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    • Power Dating
      Power Dating
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Tempers flare as Taheed fails to send Ytossie a video message, while Billy gets an eyeful of Mandy's too-sexy date with poet Johnny at the bonfire. Also, power dating sets up Valerie with PR guy Matt, Shannon with talent manager Charlie and Andy with very aggressive guitarist Carla... much to Shannon's dismay.moreless
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Taheed and Ytossie's secret lands them a trip off the island; Mandy loses her cool after Billy bares nearly all during a visit to Vanessa's cabana; and Kaya is none too thrilled at Val's risque dip in the Jacuzzi. Meanwhile, the guys hook Andy up with his dream girl for a triple date with his fellow frisky islanders.moreless
    • Date Sabotage
      Date Sabotage
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      The four couples split up and head off to opposite sides of the Playa Tambor resort to meet the singles.
    • Journey into the Garden...
      Journey into the Garden...
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Four couples head to Costa Rica, where they are sent to opposite ends of the island to spend three weeks with 26 sexy singles out to lead them astray.
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      After a final date with their selected singles, the remaining couples reunite to decide the fate of their relationships. Meanwhile, Ytossie and Taheed come to a decision about the future of their own family.
    • Episode 205
      Episode 205
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      The show opens at Tambor Tropical in the morning with Edmundo and Hilary. In an interview, both of them admit that they have made a good connection with each other. Hilary acknowledges that Edmundo is everything that she would want in a man. Later that morning the coupled guys at Tambor Tropical are informed that they can view their video messages. John is elated. He makes a solemn walk through the driftwood gates and down the shoreline. John knows that being able to see Shannon's video message is the most intimate contact they have had in a week. John watches Shannon's message, which says that their relationship is built on trust. She tells him that they have a strong core and to remember that they trust one another. This overt use of the word trust displays her insecurity about John making connections with the singles. Shannon walks to the lookout over Tango Mar. John's video message explains why he did not watch the bonfire tape showing the single's telling the couples who they were attracted to and why. This meant that she could not watch his tape. John takes the last 5 seconds to tell Shannon that he loves her. From this message, Shannon thinks that something is missing. She is scared because she does not know what is going on over at Tambor Tropical. In Catherine's message to Edmundo she tells him that he is her "personal legend." She is emotion drenched and adds that he is also her prince. She ends the message with their inside verbiage, "besos," which means kisses. Edmundo reacts to this message by saying that he feels the message was both frightening and compelling. He knows that she might not accept all the things that he's done. In Edmundo's message, he tells Catherine to look into his eyes. He asks her to remember what he is feeling and continues, "I'm having innocent fun, be true to yourself." She recognizes the sadness in his eyes and this makes her worry. She says that she would truly give anything to see him. Tommy views Nikkole's video message. Nikkole says that this is all a bit gut wrenching, but she is making good friends on her side of the island. She hopes that Tommy does not make a big connection with any one girl. Tommy thinks that by her voice and what she said, Nikkole is ready to go home. He remembers that he did not send her a message, but assures himself that she knows he cares. When Nikkole finds an empty box and no video message, she is visibly disappointed. Contrary to what Tommy thought, Nikkole has no clue why Tommy did not send her a message. It is tough and she gets the feeling that Tommy does not care at all. When Tony goes to view his video message he is met by the host Mark. Mark informs Tony that Genevieve did leave a message, but due to the nature of the content, he would have to view it at a more appropriate time. This is all Mark tells Tony. Mark also meets Genevieve when she goes to the lookout to find her message. Mark tells her that she has an important meeting to go to. The rest of the day Tony is confused and worried. His mind spins as he talks with the other guys and the single girls about what Genevieve could possibly have said that would bar him from viewing the tape. Tony says that he does not want to appear weak or vulnerable, but he wants some answers. At Tango Mar, everyone is involved in a beach side cookout, except Genevieve. Shannon is worried. She thinks that her and Genevieve mesh well together. She knows that Genevieve never came back after they went to view their messages earlier that morning. Catherine suspects that Genevieve is off the island. Girls go to bonfire first. Mark says that although today was a bit crazy, all the answers will be explained in time. Mark does let them know that Genevieve will not be here tonight. Mark reiterates that bonfire is always about personal choice. Tonight they have the opportunity to view their boyfriend in a group interaction with the single girls. If they choose to watch it has no bearing on if their boyfriends will watch. Catherine goes first and she wants to see the tape. As soon as the screen opens she watches Amanda dancing with Edmundo. Edmundo kisses her. Catherine is stunned. She looks over at Shannon, who appears to be smiling. Catherine shoots her a look as her shock turns to sadness. Mark asks if she is okay, and she first replies "yes," and then "no, it is not okay." She says, "that was not Edmundo, that is not the guy I know." Mark explains to Catherine that the context behind the video is missing. Shannon agrees and asks the other girls not to watch her video. She thinks that reality and perception are two different things and that is why she does not want any of their opinions. In her video she sees John dancing on top of the beach bar. He is surrounded by tons of girls. Contrary to Catherine's experience, Shannon thinks that it was cool to see a glimpse of what is going on at Tambor Tropical. Nikkole knows that her video is going to be the worst. As she opens the player, she exclaims, "I knew it. I told yah." She watches Tommy dancing with Kristen and kissing her. Nikkole thinks that from the beginning Tommy never appreciated what a great woman she is. If this is what he wants then fine. She thinks this process is much worse because she is clueless as to when and where this happened. She remembers that Tommy did not leave a message either. She thinks things are only going to get worse. On the guys boat ride over to bonfire, John is angry that Tony was left in the dark all day after not receiving his video message. Edmundo is anxious, fearing that something is going down. When they arrive at bonfire, Mark explains the bonfire choices and tells Tony that tonight he will go last. John is asked to go first and he takes a while to think over his choice. He decides that he does not want to watch the video. Mark asks John for his reasoning and John says he would rather have Shannon tell him about it later. John knows that seeing Shannon party is his Achilles heel. At least when she parties at home, she'll end up at home. Here on the island, every night she'll end up away from John. Tommy's curiosity makes him watch. He chooses to share the video with the other guys. They see Nikkole getting massaged by three guys. Tommy C. being the most prominent. John says that the video affects all of them since it is clear that all of their girlfriends are getting massaged. The video makes Tommy nervous. Watching someone else touching his girlfriend is not an easy pill to swallow. He concludes this is not a pretty sight. Edmundo chooses to watch. He sees Catherine getting a massage also. He does not like what he sees, but he is more concerned with what Catherine might see. Mark answers that she might have already seen it. Edmundo retreats to the idea that he is just having innocent fun. Tony goes last after Mark excuses everyone else. Mark tells Tony that now is the appropriate time for him to view Genevieve's video message. Tony grabs the viewer and tunes in. Genevieve says that last year when Tony proposed to her at the Vatican, she was not ready to get married and it made her mind spin. It gave her doubts and made her think about the finality of marriage. Then the opportunity to come to Temptation Island seemed like a gift from god, it was meant to be. But now, in just a short time, she has realized what a fool she was to let him get away. She does not want another day to pass by without seeing Tony. She asks him if he would make her the happiest girl in the world and be her husband. Mark tells Tony that he can arrange to have Genevieve here at bonfire if he wants to talk with her face to face. Tony agrees. Genevieve enters bonfire and Tony proceeds to tell her that today was the toughest afternoon he has ever endured. He starts off by describing his experience on the island. He learned a lot about himself. His list of goals did not have a relationship on it. After seeing Genevieve's message, Tony decides that he wants to make their relationship his number one priority. He wants to end this journey and "Yes" he wants to marry her.moreless
    • Episode 304
      Episode 304
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      We began this week with more date selection. We saw the girls go first and it seemed that there was some tension between them by who they selected on their dates. To everyone's surprise, Stephanie picked Jeff for her date. They went on a canoe ride and also had a nice meal together. They seemed to really hit it off and both commented on how easy it was to talk to each other. Jeff seemed to forget Kara's name altogether. Kristin and Derrick went horseback riding together and ended up having a picnic. Kristin said she had great conversations although it seemed she did all of the talking. Derrick said he wasn't looking forward to dating her again. Melissa picked Sterling to go on a date with. She ended up telling Sterling that she had feelings for Jerome. Sterling told Melissa to just go with her instincts even though most people are telling her not to go with Jerome.

      Kara picked Giulio for her date. The date was more of a "friends" date, because neither Giulio nor Kara had any physical or emotional attraction for the other. Kara simply picked Giulio because she knew she'd have a great time with him. Back at Luna, everyone was partying again. Michael was worried about the rift between Tiffany and Sandra. Sandra decided to lay it on the line with Michael but he was upset with how she confronted him and thought she was getting a little crazy. He said he got along best with Tiffany and decided to stick with her. Tiffany remarked that there must be something wrong with his relationship because of how close he's getting to her. She also said she could definitely see herself with Michael.

      Anthony's relationship with Ida was changing also. Anthony showed interest in Ashley so Ida said she was going to back off. Anthony and Ashley hung out a lot more and ended up on the hammock together late at night. Anthony put the pillow over their heads and speculation ran wild. In the morning, the boys strolled in slowly and were told that something important was going to go down. As it happened, they had to vote off more women. Mark told the guys they had to make the numbers smaller so he asked them to vote off two of them. The boys deliberated and decided to send home Melanie and Kristin. The two girls weren't really fitting in with the group and they didn't seem too disappointed to leave.

      Over at Palmetto, Melissa was struggling with who she wanted to vote off. Everyone wanted Jerome to go, but Melissa was still hesitating. At the vote off, Melissa ended up saving Jerome and then broke down in tears as the girls sent home Chris to the group's dismay. After the vote off, Melissa and Jerome went off together to spend more time getting to know each other. Over at Luna, the guys prepared to go to Bonfire. At the Bonfire, Mark told the guys that their women will have to watch their clips, but the guys would not. Eric decided not to watch the tape. Anthony decided to watch. He saw Stephanie hanging out more with Derrick and walking alone on the beach with him. Anthony said Derrick is nothing but Stephanie is there to find things out about herself.

