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FOX (ended 2003)


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  • Great scenery and...

    great concept for the show. I watched a few episodes. Love fails half of the time. It's a shame. I love the scenery...no wonder many emotions arise!
  • This show was a total disgrace.

    This show makes me realize why I don't watch much reality televison. Temptation Island sends loving couples to a tropical island, and it tries to jepordized their relationships by having attactive actors try to seduce the contestants into cheating on their spouses. The producers of this show should totally be ashamed of themselves for threatening such beautiful relationships for the sake of high ratings and cheap unethical entertainment. No wonder a rabbi in Dallas, Texas tried to organize a boycott of this awful show. Adultry may be entertaining on soap operas, but this is real life with real relationships that they are messing with. Thank God this show was cancelled.
  • Just finished watching Temptation Island 2 for the second or third time. I love the show and although some may disagree, it allows the couples to find themselves and realize what is most important in life.

    About 5 years ago, my friends and I got together on Thursday nights just to watch the next episode of Temptation Island. Although, we were sometimes disgusted (and of course loving the drama at the same time) about what was happening and how the show purposely tried to hurt each individual, we realized that this show truly brought out the real feelings of the cast. Couples decided to take this journey to realize if they were meant to stay together. I think this was a great way for some people to find their true selves and realized how they wanted and needed to be treated in life. I do wish that the directors would film consider airing new episodes. With the increasing divorce rate, this show gave many individuals a peek into their own future without even realizing it. Consider the idea...it will be worth it!
  • What an awful concept - trying to break up couples...

    Whats amazing is that there were 3 seasons of this tripe. Seriously, whats next? On another horrific show, CHEATERS, the host got stabbed. Im suprised something like that didnt happen here. Good thing its off the air.

    Im just waiting for a reality TV Show called RUNNING MAN where people compete for big cash prizes if they can avoid being killed by a hunter. Believe it or not there are people who would actually sign up for a show like this if the prize were $1,000,000+

    The only good thing about crap shows like this being so prevalent these days is that I watch far less TV than I used to.
  • I'm still obsession with this show!

    Now, I don't understand why fox decides to canned that great show after all!

    I watch rest of the seasons until very end! I wish fox hasn't kicked this show out for good. I did really enjoy watch this show.

    It was funny..! thus day, I'll be only stay true to this show!

  • My friends and I developed a strange obsession with this show.

    My friends and I developed a strange obsession with this show.

    Seasons 1 & (especially) 2 were fantastic. I don't think Season 3 actually finished airing in our region. (They took a break for the holidays and the show was never to be seen again.)

    The first two seasons offered up some of the cheesiest and sleaziest material that had aired on a reality show at the time. My favorite moment came in season 2 when the Mark Walberg (the host) was interviewing Tommy after he was forced to watch his girlfriend doing body shots of Tequila.

    Mark: "Sounded like a party, what was it?"

    Tommy: "Guys lying on tables. Tequila. People being licked."

    Classic stuff!!