed each others feelings for how much they love and want to be together.

Anthony was brought down to the bonfire and told Mark that he had no regrets. He also said that he learned a lot about himself. He said that he just wanted to see Stephanie. Stephanie then came down and told Mark that she was nervous and didn't know what she was going to say to him. Mark brought them together and Stephanie said that after seeing all that Anthony had done on his bonfire clips that he hadn't touched her and looked at her in that way in such a long time. She said it made her happy to see how happy he was in the clips and that all she wanted was for him to be happy and she didn't know if she made him happy. Anthony just wanted her to be honest with herself. They both cried and decided that it may be best if they broke up.

After the show, Kara and Jason got back together. Melissa and Michael remained friends but are still broken up. Stephanie and Anthony began their new lives apart and Eric and Kristin remain happily together.

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