      Mark then asked Jason who decided to pass on watching his clip. Michael on the other hand said he wanted to see it no matter what. He saw Melissa hanging out with Jerome and he also found out that she took her necklace off. Michael said he didn't believe the necklace thing but he can't say for sure because he wasn't over there. At the Girls' bonfire, Mark told them they have to watch a "must play" clip. The girls watched their boyfriends partying at their resort. Kristin was disappointed in seeing Eric smoke. But Melissa was the most disappointed when she saw Michael getting very close with Tiffany. She tossed her necklace into the sand and broke down crying. Stephanie said she didn't know what to feel though when she saw Anthony hanging out so much with Ashley.moreless

    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      The final date selection finds the guys at odds over the same woman, who ends up locking lips with Kaya; Mandy and Val step off so Shannon can have date her dream man; Billy chooses Vanessa for a fantasy trip to the island's ruins; and Andy has a hard time dealing with a rash of rejections. Meanwhile, the stakes are raised as the couples prepare to send 12 of the singles home.moreless
    • Goodbye Singles/Hello Final Date
      Goodbye Singles/Hello Final Date
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      As the couples embark on their dream dates with the selected singles, Taheed and Ytossie decide the fate of their romance. Meanwhile, Andy turns into a cad after Kaya's fantasy comes true; Shannon opens up to Tom; Val has no time to entertain Danno; Mandy makes it clear she's up for anything with Jon; and Billy has a hard time saying “no” to Vanessa.moreless
    • Episode 303
      Episode 303
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      After the last bonfire, the Couples began opening up more to the Singles on both sides of the island. The guys reminisced about what they saw. Anthony in particular was upset about Stephanie being close to Derrick. Jason remarked about seeing Kara with Jeff. He said he was frustrated but he felt like it was a chance for a new start. The Couple Guys were allowed to choose their dates this time and Michael chose Sandra. They went out on a boat and had great conversations and really seemed to hit it off. There was a lot of flirtation and sexual innuendo. Anthony chose Ida on his date. They went canopying through the jungle and had an incredible time flying through the trees. Anthony and Ida then went on a picnic and seemed to have a really nice time. Anthony said it was one of the best dates he had ever been on.

      Eric chose Amy for his date. They went out on a boat as well, but we don't see much as they both exclaim their mutual attraction for one another. Jason took Erryn on his date. Jason started to come out of his shell a little and Erryn worked hard to get him to open up. They seemed to connect a little and Jason's date was clearly better this time. After the dates, Luna at night turned a little crazy. The girls decided to have a lingerie party for the boys. All the girls came out one by one and stripped for the men in skimpy outfits. As a result of the party, everyone – especially Jason, finally opened up and all the guys and girls had a great party. Jason, in retaliation of his girlfriend, decided to have a chicken fight with Erryn on his head. Meanwhile, Sandra and Tiffany began to get into a little competition over Michael. Although, Michael's interest seemed to lie with Tiffany instead.

      Over at Palmetto, a lot of tension was building with the Single Guys. So the Single Guys tried to break the ice by playing truth or dare. The game ended fairly quickly though and tensions rose again.There was a particular problem between Jeff and Jerome. Jerome called Jeff out for talking trash about Ian. The Girls didn't know what to think and Melissa said they should just vote off everyone who was fighting because she doesn't want to deal with it. The day after the fight, everyone changed and was being very polite for fear of being voted off. Kristin said that the people who caused drama were going to be the first to go. At the vote off however, the girls actually went at each other when deciding who to kick off. Jerome and Jeff both ended up being saved. The other girls couldn't believe that Melissa saved Jerome. In the end, the girls wind up kicking off John and Ryan M. The other Single Guys were upset with the decision to keep Jerome around as well. But Melissa wanted to give him another chance. Back at Luna, the drama between Sandra and Tiffany continued. Sandra was crying because Michael wasn't paying her enough attention.

      The girls started speculating who was going to be voted off first. Mark brought the boys out to choose who they wanted to save first. In the end, the boys voted off Corie, Tanaya and Kelly Anne. Back at Palmetto, the girls talked about whether they'll watch Bonfire video or not. At the Bonfire, Mark told the girls that the video is of their boyfriends spending a lot of time with a particular girl. Kristin declined to watch again. Stephanie also declined to watch. But then she turned around and watched it anyway. The clip she saw was Anthony on his date with Ida. She was upset when Anthony said it was one of the nicest dates he had ever been on. Kara decided to watch the video as well. She saw Jason having fun in the pool with Erryn and flirting with her at the bar. Kara was happy to see that he finally came out of his shell a bit. She didn't have any real concerns though.

      On to Melissa, whose clip is never good, she decided to watch again. She saw Michael hanging out a lot with Tiffany, touching her, walking off with her, etc. She was clearly upset though and thought he was doing more of the tempting then being tempted. She just wanted to know what he was thinking. When the girls went back to Palmetto, Melissa decided to warm up to Jerome a lot more. Kara and Jeff also walked off together and ended up in her room at night.moreless

