Temptation Island

Season 1 Episode 3

Power Dating

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

The third episode begins in the aftermath of the first bonfire. When the coupled women return to Mata Chica from their intense fireside experience, the single guys lift their spirits with a boisterous Jacuzzi party and a romp in the ocean.

The morning of Day 5 begins with the coupled women walking down the pier to retrieve the emotional video messages that their partners did (or did not) leave them. On the other side of the island, the coupled men do the same. Shannon listens as Andy tells her he had a great first date. She is a little put off because she doesn't want to have a "mental picture" of Andy with another woman. In her video message, Shannon advises her boyfriend not to "focus on one" of the single girls. Andy understands and says he's more than happy to "spread myself thin." Valerie is confused by Kaya's proclamation that he is having a "really" good time. His hope that she's not "limiting herself" sticks in her mind, and she wonders, "What does that mean?" Kaya is moved to tears by Valerie's affirming message that she misses him and is devoted to him. Billy's message to Mandy encourages her to have a good time. Though Mandy cries in her loving message to Billy; she tells him she is actually very happy to have met so many great people. Ytossie's frustration with Taheed is confirmed when she finds no message waiting for her. Taheed finds his video message box empty as well and claims this is what he expected.

Later in the morning, the entire group gathers at the guys' resort, Captain Morgan's Retreat (CMR), for a date selection game called Power Dating. In Power Dating, each cast member has two minutes to interview each of the singles of the opposite sex. When all the interviews are completed, the coupled men and women - in front of their partners - pick a single for their next adventure date. Tension rises as Ytossie, Mandy and Shannon all put the same guy at the top of their lists. Ivy League graduate Tom is put on the spot and has to choose one of the three women. After some tough deliberation, Tom chooses Ytossie as his date. Valerie's first choice is also Mandy's second choice, so Matt (public relations manager) must choose between them. He chooses Valerie, which prompts Kaya to hoot, "Mandy, shot down twice!" Billy laughs, "That works for me!" Mandy must go with her third pick, singer/poet Johnny, and Shannon picks Charlie, the talent coordinator. When the boyfriends choose their dates, the process affects Shannon and Mandy significantly. Shannon dislikes the fact that Andy has chosen such an aggressive woman. When Carla (bassist) is chosen, she plunges into the pool and swims toward Andy, only to be met with a big hug from him. Kaya picks gorgeous Heather, the backup singer/dancer, which prompts an unexpected threat from Valerie, "Lucky girl. Have your day, 'cause it will be your only day!" Taheed chooses Lisa, whom he affectionately dubs "Alabama." Mandy is upset by Billy's display of affection for Vanessa (Perfect 10 cover girl) because she leaps into his arms. Keenly aware of how this has shaken Mandy, her date Johnny carries her piggyback style away from the pool in front of Billy.

After the dates have all been picked, the coupled men and women head out for another day of fun and adventure, exploring their newfound single life. Andy and Carla are destined for an independence festival in Belize City. Shannon and Charlie scuba dive with the sharks. Taheed and Lisa also party at the cultural event in Belize City and the festivity fuels their excitement for each other. Ytossie and Tom go snorkeling and take turns feeding each other lunch on a secluded beach. Caught up in the romance of the environment, they feel a mutual attraction. Kaya and Heather go speed boating and have lunch in Caye Caulker. The date begins on a freewheeling note as Kaya drives the boat, but when they are alone together they have almost nothing to say to each other. Valerie and Matt go to Maruba Jungle Spa for mud massages. Though Valerie loves the five-star treatment she is receiving, the lack of privacy makes her uncomfortable. Trying to keep the mood light, Matt keeps her entertained with his spontaneous humor. Billy and Vanessa visit San Pedro Town. Billy enjoys Vanessa's outgoing, spirited personality, and Vanessa's affection for Billy is irrepressible and prompts multiple smooches. The romantic chemistry makes Billy wonder where the date will lead them. Mandy and Johnny also visit Maruba Jungle Spa and enjoy an intimate mud massage side by side. As the night progresses, Mandy and Johnny grow very comfortable with each other. The intense flirting leads to an intimate exchange of body shots Belize-style with rum and watermelon chunks. Meanwhile on the boat ride home, under the cover of night, Taheed and Lisa are very affectionate. The cuddling and smooching continues when they hit the hammock and the lounge at CMR.

Morning arrives on Day 6 at CMR. Mark raps with the coupled guys. The single girls strut their stuff in front of the men, but this time the men have a surprise for the girls. No one will be voted off today because the night before Heather decided to return home.

At Mata Chica, Mark informs the ladies that they are faced with another decision today. They must send off yet another single guy. The ladies have their own surprise in store for the guys. Without even a small debate, the girls kick off Keith because he has shown no interest in any of the coupled women.

Night arrives and so does another summons to the bonfire. The coupled women meet Mark fireside first. Tonight is filled with more emotion as the women have to decide whether to watch unedited video excerpts from their partners' second dates. Again, their dilemma is that if they decide to watch, their partners must watch their dates as well. Ytossie exuberantly chooses to watch and exclaims, "And I want him to see mine!" When Ytossie sees Taheed dancing with Lisa she doesn't feel threatened at all and she knows she made the right choice. Valerie refuses to see something that is most likely "totally out of context." Shannon will not watch because she got enough of a preview when Carla swam across the pool to her boyfriend. Last, Mandy debates the consequences and then goes for it. When Mandy sees Vanessa smooching Billy's cheek, she laughs and says that it probably irritated him. This time the girls are less affected, growing stronger through the process. The women are again given the option to leave video messages for their partners. All the women, including Ytossie this time, leave messages.

The coupled men take their turn at the bonfire and discover that this time they have nothing to laugh at when they see what their partners have been up to on their dates. Taheed must see Ytossie showing affection for Tom. And more painfully, Billy must see Mandy flirting intensely with Johnny. After seeing only a few seconds of Johnny wiping sugar and rum on his nipple in preparation for a sexy body shot, Billy turns away in shock and insists he will not watch the rest. Mark tells him that the rules are he must play the entire tape. Billy only listens, but Taheed, Andy and Kaya watch. When it's over, the men are again given the option to leave video messages for their partners. Three men choose to leave messages, but Taheed still refuses. After the bonfires, the men are emotionally charged. Billy is missing in action, and Kaya, Taheed and Andy think that Billy should seek "revenge" with Vanessa.