    • Episode 203
      Episode 203
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      The third episode begins with Catherine's tearful reaction to bonfire. Hilary's reference to kissing Edmundo makes Catherine realize that he may already be making serious connections on the other side of the island. Nikkole comments on how Catherine looks at this whole experience as a way to make Edmundo appreciate Catherine. The reality of being separated from their partners begins to set in. The next morning, Power Dating takes place poolside at Tambor Tropical. Each of the coupled people sits across from the singles and engages in a conversation with each of them individually for two minutes. These mini dates take place like musical chairs with each of the singles rotating down the line when they hear the drum bang. Tommy asks the same question every time, "if you were a flavor of ice cream, which would you be, chocolate or vanilla. Tony seems to ask the most genuine questions, and Linda responds by saying that she would like to go out on a date with him. Nayla straight out says that her dream date would not be with Tony. When it comes time to match up the dates, Genevieve and Catherine both have the same first choice, Tom A. Mark congratulates Tom A. and asks him to step forward. Mark leaves it up to Tom A. to decide whom he wants to date. Genevieve says that this is exactly what she didn't want. In a surprising choice Tom A. steps behind Genevieve and accepts her date. Catherine's second choice is Jeff, giving him the second date in as many attempts. Nikkole's first choice is Ali, the self-proclaimed "pro basketball player." In an interview Ali is very modest and says that no one knows each other well enough so Tommy has no need to be nervous… yet. Shannon's first choice is Rossi. For the coupled guys, Tommy's first choice is Kishi. Edmundo's first choice is Tiffani. Tiffani admits that she is really attracted to Edmundo because he is deep and mysterious. Tony's first choice is Linda. John's first choice is Nayla. Nayla is attracted to John. At the conclusion of Power Dating all the singles breathe easy knowing that there is not a vote-off. The coupled girls leave to head back to Tango Mar to get ready for their dates. Smooth talking Tom A. finds Catherine on the beach and tries to smooth things over about choosing Genevieve. He thinks that he was put in a hard situation in front of everyone. Tom A. convinces Catherine that she is much more modest than Genevieve and that he knew she would handle the rejection better and not take any sort of offense to his choice. Tom A. tells Catherine that she does not have an ego as Genevieve does. In interview Tom A. says that he thinks Catherine bought it. On their second date, Shannon and Rossi go sailing on a boat ironically named The Shannon. Rossi says that he wants things to develop with Shannon and tells her that on their date. He urges her to try not to talk about John and just focus on him. Nayla and John start their date on a river tour down the Braullo rainforest. Nayla calls John out on his arrogant and nonchalant way of treating the temptresses. She wants to be out with a gentleman and sarcastically says that when he is out with a girl that he likes and he sees her having trouble stepping up a big stair he should automatically put his hand out to help her. John quickly responds, "rough it up honey." Edmundo and Tiffani traverse through a butterfly botanical garden. Edmundo admits that he chose Tiffani because she has had different life experiences. He thinks that she is intelligent and well educated. Tiffani says that they will connect because she is real and she can show him things that he'll desire in a woman. Tiffani thinks that Edmundo is a dream date and that he is settling by staying committed to Catherine. As night falls towards the end of the date, they snuggle close together in a hammock. Catherine and Jeff ride horseback down the beach. While they maintain an appearance that they are having fun, Jeff concedes that the date went too long. Catherine sees through Jeff and she says he is not like his good boy image. Tommy and Kishi hike to the La Paz waterfall. Standing next to the pouring falls, Tommy says that there is nowhere else in the world that he would rather be right now. Nikkole and Ali hand feed baby monkeys at the Curu Wildlife Refuge. Ali admits that Nikkole is a lot prettier after spending more times with her and he notices her exotic look. Genevieve and Tom A. scuba dive in front of Barcelo Tambor. Genevieve proclaims that Tom A. is everything that Tony is not. She says that they have the most fun just goofing off. Tom A. says that Genevieve is a little selfish and she did not even once ask about him during the date. At dinner, Genevieve casually tells Tom A. that she is fixed. He asks, like a dog? She always wanted to get her tubes tied at 25 and she has no regrets. After hearing this news, Tom A. visibly loses any attraction to Genevieve. Linda and Tony get to experience the infamous Titi zip lines. These wire cables run hundreds of feet long atop the tropical rainforest. As the two sail past the canopy top, they can see colorful birds and howling monkeys hiding in the trees. At a lobster dinner, Tony tells Linda that while growing up he always expected to have a normal life with 2.5 kids, a mini van and a white picket fence. Linda thinks that Tony has serious issues with Genevieve not wanting to bear children because he paused for a long time when she asked if he wanted kids. Linda decides that Tony has a fear of being alone. Tony ends up philosophizing about the sad implications of fate that some of the most important things in life are decided for you. When Edmundo and Tiffani get back to Tambor Tropical from their date, they hear pounding music and have the immediate feeling that they missed something. They come home to a raging mobile discoteque, complete with an imported DJ. A comfortable atmosphere has everyone fall into place and let loose dancing on top of the pool bridge. Hilary reveals that she has been thinking about Edmundo all the time. At the bar she seductively licks his neck. Then, Amanda steals Edmundo's attention by kissing him and shoots Hilary a predatory look. Hilary is crestfallen and runs off towards the beach. She cries as she admits that she does not want to share Edmundo with the rest of the temptresses. The next morning Edmundo wakes up from a deep slumber to find a note on his pillow. The note is from Amanda who writes about not having regrets and just living this experience in the moment. This time the guys go first to bonfire. They have the choice to watch a videotape of a single guy describing his attraction to one of their girlfriends. In addition they will watch a single girl tell them why she is attracted to them. The choice remains: if they watch, then their girlfriend must also watch the tape. If they do not watch then their girlfriend can not view the tape. Tony chooses to watch. He sees Ali call Genevieve G- Funk and say that their outgoing qualities match. Tony responds that Ali is just a jokester. Tommy sees fireman Tommy C. talk to Nikkole. Tommy admits that he is concerned that things between them might start to happen. Edmundo watches the So Cal smooth player Tom A. give a powerful speech affirming his connection with Catherine. Tom A. says that he has sorted through all the girls and now knows everyone. He connects with Catherine the most and wants to develop a life-long relationship with her. Tom A. tells Catherine that her smile kills him. Edmundo cringes while watching the tape. Sincere words are hard to swallow. The coupled guys fear Tom A.'s way with words. John does not want to watch the tape. He thinks that this part of the process will drive him up the wall. They are also given the chance to record a video message. This is an unedited message to their partner on the other side of the island. When given the choice all the guys opt to leave a message except Tommy. He thinks that it would not be the best time for him to communicate with Nikkole. After bonfire they walk down the beach and Edmundo can see through Tom A.'s bull and John says that Tom A. is a well-spoken player. At the women's bonfire, Nikkole remains emotionless when she sees Kristen S. talk about her first date with Tommy. Kristin G. purrs and says that she thinks Tommy is special. Nikkole says that if Tommy goes for her, then he goes for her. Genevieve sees Donna talk to Tony and say all the same things that she loves about him. Catherine views Tiffani saying that she really enjoyed her date with Edmundo. Shannon is happy that she did not have to watch. She tells Mark that John did not want her to watch because his biggest fear going into this was hurting her. All the girls decide to leave a video message. Catherine says as she walks away from bonfire down the beach that she will lose it if Edmundo makes a physical or emotional connection.moreless
    • Episode 306
      Episode 306
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Mark gathers the four couples together for one last bonfire, where each pair decide the fate of their romance. In addition, the leftover singles have their say about the ones that got away.
    • The Blind Date
      The Blind Date
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Tensions among the couples begin to show as each of them are set up on blind dates with the sexy single islander of their choice. Later, significant others are offered a chance to view a videotape of their mate's date.
    • Episode 210
      Episode 210
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      The show opens with the coupled women at bonfire. Mark W. gives them the choice to watch their boyfriends caught unaware on tape by the surveillance or night vision cameras. Mark W. offers Shannon the choice to go first. She protests and tells him that she went first last time. Mark says that because she is so good at it, she can go first again. Nikkole reminds Shannon to watch her video without headphones so the others can see. This time, Shannon agrees to share her tape with others and they all see Nayla lying on top of John in bed. John and Nayla hug for a moment and then John gently caresses her stomach. Shannon responds with, "That is exactly what I thought. I would not expect anything less from John." Shannon feels bad for Nayla because she thought it looked like Nayla was upset and John was consoling her. Shannon perceives that John is answering questions about their relationship, and she feels bad for Nayla who might be getting hurt in the process. Catherine goes next and also decides to let the whole group view her tape. She sees Edmundo and Linda standing close in each others' arms inside the beach bar. Edmundo tells Linda, "I think of you differently. I kissed you. I held you. I swam in the same water as you. I don't think of you as a sister or mother. I am attracted to you. You are separate from the other girls." Catherine is left drained and emotionless because she thinks that Edmundo is acting like a fool. Catherine wishes that Edmundo would present himself better. Kelley is next and she views a clip of Mark and Debbie lying close in a hammock. Mark asks why her heart is beating so fast, and Debbie points out that it is his heart that is pounding. Then they kiss. Kelley reports that it was hard to watch, "they were kissing and enjoying each other's company. But that's acceptable…here." Catherine interjects that she is dating an idiot. But Nikkole reminds everyone that they have not seen Tommy yet. Nikkole is next and she wants everyone to watch. The women see Tommy in night vision and Nikkole believes he is about to get intimate with someone. But Nikkole is not as upset as she thought she'd be. She thinks this is because she has made a similar connection on her side of the island. Mark W. leaves the ladies with two thoughts about their boyfriends. Who is the person they came here with? And what originally attracted them in the first place? Then he reminds them that their next big event will be their final date selections. As the girls walk down the beach, Shannon's thoughts run wild. Shannon and Nikkole discuss what they saw on Tommy's tape. Nikkole reassures herself that her guy, Tommy C. looks better than Tommy's girl, Kristen S. All the girls agree. Shannon reassures everyone that she thinks Nayla was crying and John was wiping her tears. At Tambor Tropical the guys are very heated up after what they saw at bonfire. John tries to give Tommy and Edmundo different angles to help them digest the feelings they are manifesting. Edmundo originally thought that Catherine was the naïve one in their relationship. But he admits that this experience is very difficult and he never thought this would entail this big of an emotional roller coaster. Tommy is very pissed off and is very disturbed. He theorizes that Nikkole is either pissed at him or feels guilty for something she has done because she refused to look at him at the last few poolside events. Tommy knows that he has kissed girls but not to the degree that he saw Nikkole. Edmundo and Tommy vent in their room and take off their beaded necklaces, renouncing the constant reminder of their girlfriends. Over at Tango Mar, Mark W. walks into the beach side festivities and brings the coupled women news that nothing else on their side of the island will be shown to their boyfriends. This translates into no more bonfires until the final bonfire. Then he reminds them that this is the last night for many of the single guys and the final date selects are coming soon. He advises them to make the most of their last night as a group. Tom A. tells everyone that his schedule is clear for a final date and he's feeling frisky. The group lapses into a comfortable party eventually leading them to a night swim session in the ocean. Brian pries too much into Catherine and Edmundo's relationship instead of furthering his relationship with her. Catherine does not want to make a final decision yet because she knows that her experience on the island is far from over. This makes Brian and the other single guys feel bad for her. The sentiments are similar at Tambor Tropical. Everyone realizes that this is their last night as a group together. They embrace each other and decide to just have fun. They gear up with glow sticks, colorful boas and masks and move their dance party down to the shoreline. Katie recounts that they all just let loose . Tommy realizes that his initial instinct was to get even with Nikkole but he does not think he is going to take that route. John has come to realize that emotional attachments are stronger than physical ones for him. He is also disappointed in himself that he judged a lot of these people before he knew them. Finally, Mark starts to reflect on his relationship with Debbie. He knows that he has had a strong connection with her, and this scares him. He did not think that he would bond so well with someone and he assumes that Kelley has not had that yet. But as the end draws near, his thoughts are drifting out of the moment and back to Kelley. At Tango Mar the partying also escalates. Kelley and Ali blossom into an unexpected pair. After their date they both have made an effort to get to know each other better. Ali is happily surprised. In a hammock they make out. Kelley is very seduced by Ali's eyes. The guys' final "Dream Date" select takes place at the gates of the Tambor beach. Since Magalie was voted out earlier, the guys get to choose between Jocelyn, Linda, Debbie, Kristen S., Katie, Nayla, Amanda, and Caneel. Edmundo draws the first number and he gets to choose first. He tells everyone that he feels very comfortable with his choice. He found a great woman and connected on many levels with her. He walks over and chooses Linda. The rest of the girls applaud knowing that the two of them really do connect. Mark chooses next. He explains that he knew she was the one the first time they crossed eyes. They have been friends and become more intimate. He reiterates that he never thought he would connect with someone as much as he has. He walks over and selects Debbie. Tommy decides that he wants to use his final choice to pick the oddball. He relates to the girl who felt like she was at the bottom of group most of the time, because he has been there before. He is all about balance. And with a shocking pick he chooses Katie. Katie is flattered. And as Tommy walks away with Katie, Amanda wipes a tear from Kristen's cheek. John chooses last but it is obvious whom he has connected with the most. He says that he really appreciates the fact that this girl understood every time the topic of Shannon came up. He chooses Nayla. This means that Caneel, Amanda, Kristen S. and Jocelyn must leave the island.moreless
    • Episode 209
      Episode 209
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      The show opens at bonfire with Mark W. giving the coupled women the chance to view video of their boyfriend's caught in an intimate moment. The choice to view is an individual choice, so whether they choose to watch the videotape has no bearing on their partner's obligation to watch. Shannon goes first, and again decides to watch her video alone. She asks the other girls to move away, so that they can't see the screen. Shannon sees John talking to Nayla. He says, "My mind wanders. When I go to sleep at night sometimes my thoughts are with you and sometimes they are with Shannon." Then John and Nayla lay back close to each other on lawn chairs. Shannon comments on what a nice guy John is. Mark W. asks what Shannon saw, and she tells him that John was simply listing all her great qualities. She says, "John talks to me a lot differently, no worries." Nikkole decides to share her videotape with all the girls. She predicts, "Tommy will be with White Eye Shadow Girl. And if so it will be so disappointing." She is right. Tommy snuggles close to Kristen S., and Kristen S. gives her signature purr. Nikkole responds, "I've done better than that. She is such a cheese ball. Not the sharpest pencil in the box. But if that's what attracts Tommy." Mark W. notices that Nikkole is not in the same place where she was a few days ago. Nikkole agrees. Catherine opts to watch her tape. She views Hilary and Edmundo together. She sees Edmundo's hand slide down Hilary's leg. Catherine cries. She says that their relationship was one sided before they came to the island. Kelley decides not to watch. She does not want to see what Mark is up to. Mark W. asks her why. Kelley tells him that she gave him the right to be single. She and Mark want to be individuals and to be selfish while they are here. Back at Tango Mar, the girls are anxious to tell the single guys what they saw at bonfire. It turns out Shannon is more upset than she let on. Though she said no worries to Mark W., she breaks down and cries. Tom A. says that Nayla is probably a girl John could like because she is not a drunk lush. Shannon says, "that cheating is cheating whether they are here or not. And if he cheats it is over." Kelley notices that Shannon is shaken and this makes her happy that she did not watch the tape at bonfire. Later that evening, Executive producer Chris Cowan meets with Mark W. in the surveillance room and explains that they know that Shannon has been trying to communicate with John at the poolside events. Chris explains that they also have reason to believe that Shannon has been trying to write notes and pass them discreetly at the resorts. Mark W. searches the grounds of Tambor Tropical and finds multiple notes stashed in the bathrooms. He reads the notes, that convey Shannon's worried thoughts. Mark W. expresses concern for her. Meanwhile, Shannon is very upset. She cries over missing John. She reflects that it was her suggestion to come to the island and that sucks. Mark W. goes to Tango Mar and tells the girls that they have only two dates left. This is a surprise date select. They are to go to the guy they want to date early the next morning and wake him up with the news that he has only a few minutes to get ready for the date. Kelley chooses Ali. Nikkole sticks with her guns and picks Tommy C. In a surprise choice, John chooses Kristen S. Catherine flip-flops back to Rossi. Mark and Debbie go for a romantic sail around the bay. He notices that Debbie resembles his idea of a perfect girl. She comments that there was an instant attraction and they both get the sense that they can be touchy feely with each other. Later on in the date, as they lay next to each other, they share a romantic kiss. Kelley and Ali take a boat out to scuba dive. Kelley was excited about the date, and Ali seems to say all the right things. He feels that if things go right, a romance between them could evolve. John and Kristen S. adventure on a crocodile safari. She was a bit surprised that John chose her. She feels that her party girl image was misrepresented. She insists she is not the girl that parties and sleeps with everyone. But John chose her because she was the only girl that asked about Shannon. They watch as the crocodiles swim just a few feet away and feast on hand fed chickens. Shannon chooses Kevin to be her date for a deep scuba dive. He has not been on a date with her yet, and choosing him now makes him eligible for the final date. She is attracted to Kevin because he is so passionate about his career. Shannon says, "John is the opposite of Kevin, he would rather watch a special about Morocco on the Discovery Channel rather than actually going there." Edmundo and Amanda take their date on zip lines. Edmundo has come to the realization that he has been too hard on Catherine. Amanda has fun sailing through the rainforest canopy. They fly hundreds of feet over the tropical foliage locked in only by their stomachs. When Catherine wakes Rossi up, at first he is a bit dazed and does not seem that excited about going on a date. They hike to a waterfall, and Catherine thinks that the date goes very comfortable and cool. They go for a swim in the huge waterfall pool and Catherine claims, "that they both get into the moment." However the mood takes a sour turn on the car ride home, Catherine says that it sucks that she has to choose between Rossi and Brian. Rossi volunteers to remove himself from the picture. But this is not what Catherine wants. She is just not used to being put in situations like this. Tommy and Linda go for a hike and this prompts Tommy to say that he really misses Nikkole. He thinks about her every day, and reveals that coming here might have been a big mistake. He starts to realize what he and Nikkole had and how the island experience might alter it forever. Tommy C. and Nikkole go windsurfing. She has good luck getting her sail up and standing on the board. Tommy C. is embarrassed because he spends the whole date falling without standing up on the board. Back at Tambor Tropical, Mark and Debbie's infatuation heightens as he pushes Debbie in the pool. They go and recline in a hammock together. Mark says that this is exactly what Kelley feared. He never thought that he would find a girl like Debbie. As they get closer Mark asks her why her heart is beating so fast. She tells him that it is his heart that is beating so fast. Edmundo and Linda swim in the pool together. Edmundo says that he is convinced that Linda is the girl that he likes the most. That night they set up a tent on the beach. Their close talking eventually leads to kissing. Linda gets excited as to where this relationship might lead. Edmundo says that this was his best night ever. Just being on the beach under the stars in front of the ocean with Linda was his idea of a "dream date." Back at Tango Mar Nikkole walks into her room and sees her roommate Catherine and Brian making out. She runs back to tell Rossi so he can see what Catherine is up to. Rossi follows her and sees them kissing. Rossi realizes that he should probably go another route. He acts nonchalant and says, "Oh well." The next morning at breakfast the women hear their call to bonfire. Everyone is caught off guard. Nikkole predicted that they would not have any more bonfires, and she is forced to eat her words. Catherine says that she gets nauseous every time she goes to bonfire. Later that night at the guys bonfire Mark W. tells them that this is their last bonfire before the final bonfire. This choice is about watching a piece of videotape that was shot without their girlfriend's being aware that it was taped. With the cameras in front of them all day every day, this tape was shot either in surveillance or in night vision when they didn't know they were being filmed. John goes first and does not want to watch but he forces himself to. He puts the clamshell in its usual spot so everyone can see. John sees a videotape of Shannon sleeping next to a picture of him. After the video is done, John stands up and hugs Mark. John feels thankful that he saw her alone. But he feels bad that he does not have a picture of Shannon. Edmundo decides to watch and he sees Catherine and Brian making out on the beach. Shot in night vision, Catherine and Brian get very passionate. This tape leaves Edmundo's heart pounding. He says, "Watching another dude working my chick is hard to watch. Although I can't have a double standard. I am exploring as best I can." Mark decides to watch. He sees Kelley sneak into Tom A.'s room. The tape is short and he is left without knowing if they got intimate. Tommy decides that his tape was probably the best saved for last. He watches and sees Tommy C. and Nikkole getting very hot and heavy together. This leaves Tommy very disturbed and at a loss for words. He says, "Seeing your girl with some guy is hard. But I am guilty of doing some things as well. You make your bed. I have to accept it or deal with it." The footage leaves Tommy very devastated. He says in an interview that he is burning up inside.moreless
    • Episode 208
      Episode 208
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      The show opens at Tambor Tropical with the old temptresses revealing their thoughts about the arrival of the new singles. There is a consensus that none of the old girls like change. Katie says that she does not like new people at all. Kristen S. gets a little possessive when she refers to the coupled guys as "our men, not yours." In an interview, Edmundo talks about how the arrival of the new singles has jolted the whole community. At Tango Mar, the sentiment is very similar. Tom A. says, "the new guys are like huge monsters. They are all tall and cut." Everyone has a sense that Rossi is scared that Brian is coming back. His return threatens Rossi's play for Catherine. Catherine says in an interview that she likes beautiful men. She says, "Brian is tall, dark and handsome. He has it all." She is excited about challenging her attraction to Edmundo's physique with Brian's perfect body. Poolside at Tambor Tropical we get to meet the new singles. Each of the new singles has a chance to introduce themselves to the couples. Jocelyn, 31, from Woodland Hills, CA goes first. She says, "I likes muscle cars, so guys get ready for a test drive." Nikkole comments out loud that her boyfriend Tommy needs to close his gaping mouth. By his reaction it is clear that Tommy is physically attracted to Jocelyn. The next single is Aaron T., 31, an oral surgeon from Chapel Hill, NC. He assures everyone that meeting him will be more fun than a root canal. Debbie, 25, from Los Angeles, CA amuses everyone with her acting ability when she introduces herself. Chad, 27, from Newbury Park, CA goes next. Caneel walks up and everyone recognizes her and cheers. She exclaims, "Girls. The bitch is back. Guys, I'm here for you." Shannon says that she didn't think Caneel was a bitch. Aaron S. from New Orleans, LA tells everyone that he is currently a law student. Magalie, 26, from Chula Vista, CA shows everyone her dancing skills. Brian is the last single to introduce himself, and he says, "everyone deserves a second chance, this must be mine." Edmundo shakes his head knowing Catherine can't take her eyes off Brian. Mark W. tells the couples that each one of these new singles was selected specifically for them. Mark W. asks Chad to step forward and he goes to greet Kelley. Aaron T. was selected for Shannon. She had an intuitive sense that Aaron T. being a successful professional was chosen for her. Aaron S. goes towards Nikkole. Nikkole knew whom she was going to get because he was the tallest guy there. Brian and Catherine are the obvious chosen pair. Mark W. hooks the guys up for their dates. Magalie goes first and she heads towards Mark. Kelley knows that Mark likes dancers and she is not surprised that Magalie was chosen for Mark. John and Caneel are paired together. Jocelyn heads towards Tommy. Nikkole says that seeing the look of horror on "white eye shadow girl" made the whole experience worth it. Edmundo and Debbie are the last ones hooked up. Shannon says that it is ironic how "the old singles feel threatened by the new singles, when they are our boyfriends." Nikkole and Aaron S. do not maintain the best communication on their date. Nikkole thinks that Aaron S. is too young. She also talks constantly about Tommy C. They end up walking around Montezuma shopping for Tommy C.'s birthday present. On the other side of the island, Tommy and Jocelyn spend their date on the beach. Tommy thinks Jocelyn is the finest girl out of all the new singles. Tommy feels that Jocelyn is down to earth and allows him to be in the moment. Jocelyn thinks that Tommy got a bit touchy-feely when they frolicked in the water. And Tommy concludes that Jocelyn is "bad, but bad meaning good." Catherine says that she gets giddy thinking about her date with Brian. She gets the feeling that she is a little girl all over again. They spend the first part of their date feeding baby monkeys at a wildlife reserve. Over a romantic dinner, it is obvious that Catherine is giving all the signs that she wants to get intimate with Brian. Debbie and Edmundo hike to a high waterfall and end up climbing up the side of it and jumping off. They splash in the emerald pool below. Fed up with blind dating at this stage of the experience, Shannon is in no mood for this date. Shannon and Aaron T. ride wave runners for their date. She thinks that he has a great job and a great body, but horrible hair. She wishes she knew him well enough to tell him to fix his hair. John and Caneel take an ATV tour that leads them to a giant waterfall. Caneel spends some time getting reacquainted with the way things have been playing out on the island. She tells John that he needs to let go and just go with what he feels. Chad and Kelley take a boat ride out to a bay where they jump out and snorkel around thousands of tropical fish. Chad has a real impact on Kelly when he tells her that she needs to not settle in her relationship. He helps her believe that she can have everything she asks for. Her boyfriend Mark and Magalie do not connect well on their date. They are scheduled to receive poolside massages, but Mark will not let the masseuse touch him. He won't even get a head massage for fear of messing up his hair. Magalie does some seductive stretching, which does not impress Mark. She complains that he was the most boring date she ever had. When Catherine gets back from her date with Brian, she and Ali have a gossip session. He can tell that something special has happened. Catherine is glowing. Ali asks if she thought about Edmundo. Catherine says that she did not think about Edmundo once on her date. But choosing between Rossi and Brian is a difficult situation. She fears hurting one of them. That night at Tambor Tropical when everyone gets back from their dates, they arrive at a raging dance party. The tension between the old and new singles rises while everyone parties. Kristen S. gets annoyed when Magalie and Jocelyn dance on top of the pool bridge. When John and Caneel get back from their date, John sees the party scene and is not into it. He finds Nayla and they walk off together. John likes Nayla because she is not a crazy partier. John tells Nayla, that when he goes to sleep at night sometimes his thoughts are with Shannon and sometimes they are with Nayla. Nayla reassures him that it is natural. She came into this experience without any ideas of becoming emotionally attached. They lay next to each other hugging and getting close. John finds it easy to loose himself in the moment and he does not think about Shannon while he is with Nayla. At Tango Mar everyone is partying and enjoying the night. Nikkole notices that Tommy C. makes it clear to all the new guys that she is with him. He hugs and kisses her in public view. Tom A. slides in and tries to do the same thing with Kelley. All the guys feel pressure to make their connections known. Brian and Catherine dance in the middle of the palapa. Everyone notices how very sensually their dancing becomes. Rossi feels disrespected. He takes Catherine's relationship with Brian as a slap in the face. Even if he and her were just friends, he is hurt. Rossi walks over to Brian and pours water on him. Then he picks Catherine up and throws her in the pool. Brian jumps in and Rossi tells Catherine, "Everything will be okay now that Brian, your savior is here." Rossi gets out of the pool, and Brian follows him. Rossi turns around and pushes Brian in the pool. Catherine admits that she was being selfish. But that is the name of the game. It is her experience. In night vision, Brian and Catherine go off together to the beach later that night. In Nikkole's bungalow, Tommy C. and Nikkole talk about how bad they feel for Rossi. Tommy C. advances his relationship one step further with Nikkole. They are making out when Kelley and Tom A. walk into the room. They wish Tommy C. a happy birthday and head off to Tom A.'s room. Shannon sleeps next to a picture of John. Catherine wakes up confused. She reiterates that she does not want to hurt anyone. Shannon cries that she is getting physically ill by all the other girls' physical relationships. She says, "All the other girls are going crazy. Doing things they are regretting." At the guys bonfire that night Mark W. gives the opportunity for the coupled men to watch videotape of their women caught in an intimate moment. It is their individual choice. Meaning if they watch the videotape their girlfriends are not required to watch. Mark goes first and he passes. He explains that he does not want to see what is happening to Kelley; it will take away from his and her experiences. Edmundo follows suit. He claims that he is not afraid to see and just wants to respect her time. John throws a curveball and decides to watch. He sees Ruben dancing with Shannon. John is hurt because seeing Shannon partying is his Achilles heel. John admits that he has made some chicken decisions in order to sleep at night. This was not one of them. But he does rationalize that it was the guys who were touching Shannon while dancing and not vice versa. And Ruben is not even on the island anymore. Tommy watches and sees Nikkole partying with Tommy C. This prompts Tommy to think it is time to switch gears and pump up the volume with what he is doing on their side of the island.moreless
    • Episode 204
      Episode 204
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      The show opens in the morning at Tango Mar. Genevieve explains that she came to Temptation Island because she wanted to test her relationship and see what it was like to be single. In a sense she thinks that she was sabotaging her relationship with Tony. She concedes that it was not Tony's idea to come to the island. Genevieve writes in her journal. She reads a passage from it explaining how she misses Tony and how it felt good to be jealous when she saw the bonfire videotape of him holding hands with Donna. Genevieve says she enjoyed her time here, but has learned quickly that she wants Tony back. The next day is a vote-off at Tango Mar. Mark explains that the coupled women must vote off a single guy. The girls huddle up and Nikkole says that she wants Jeff voted off. Catherine agrees, but Shannon and Genevieve refuse. Genevieve counters that none of the girls have connected with Juleby, so he must be voted off. Mark asks the girls to deliver the message. Nikkole points at Shannon, forcing her to present Juleby with the Bye-Bye Boogan. In an interview, Juleby explains that the only person that he really connected with was Catherine, who was blocked from him. As soon as Shannon sits back down, Mark explains that the girls have to vote off one more single guy. Catherine's jaw drops. Again in a huddle Nikkole insists that Jeff be voted off. Genevieve adamantly opposes. She says that, "Jeff is the most like mind, he will give me the most insight." But Catherine thinks that Jeff is "on the surface only." Nikkole and Genevieve argue bitterly back and forth. Nikkole finally backs down. Catherine volunteers to deliver the news to Omar. Omar reveals in an exit interview that he and Genevieve did not click because he called her out on her big ego when she dissed his roommate Tony. Kaine describes the factions between the coupled girls. Nikkole is not coexisting well with Shannon and Genevieve. The girls bicker after the vote off. Nikkole tells Genevieve and Shannon that she is mad and one of them better pick Jeff for their next date. She leaves for her room in a huff. At Tambor Tropical, Mark is straight up with the guys and tells them that they must vote off two of the single girls. They huddle for only a moment and easily decide on the two girls whom they want to leave. Tony delivers the first bon voyage message to Meridith. He tells her that she is clouding the reason for why he is here in the first place. She makes him feel like he is walking on eggshells. The past few nights Tony feels that Meridith crossed the line by trying to touch him and kiss him. Tommy delivers the second farewell message to Kristin G. The guys feel that she passes judgment and lost respect for them, so Tommy tells her that it is time for her to go. Kristin G. thinks that Tommy is lame because when Tommy saw Edmundo receiving a spontaneous dance, he found Kristen S. and instigated one of his own, to piss off his girlfriend, Nikkole. That night at Tango Mar, Mark visits the single men.. Genevieve, Nikkole and Catherine show up. Genevieve drops the bomb on host Mark: her journey is done. She wanted to try dating an aggressive, extroverted guy that is the opposite of Tony. However, Tom A., who she thought was the one, knows that she never indulged on their date. Everyone starts to say that Tony would never have the balls to break up with her. There is a consensus that Genevieve wears the pants in the relationship. Genevieve storms back to her room and confides to Shannon that she is freaking out. When Nikkole and the single guys walk up the beach trail, Genevieve confronts them. She tells them that they should not joke about Tony anymore or she will lose it. The next day is a date-select poolside at Tambor Tropical. This date select is simple. Mark informs everyone that there was a unanimous decision to remove the blocks. The couples must choose the person they want to date, but have not already gone out with, and remember the blocks are off. John goes first and chooses Linda. This bothers Shannon because she remembers Linda calling her shallow and materialistic. Tony chooses Katie. Tommy chooses Amanda. Nikkole says that if "Tommy wants a little sleaze in his life that is OK with her." Edmundo chooses Donna. Catherine is upset that Edmundo will not return her glances. She misinterprets his guilt by thinking that he may have seen something she did at the last bonfire. In reality, he cannot bear to look at her for fear that she will eventually witness his late night antics at the disco party. Catherine chooses Tom A. Edmundo thinks her choice is disrespectful because Tom A. chose Genevieve over Catherine for her last date at Power Dating. Genevieve chooses Ruben. Ruben says he would rather spend the day hanging with the guys than going out with Genevieve. Nikkole shoots her a glance for not choosing Jeff. Nikkole picks Tommy C. She thinks he is hot and perfect. Shannon bites the bullet and chooses Jeff. She feels that she got screwed. Shannon starts her date with Jeff by admitting that she had red flags going off because Catherine didn't vibe on him during her date with him. They hike near the Poas volcano but their date ends up being fogged out. This actually leads them to a more grounded date, and Shannon is happy that she took one for the team. John and Linda frolic in the Tortuga Isla bay. Linda likes John and wants to use this opportunity to dig deep and see what he is made of. John admits that he is starting to think less about Shannon and let things happen naturally. Tommy and Amanda jump in the pool below the Montezuma waterfall. Tommy says that this was his best date yet. Nikkole has the same exact feeling about her date with Tommy C. They rappel down the face of a 90-foot waterfall. Nikkole is intimidated because Tommy C is too perfect. Tommy C. is very attracted to Nikkole as well. After realizing Genevieve's true nature, Tom A. has been waiting for a chance to date Catherine. On their date, they shoot down water slides and are treated to the luxury of hot springs. They rub each other down with natural healing clay. Catherine says that she is living in the moment. Tom A. knows that if she sees something shady that Edmundo does, she is comfortable enough to default to him. Edmundo and Donna take a sea kayak out to a deserted island. This island they find out is a cemetery. Although the setting is surreal, Donna does not feel any romance between them. She realizes that Edmundo truly likes Hilary. Tony and Katie ride horseback across the shoreline. Katie admits that she is physically attracted to Tony. She thinks that his personality demonstrates that he was brought up right. Tony thinks that the date felt right. They romantically feed each other on the beach. Katie sees Tony's relationship as breaking up because his personality is so different from Genevieve's dominating presence. Genevieve thinks that Ruben reminds her of Tony. She knows she wants to be with Tony, so she wants to surround herself with guys like him. They travel through the mangroves by boat and hand feed the monkeys. When they come home from their dates, the coupled guys get wrangled into performing a drag show by the temptresses. All the single girls take pleasure in dressing the guys up. The guys have a blast and perform a drag show on top of the pool bridge. Tommy strips down into leopard print hot pants and then they all jump into the pool with their clothes on. At Tango Mar, the single guys have arranged a party for all the wildest dreams the girls could want. The guys feed them fresh fruit and provide foot, hand and body massages. Tom A. and Rossi are competitive over who will eventually be with Catherine. Rossi asserts that he would bet on himself. After the single guys leave, Genevieve starts to profess that Tony massages her everyday. Nikkole immediately leaves the "boyfriend reminiscing" party. Catherine thinks about Edmundo all the time and she hopes that he thinks of her as well. Meanwhile...at Tambor Tropical Edmundo is very comfortable hanging out with Hilary. As he embraces her, she reveals in an interview that she is confused by her strong feelings for him knowing that he has a girlfriend. But she can't help herself.moreless
    • Episode 206
      Episode 206
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      The episode begins with the coupled girls reaction to bonfire. Nikkole tells all the single guys about Tommy's late night endeavors with "White Eye Shadow Girl." Nikkole says that she would rather see Tommy seriously connect with one girl, than mess around with many. Catherine finally begins to accept what all the single guys were thinking: that she was protecting Edmundo this whole time. At Tambor Tropical everyone wonders where Tony went. They all discuss the possibilities, but they believe that he is off the island. Katie mentions that if Genevieve could not indulge the process by being away from Tony for one month, they must have some dependency issues. Donna, the girl who connected with Tony the most, is angry that Genevieve will not let Tony finish his time on the island. Edmundo feels like the situation was left incomplete and he is upset that he never got a chance to say goodbye to Tony. At Tango Mar, Shannon looks forlorn while she stumbles around her room. She notices that all of Genevieve's stuff is gone. Shannon cries over the fact that she'll not be able to sleep tonight because Genevieve is gone. Meanwhile, Nikkole and the single guys are elated about Genevieve's departure. There is a consensus among all the single guys that Genevieve was a pain. None of them hide their opinions that she was infecting the vibe for the rest of them and they are all happy that she is gone. The next morning everyone wakes up as normal, expecting a routine day on the island. But everyone is oblivious to the fact that host Mark Walberg is greeting a new couple at the tiny Tambor airport. The new couple, Mark and Kelley, are immediately led on horseback down the beach and through the Jurassic driftwood gates. In an interview, Mark and Kelley explain that they have been dating for a year and four months. Kelley thought it was love at first sight. She knows that Mark used to be a player, but she trusts him now. Although they both admit that this experience might make them both jealous. Host Mark W. takes Mark to Tambor Tropical and introduces him to all the single girls. John uses the phrase "new meat" to describe everyone's collective reaction. And accordingly all the girls are attracted to Mark. Edmundo reacts with a slight hint of envy, noticing that all girls had shifted their attention away from him to Mark. Mark hopes he does not turn off any of the girls by telling them that he is a cop. He also tells them that he's in the process of trying to grow up. And he bought a house and let Kelley move in. The coupled girls and the single guys can see host Mark W. ride up in the distance with someone else, but they can only speculate as to who it might be. Shannon thinks it might be Genevieve, or someone who works at the hotel. They think it might be a new couple. When Kelley arrives and host Mark W. introduces her, Rossi stands up and yells, "Shut the front door." Everyone is shocked at Kelley's arrival, and Catherine has a similar reaction that Edmundo did, noticing that some attention has been diverted towards the new couple. The girls say that guys are acting like dogs in heat. Kelley quickly describes some of the flaws in her relationship. The most important being that she is a bartender and Mark wants her to enter a corporate position. Host Mark W. leads the new couple on horseback along a mango grove up to a thatched hut overlooking the Tambor bay. They toast to finding all their answers before leaving the island. Kelley says that her biggest fear is realizing that they might not be right for one another. Mark says that he is looking at what is best for both of them in the long run. Mark concedes that it was his idea for them to come. Being single again is a dream come true for him. After the couple is finished eating a gourmet meal, host Mark W. tells them that they have ten minutes to say goodbye. Kelley cries as she thinks out loud that they "will figure it out one way or another." When Kelley arrives at Tango Mar, she enters into a raging dance party. The guys notice her flirtatious attitude and they call her "spark plug," because that is what she acts like for the group. Her forwardness makes all the other girls a little envious of the attention she receives. At Tambor Tropical, Mark enters and tries to get a crash course in finding out the skinny on all the single girls. John calls Mark, the Italian Stallion. Katie is encouraged by the fact that Mark has an education and a job, two checks on her dating musts. The night escalates to all of them throwing each other in the pool. At Tango Mar, Rossi does some smooth talking to Catherine. He tells her that she is an exquisite neon butterfly and he is a butterfly catcher. She admits that his words get her excited. Rossi views this phase as the anchor leg in the race and he wants to win Catherine's heart. Tom A. has moved his attention entirely to Kelley. After seeing Edmundo's antics at the last bonfire, Catherine agrees to meet Rossi behind the cabins. Shot in infrared and subtitled, Rossi asks her to kiss him. They do until Catherine pulls away. This was not the long and passionate, toe-curling kiss Rossi was hoping to deliver. Meanwhile at Tambor Tropical, Hilary rubs Edmundo's bruised toe until they both sneak away to his room. The next day poolside at Tambor Tropical is the Dancing Date Select. All the single girls are outfitted with custom "I like your boyfriend" and "me too" T-shirts. The coupled girls do not find this humorous. Shannon thinks it is terrible. Host Mark W. announces the rules to the date selection. The single girls go along the bridge and dance. One at a time the guys boogie along until they choose the girl they want to date. They are allowed to date someone they have already been out with. Edmundo jigs past Hilary and asks Linda if she wants to go out. Hilary is stunned. Tommy chooses Tiffany. Nikkole is upset that Tommy dances with each one of the girls. She calls him selfish and inconsiderate. John picks Nayla for a second date. Mark chooses Donna. Not surprised, Kelley points out that he would go for a blonde. Shannon is the first couple girl to shake it and she chooses Ruben. Nikkole has no hesitation in choosing Tommy C. In a surprise pity date, Catherine chooses Tony. Rossi says that everyone in America will ask, "What the hell is she doing?" Kelley picks Tom A., who is wearing his signature red cowboy hat. After the date select Hilary is very upset. She paces around the camp and it is obvious that she is disappointed. Hilary and Edmundo have a discussion in his room, but it is not very private with Linda sitting on the bed next to him. Mark enters each of the camps and informs them that tonight may be the last night for many of the people there. So enjoy each moment. Tommy C. comments on Catherine's pity choice and how it could get Rossi kicked off. Rossi is frustrated with Catherine. Nayla toasts to "having no regrets and making good friends." Tommy knows that bonds will be broken. The inevitable break up is about to happen. This affects Kristen S. and she cries until Tommy consoles her.moreless
    • Episode 212
      Episode 212
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      The last episode of Temptation Island takes place entirely at the bonfire location. Kelley is the first person to meet with Mark W. After she sits down, Mark W. asks her if she is ready to meet with her boyfriend Mark and discuss her final decision. Instantly she responds that she is ready to speak with him. After Mark walks out, Mark W. tells both of them the rules of engagement. Mark is to speak first, uninterrupted and at the end of his speech, he must give Kelley his final decision about their relationship. Mark starts out by explaining how secure he felt with their relationship after they finished eating their final dinner. But then Mark kept seeing things at bonfire that made him question how secure their relationship was. Specifically, he saw her climb into bed with Tom A. Then Mark confesses that on his side of the island he made a strong connection with Debbie. He liked the fact that she was a model from Los Angeles. He saw things in Debbie that Mark thought Kelley was lacking. Mark promises that he and Debbie kissed and cuddled but never had sex. In the end Mark's decision is to stay together with Kelley. Kelley starts off by saying that it was her first time alone and it left her feeling very afraid. She made an initial connection with Tom A. who took care of her and helped her acclimate to life on the island. They kissed, but it was in Tom A.'s bed that Kelley freaked out and started to have guilty thoughts. She reminded herself that she was here to be single. That is when she started to open herself to Ali. Ali and Kelley had a strong physical connection and he treated her like a lady. He made her feel an enormous amount of self worth, which is something that Mark was not doing. She also promises that she did not sleep with anyone. But she did let him treat her like a lady, something she desperately needed. She cries that she can't settle and she does not want to stay in Tampa any longer. She has dreams and wants that are not being fulfilled and she needs to get out of this relationship. Her final decision is to break up with Mark. Mark throws her a Kleenex and walks away disgusted. Shannon and Mark W. talk alone before John enters the bonfire. Mark W. reminds her that they talked about her control issues in the past. Mark explains that it was obvious Shannon was fighting for something she could not control at poolside by trying to get John's attention. Then he tells her that he found all of the notes that she tried to sneak to John. This causes Shannon to cry, now that she knows John never received any of her reassurances. Shannon admits this leaves her feeling very vulnerable. When John enters the bonfire, instead of giving him joyful eyes, Shannon turns away and looks down. After Mark W. explains the rules of the final bonfire, Shannon speaks first. She tells John that this was the hardest thing she has ever had to endure in her whole life. She remembers that the beginning of the experience was filled with negative things. Then she allowed herself to get close to Kevin and she saw how wonderful his passion for life was. She admits that on their final date she allowed herself to get very intimate with him. Her experience with Kevin forced her to look deep and taught her that she was not respecting John. She was judging him by standards she created out of past failures. She recognizes that John is not her past, but hopefully her future. Her final decision is to stay together. John starts off by telling Shannon that the first videotape that he saw was her doing shots at the bar surrounded by a bunch of guys. Then in an interview after the partying, some single guy told John that Shannon was unhappy in their relationship. This was innocent fun, but caused John to flip out. John then tells Shannon about how close he became with Nayla. They developed feelings for each other. John sees Nayla as a mirror image of Shannon. This similarity helped him get through it. John takes out an old letter that Shannon had written to him. He read it every night and reminded himself of Shannon. Then he says that the rules must be broken and he embraces Shannon. His final decision is to stay together with her. When Catherine enters the bonfire location, Mark W. can see a changed person. She is not the naïve little girl that came here. Catherine admits that she is scared, but she is ready to confront Edmundo. Mark W. explains the rules that mandate that only one person speak at a time. He also tells them to speak from their heart and leave nothing unsaid. Edmundo speaks first. He tells Catherine that this experience played out a lot different than he expected. His first connection was with Hilary. She was nice and pretty and he allowed himself to get lost in the moment. This was the first romance he engaged in other than Catherine. Then Edmundo saw Catherine look at Brian in a way he thought was only reserved for him. Then Edmundo met Linda and developed a deep connection with her. He can't deny the fact that he still has feelings for her and wants to continue to explore them. But his love is true for Catherine and he wants to work things out with her. His final decision is to stay together but also explore his feelings for Linda. Catherine says that she was devastated many times at bonfire. She remembers all the disappointing videotape that she saw of Edmundo, but still she protected him and kept him on a pedestal. After seeing all the dramatic footage her pain was too much and caused her wall to collapse. She says that this allowed her to put herself first. She met three singles that she connected with. She did kiss and hold Brian, but that was as far as it went. She wants to be appreciated more. She tells Edmundo that she is not the naïve girl who he thinks she is. She wants to apply all the things that she learned to their relationship. Her final decision is to stay together. Edmundo asks her not to hold anything that happened here over his head. She agrees. Nikkole is immediately ready to bring her decision to Tommy. As he walks in she looks away. Mark W. asks Tommy to speak first. Tommy is reluctant but begins. He knows that his experience on the island was a lot different than Nikkole's. Tommy never made any real connections with anyone. And aside from an occasional lap dance he never got intimate with anyone either. He thinks that at most all his relationships were physical and not emotional. But he remembers the video of Nikkole with her legs spread and Tommy C. in between. Tommy recognizes that they have issues. He loves her dearly but he does not think that they are great together. He thinks that it is in their best interests to spend some time apart. Tommy does not want to feel like he is holding Nikkole back. Nikkole retraces her initial thoughts of presenting Tommy with an ultimatum that mandated either getting married or breaking up. She has come to realize that it was unfair to hold Tommy to such high standards. She remembers that all the bickering they did at the final dinner and how Tommy wanted to leave early. Then she tells him that when he did not even leave her a video message she felt like he did not care about her at all. This allowed her to open up to Tommy C. She had a deep connection with Tommy C. She also came to realize that she loved Tommy. She thinks that individually they are great, but together they are not. Nikkole's final decision is to break up. She does not want to be tied down to Tommy. After the bonfire they stop and hug. They start talking on the beach for a while. And Nikkole tells Tommy that she saw video of him in bed with a naked girl. She also thought that he reached over and grabbed a condom. Tommy retorts that he saw her spread eagle on the bed with Tommy C. licking her up and down. They fall into a comfortable argument, and then fade out with Nikkole saying that she does not feel she needs to explain herself. In the time after the show was filmed, John and Shannon ended up moving in together. Nikkole moved to L.A. and then moved back to Chicago and in with Tommy. Catherine and Edmundo broke up hours after the show ended filming. And Kelley and Mark remained broken up.moreless
    • Episode 207
      Episode 207
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      This episode opens with a brief recap of some of the dramas that are unfolding in each resort. Catherine feels guilty over the looming vote off because she picked Tony for her next date instead of Rossi. Kristen S. feels emotional but secure because she does not think that Tommy would vote her off. Hilary wants to smooth things over with Edmundo. When they talk, Edmundo admits that he regrets not choosing her for his next date because he expected her to be around until the end of the island experience. Catherine and Rossi discuss why she did not choose him for her next date. She feels that Rossi gets in her head and makes her confront issues that she does not want to deal with. Rossi tells her to stop it and just be honest. She expresses feelings for other people and she knows that is what this experience is all about. The four couples take off on day dates. Tony and Catherine's date takes them sailing around a turquoise bay. Tony tells Catherine that his goal was to date her and now that he's achieved it he does not know what to do. He says that he was "flabbergasted" that she chose him for a date, because everyone expected her and Rossi to continue blossoming. Tony knows that Rossi took it personally that Catherine didn't pick him. This leads Tony to feel that if he ends up with Catherine then he deserves her. Catherine says that this date helped her realize what she wants. The fact that Edmundo chose Linda for his date was also a surprise, especially to Hilary. Edmundo reveres Linda's natural beauty and intelligence. She is a normal, sexy girl and that is exactly what he wants. While eating lunch on the beach, they talk about Hilary. Linda knows that Edmundo does not want another needy girl. She thinks that all Hilary wants is a relationship, something that Edmundo is carefully evaluating leaving. Edmundo enjoys his date with Linda so much that he takes back any regrets he had about not picking Hilary for the date. Shannon and Ruben take their date on an ATV tour and then wine tasting down on the beach. Shannon says she feels that they connect on an emotional level. They get a little tipsy during the tasting and share a few laughs. Nayla and John take a sea kayak out to a deserted island and hike through the lonely seashore. This is their second date and John starts to open up to Nayla. He says that it takes time for him to become romantic with someone, but he and Nayla are connecting emotionally and intellectually. Nayla thinks that the girls at their resort are rooting for her because they balance each other. Mark and Donna horseback ride along the beach. Mark says that he needs his girl to be someone that turns heads with her sex appeal. Donna realizes that Mark chose her based solely on physical first impressions. On the date Mark thinks that he might not have it so bad with Kelley, but then again being single is not that bad either. Kelley chose Tom A. for her date. They have connected since her first night on the island. He told her that this is about her journey and she can let him know how she wants him to fit in. At dinner, Tom A. finds out that Kelley is a great girl involved in an unhealthy relationship. Kelley says that she often feels condemned by Mark in their relationship. Tommy and Tiffani visit a monkey sanctuary. Tommy watches enviously as Tiffani holds a baby monkey close to her chest. Tiffani says that she does not understand why Tommy is with Nikkole. She thinks that Nikkole is "frumpy and needs a tan and a workout." Fireman Tommy C. and Nikkole go deep-sea fishing on their date. Nikkole sticks to her guns by choosing to date Tommy C. She says she is experiencing the nervous energy you have when start a new romance. Tommy C. reveals he wants to kiss her at some point during the date. At Tango Mar, the guys that did not go on dates are riled up. The pounding rain added to the intrigue of what might occur during the last night for many of the single guys. Everyone starts to do body shots. Tom A. and Kelley are the first to lick the salt off each other. Catherine and Rossi, and Nikkole and Tommy C. also do body shots off one another. Rossi glorifies the incident and describes that Catherine held the lime in her mouth, "like back behind her molars." At the end of the night, Tommy C. and Nikkole stroll on a romantic walk down the beach. Tommy sees this as the perfect night to take their relationship a step further. He does this by giving her a serious kiss good night. The next morning the coupled women arrive at Tambor Tropical and they are faced with their most discriminating vote off. Mark W. tells them to view it more as an invitation to stay than a vote off. He also tells them that one of the singles, Jeff, had to leave the island for a family emergency. The girls are told to choose the one guy who they want to stay and be a part of their collective journey. Nikkole chooses Tommy C. and the rest of the girls smile because they recognize Nikkole's true feelings. Nikkole says she thinks more about Tommy C. than her boyfriend. Shannon chooses the world champion windsurfer Kevin. Although she bonded with Ruben their perspectives were too similar. Kevin has experienced totally different things from Shannon, and she likes that. Catherine chooses Rossi. She says that her choice makes her challenge herself and question things about her relationship. Kelley chooses Tom A. Mark W. explains that these are not their choices for their final dates, and to drive home that idea, he will let them choose one more guy to stay. Since Kelley has had the least time to get to know any of the guys, she can choose the fifth guy. Kelley chooses Ali. She says that Ali is a riot and someone who would make her laugh the whole time on a date. Ruben, Kaine and Tony must leave immediately. Their small group just got a little bit sadder and a little bit smaller. Next the coupled guys are faced with the same choice. They must decide who they want to invite to stay. Tommy goes first and chooses Kristen S. He thinks that she is a person of substance. They get along well and there is a flashback of them kissing on the beach. Edmundo chooses Linda over Hilary. He says that he came into this not thinking that he would have to consider other people's feelings. Mark chooses Amanda because she is outgoing and always has a smile on her face. When John approaches the line of single girls he says, "everyone knows how this is going to go." John explains that Nayla is the only girl who makes him feel something meaningful when he hugs. Mark W. reminds them that they are not locked into dating these people for their final dates. Then, he lets Mark the new guy, choose one more girl. Mark chooses Katie. Mark thinks that Katie, although she may not be exactly what he wants, she is brutally honest. Hilary is disappointed, and surprised that Edmundo did not pick her. Edmundo says that she did not play her cards right. She has not acted her age and expects too much from him. He thinks keeping her on the island would affect him negatively. The newly formed groups from both resorts meet on the beach at Tambor Tropical. Mark W. informs them that they are both going on group outings, but to decide who goes where, they must have a Tug of War. The match is to be decided by a series of the best two out of three matches. The first match everyone is involved, the second is the coupled guys versus the single guys, and the last if needed, pits the coupled girls versus the temptresses. They are competing for a five-star mountain resort and luxury catamaran sail or a rustic camping and river-rafting trip. After sizing each other up during a heated stare down, the coupled guys side wins the first match. After winning, John asks if the other team did a little drinking last night. However, in the guys against guys match, the single guys win and this devastating defeat destroys some of the coupled guys' egos. Catherine says that it must suck losing to their single men. When the girls are forced to tug against each other, Catherine puts her game face on. This was the fastest match. Right from the start single Katie falls and the coupled women win easily. Nikkole says that they could have beaten them with one hand. With cheers of "Pitch a Tent" the coupled girls choose the luxurious trip. John brags to Shannon that he has been pitching a tent for two weeks. Shannon glares at him. At Villa Caletas, the coupled girls and single men are treated to the beauty of a tropical mountain resort. The entire place is covered in cobblestone. With constant wining and dining, they are pampered tirelessly. Under the shelter of a canopy, they lay in a line and all receive deep tissue massages. The rain pours, and Tom A. makes fun of the other camp trying to pitch their tents. Meanwhile, at the jungle campsite, Amanda gets frustrated thinking of the poolside massages. But then they make a large fire and get some quality time bonding. There is a consensus that they got a much better outing because they spent some real time together. Linda feels that she is becoming much more attracted to Edmundo. The next day they wake early to go white water rafting. They experience class II and III rapids. This takes away a lot of the emotional pressures that everyone is feeling. On the 71-foot catamaran, the coupled girls camp is treated to a lazy day sailing in the deep blue. Rossi feels like he has finally solidified his connection with Catherine and she will choose him for her final date. He is confident that she is thinking about him more than Edmundo at this point. After they return from sailing, the coupled women and single guys are rushed off to Tambor Tropical. Again everyone gets a sense that something bad is going to happen. Mark W. warns them that change is omnipresent. And once again change has arrived. A posse of new singles race down the beach on horseback and enter the driftwood gates. Right away, Catherine notices Brian, the first single guy to be voted off. Rossi is stunned. Catherine turns around and comments that Brian is so hot. Also, Caneel the first temptress voted off by the coupled women is part of the group. Mark W. tells them that each one of these new singles were chosen specifically to meet the couples desires. Catherine begins to say, "what's up" to Brian. John acknowledges Caneel and Shannon glares at him. Mark W. tells everyone that they will not meet the new singles tonight. As they walk away, Catherine and Shannon argue over who gets to date Brian. Catherine is sure that he is there for her. Tommy C. tells us in an interview that Brian being back in the game is Rossi's "worst nightmare."moreless
    • Paradise Beckons…
      Paradise Beckons…
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      A quartet of committed couples test their limits---and love---at a tropical resort filled with sexy singles. In the opener, the couples arrive in Belize to meet their potential new partners, with whom they'll get to date during their stay.
    • Episode 305
      Episode 305
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Michael's misbehavior sends Melissa on a manhunt that ends with a night in Jerome's arms; Jason blasts Sandra for lying about his relationship with Kara; and the final dates are selected.
    • Episode 302
      Episode 302
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      When we left off we found out that the selected singles did not get kicked off, but in fact will be the first date choices. The Couple Men find out that the Single Girls are their first dates as well. Upon finding out, Jason looked very upset and went to his room alone. Over at Palmetto, Jeff immediately apologizes to Kara and the Single Guys all celebrate the news that no one was kicked off.

      The next day the Couples embark on their first dates. On the dates, Jason and Amy have the worst date imaginable. The hiking was too much. The weather was too hot. The food was terrible. There wasn't enough water. Anything that could be wrong was. On the flip side, Kara and Jeff's date went very well. They went on a boat ride and Jeff gave Kara a massage. Jeff thinks that Kara will end the show as a single. Anthony goes on his first date with Tiffany. They go white water rafting and both seemed to have a great time. Stephanie went on a date with Derrick and they went jet skiing. They also had a long talk and Stephanie began to really open up.

      Kristin's first date was with Ryan M. She tells him that if she wasn't in a serious relationship with Eric, she would be someone else because she doesn't like dating. She and Ryan went to swim with the dolphins and seemed to have a nice time. Eric went on his first date with Maria and they went sailing and snorkeling. Maria didn't know how to swim very well and Eric took care of her. They seemed to open up and have a good time together. Maria thinks that Kristin should definitely be worried about Eric.

      Melissa and Ian go on their first date together. Ian gives Melissa a full body massage and they seemed to really open up with each other. Melissa asks Ian if he's ever dated an older woman, which he hasn't. They both had a good time and it was a good, relaxing first date. Michael and Tanaya go on a date together and go intertubing. They both flirt back and forth with each other. Tanaya thought it was more flirty than she expected especially when Michael gives her the "go ahead" to do what she wants. She tells Michael she's easier when she's not drunk. Michael said he got to really know Tanaya a lot better. After the dates, the Couple Girls got back and a big party erupted at Palmetto. Over at Luna the situation was similar. Lots of dancing and craziness, but Jason still stays clear of the excitement.

      Back at Palmetto, Jeff and Kara go on a walk together and end up in her room alone. After a night of partying, Mark brings the Couple Girls together and tells them that this is an actual vote-off. They first pick the guys they want to save until they whittle it down by process of elimination. Kara saves Jeff, Kristin saves Giulio, Stephanie saves Derrick and Melissa saves Ian. All the girls fall in line with their first dates. After more saves, it comes down to Scott, Ryan M. and Ryan S. The girls kick off Scott and Ryan S., but are then told that they need to kick one more off. They decide to kick off Keith. Ryan S. says he came on to find true love but it was not meant to be. Scott said he had no bad feelings for any of the girls. Back at Palmetto after the vote off, the girls are getting nervous for their first Bonfire. They are brought down to the fire ground and are met by Mark who tells them what Bonfire is about and how it works.

      He tells the girls that it's a place where they can check in and get their only glimpse of what's going on at the other side of the island. He also tells the girls that if they watch the tape, their boyfriends will have to watch theirs as well. Kara decides not to watch it and Mark gives the video over to Melissa. Melissa watches Michael intertubing with Tanaya sitting on his lap and hugging him. She then sees Michael and Tanaya back at Luna in what appears to be a kiss. But because their backs are turned you can't really tell. Melissa is clearly shaken by what she saw and says she doesn't know what she feels. Stephanie then decides she wants to watch her video as well. She sees Anthony on his date with Tiffany and Tiffany talking about Anthony being attractive. They then show them dancing but nothing intimate. Stephanie leaves confident and collected not seeing anything bad.

      Kristin decides not to watch the tape either. She says that she doesn't want anything to affect her personal experience. Mark goes back to Kara and she then decides to watch. She sees Jason having a terrible time on his date and not much else happening. She's pleasantly surprised but also upset that he's not having a good time. After the girls leave, the boys are brought in for Bonfire. Mark gives them the same talk and tells them whether they have to watch or not. Mark shows Anthony his video first because Stephanie chose to watch hers. Anthony sees Stephanie and Derrick on their date, cruising around on the jet ski. He then sees her in a chicken fight on Derrick's head in the pool. Anthony looks a little distraught by how free she's being and says it's not a good tape. He says the Stephanie he knows wouldn't be doing what she's doing.

      Mark then gives Michael the video to watch. He watches Melissa receive a massage from Ian and how much she's enjoying it – with her top off. Michael says that the date was the date and that he wants to know what's going on but he's not going to change how he acts because of it. Mark then hands the tape to Jason. Jason watches Jeff hold hands with Kara, massage Kara, hug Kara, be in Kara's room with her, etc. He's clearly not happy and says that he's upset because she knew he had a problem with the guy but still was close to him. Later that night the guys talk about the Bonfire and basically come to the conclusion that since their girlfriends are doing more than they are, they may as well start doing more themselves.moreless

    • The Wedding
      The Wedding
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      John and Shannon decide to get married so they call the whole cast to their wedding. Everyone reunites and tells what happened in their lives and in their relationships after the show aired on TV.
    • Episode 301
      Episode 301
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      The temptation has returned and like last year we take the proper time to learn about our couples. First is Melissa, 29, and Michael 25. Melissa is a former Ms. New York and wants to settle down while Michael isn't quite ready yet. They both live with their parents in Long Island, NY. Next is Eric, 25, and Kristin, 21, who are from Farmville, Virginia and have been together for three years. They're the all-American couple and are coming on to test the emotional boundaries of their relationship. Next is Anthony, 23, and Stephanie, 21, who are from Chicago and have been together for three years. They've been living together for around 6-7 months. Anthony thinks Stephanie likes to fight so they can have "make-up" sex. Next is Jason, 23, and Kara, 24, from Las Vegas. They've been together for a year and Jason still lives with his parents and has never really been anywhere or done anything.

      The couples arrive on Roatan in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. They wait on the beach patiently as the singles arrive to greet them. The men and women are paraded around for their first encounters. The host Mark Walberg then tells the Couple Men to leave so the Single Women can tell the Couple Women which of their boyfriends they are most interested in. Mark then switches it and the Single Men tell the Couple Men who they are most interested in. Kara receives the most accolades from the girls while Melissa gets none. For the men Jason only gets one guy who wants Kara while Anthony gets the most.

      Some initial tension was built between Jeff (single guy) and Jason. Jeff pretended to tell Jason he wanted to date Kara, but fakes him out and moves to Eric instead. Mark then tells the couples to take 5 minutes of alone time together because they are being split up immediately and taken away to separate parts of the island. They are all in shock because of how quickly they are being split apart. After being separated, the couples get to spend some time with their respective singles. A little drinking, and everyone opens up. Especially Michael who says he's a kid in a candy store.

      The next day, Mark brings the couples back together and the singles parade out in front of all to introduce themselves. Some stand outs: John from Minnesota tripping and falling on the way up and Eve from Minnesota who likes to jump off buildings and set herself on fire. We might get an explanation. Maybe not. The couples are then told to select a single of the opposite sex who they think is the most threatening to their respective boy/girlfriend. Jason immediately selects Jeff, probably because of the earlier altercation. He pretends like he's going to hit him but refrains. Anthony selects Derrick, Eric selects Ryan M. and Michael selects Ian. Stephanie picks Tiffany, Kara picks Amy, Kristin picks Maria and Melissa picks Tanaya.

      Mark Walberg then surprises everyone and tells the eight selected singles that they are in fact being sent home. Back at the respective sides - the guys are staying at Luna Beach Resort while the girls are staying at Palmetto Bay Plantation. At Luna, Michael immediately warms up to the girls as does Anthony. Eric holds back a little but Jason completely shuts himself off. Mark arrives at Luna at night and sits down with the guys. Mark tells them that there's a twist. He tells the guys that 4 singles they picked, weren't kicked off. In fact, they selected those 4 to be the first dates for their girlfriends.moreless

    • Episode 211
      Episode 211
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The show opens with Mark W. giving the coupled women their chance to choose their dream date selection. Catherine goes first and she chooses Brian because she has not finished exploring him yet. Shannon chooses Kevin because she can see that he has a real passion for life. Kevin was surprised that he made it to the final date, but is assured that it was because he and Shannon developed a relationship based on trust. It comes as no surprise that Nikkole chooses Tommy C. Tommy C. believes he has helped Nikkole see the light and changed her life for the better. Kelley chooses Ali because she just can't get past his eyes. Ali believes that Kelley is the nicest, kindest person he has ever met. Mark W. tells the rest of the guys that he is going to personally miss all of them, but it is time for them to go. The whole group walks the guys down to an authentic ox-cart where they load up their luggage. Nikkole is very upset at the thought of having to say goodbye to all these guys, especially Tom A., who has played such an integral role in her awakening. Tom A. says, "I got intimately involved in all of their relationships. I found that it is better not to settle. It is better to just be alone." Tommy C. sees how much Rossi is hurting from Catherine. Catherine tears as she hugs Rossi goodbye. Rossi says, "Brian can't take her away from me because she was never mine to give." All the girls are very emotional as the departing singles mount up on their horses. Tom A. and Rossi gallop away in "Three Amigos" fashion. Shannon reveals that she did not appreciate how tight their bonds formed until they were taken away. At Tambor Tropical, Nayla says that, after the previous singles departed, it has left the resort feeling like a ghost town. In one of her last interviews Kristen S. says, "No words can explain what happened here. And it should stay that way. It is all up here (head) and here (heart)." At the shoreline the guys help the departing singles load up the last of their luggage onto an ox-cart. The singles mount their horses and ride off down the beach. Tommy calls after Kristen S. one last time, and then turns away fearing he may have lost his only true connection. In the early morning of their final dates, everyone at Tango Mar lies in their respective beds. Kevin and Shannon notice three other "real" couples surround them. Everyone who goes on their final dates leave from the tiny Tambor airport aboard the mini planes. Kevin and Shannon arrive at a beautiful; mountain top resort called Playa Isleta. They are surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the tropics and notice that they can really be happy just being silent and enjoying each other's company. Kevin says, "It's like we were saying 1000 words without saying anything at all." Nayla and John stay at a resort situated at the bottom of a volcano. They are very close to a stream that winds through caves and out into the ocean. They hike along the river, exploring the many bats that hide inside the caverns. Nayla admits that she has a physical attraction to John, but thinks that it is better that they have developed a relationship in their heads and hearts. They get massaged with the clay from the nearby volcano. After being insulated with plastic, John feels like he is a pig in a blanket. They unwrap and wade into the pool meant for washing the mud off. John admits that being without Shannon for so long has made his excitement heat up for Nayla. He has been put in a position where he really needs to find out if he is in love. John admits that the chemistry between he and Nayla is strong enough that anything can happen. But at the end of the night they separate to sleep in their own rooms. Shannon says that on her date she felt the urge to be romantic with Kevin. She also has come to realize that Kevin is the type that she wants to be with, but that she was never open to meeting. They take blankets and camp out in front of the ocean and under the stars. Kevin knows that they are both suppressing their desires, which is just making them stronger. Tommy C. and Nikkole are very happy that they finally get to spend some time alone together, far removed from the group dynamic. They ride hydro-bikes along the river looking for tropical wild life. Nikkole appreciates how laid back she is when she is around Tommy C. She infers that her boyfriend is much more of a drama queen, which escalates her emotions when dealing with him. In the middle of the night they get out of bed to go see sea turtles climbing up the beach to lay their eggs. Katie and Tommy take a plane and two boats until they end up on a truly deserted island. Katie recognizes that Tommy is very scattered and not really psychologically present with her. Tommy says that he does not have to look at her to be there. He is still listening. She can see that he keeps things in, bottled up. Tommy says, "I am just ready to get it over. Handle it." Later that night Tommy tells Katie that he does not think he wants to get married until he is 37. Katie wants to know if Nikkole would wait that long. Katie thinks that Nikkole stabbed Tommy in the heart by the videotapes that he saw at bonfire. Tommy equates his relationship with Nikkole to a ship at sea struggling to make it back to shore. Debbie and Mark recline on a white sand beach drinking fresh coconut milk. Debbie tells Mark that whenever he is stressed out in life, to remember this moment. Mark starts to feel guilty about the strong connection that he has developed with Debbie and he "hopes he has not put Kelley through the ringer." Later that night after massaging each other in mud, Debbie confesses on camera "Who am I to say that he should drop everything for me." And although Mark has found a true connection with Debbie he wonders if three days can override a year and a half with Kelley. But Kelley has forged a very romantic bond of her own, with Ali. The entire date they constantly touch each other and display their affection by being comfortably physical with each other. Ali is certain that Kelley is in a relationship where she is being forced to settle. He further explains that Kelley is not being provided with the love that she needs. Kelley admits, "Ali gave her the things that I was missing. He put me on a pedestal and I loved every minute of it." Kelley wishes that she could delay seeing Mark so that she has more time to find out about herself. This leaves Ali with a clear recognition that Kelley has learned the most out of any of the coupled women. Edmundo and Linda spend their date at the base of a waterfall, which pours down into the Blue River. They have a mutual appreciation for being able to witness the beauty together. They enjoy the simple pleasure of warm, tropical water raining down on them while they sit comfortably perched on a rock. Later that night at dinner, Edmundo looks at Linda the same way he once did at Catherine. Both of them express their romantic intentions. As they walk away from dinner they kiss, and converse implicitly about how far they might want to pursue each other physically tonight. Catherine and Brian ride up in a hot air balloon. Catherine feels like the moment was so right that Brian was meant to be there for her right then. Brian spends some time convincing Catherine that not only is Edmundo not right for her, but that he is the right guy for her. It is clear that Brian wants to pursue a relationship with Catherine beyond the show. Brian wants to know what her final decision is going to be, and she keeps true to the moment, saying that she has to just go with what she feels. They toast to letting things happen according to fate. She recounts that Brian "was absolutely the prince that I was looking for." The next morning at breakfast Brian writes a lot in Catherine's journal, trying to convince her that he is more right for her than Edmundo. Back at their respective resorts, the couples are forced to be alone. As the last singles depart, many of the bonds are finally being dissolved. The couples are faced with answering the lone question of whether they should be in a relationship right now. Shannon sums up the experience as not about hooking up, but about a true soul-searching adventure.moreless