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The show opens with the coupled women at bonfire. Mark W. gives them the choice to watch their boyfriends caught unaware on tape by the surveillance or night vision cameras. Mark W. offers Shannon the choice to go first. She protests and tells him that she went first last time. Mark says that because she is so good at it, she can go first again. Nikkole reminds Shannon to watch her video without headphones so the others can see. This time, Shannon agrees to share her tape with others and they all see Nayla lying on top of John in bed. John and Nayla hug for a moment and then John gently caresses her stomach. Shannon responds with, "That is exactly what I thought. I would not expect anything less from John." Shannon feels bad for Nayla because she thought it looked like Nayla was upset and John was consoling her. Shannon perceives that John is answering questions about their relationship, and she feels bad for Nayla who might be getting hurt in the process. Catherine goes next and also decides to let the whole group view her tape. She sees Edmundo and Linda standing close in each others' arms inside the beach bar. Edmundo tells Linda, "I think of you differently. I kissed you. I held you. I swam in the same water as you. I don't think of you as a sister or mother. I am attracted to you. You are separate from the other girls." Catherine is left drained and emotionless because she thinks that Edmundo is acting like a fool. Catherine wishes that Edmundo would present himself better. Kelley is next and she views a clip of Mark and Debbie lying close in a hammock. Mark asks why her heart is beating so fast, and Debbie points out that it is his heart that is pounding. Then they kiss. Kelley reports that it was hard to watch, "they were kissing and enjoying each other's company. But that's acceptable…here." Catherine interjects that she is dating an idiot. But Nikkole reminds everyone that they have not seen Tommy yet. Nikkole is next and she wants everyone to watch. The women see Tommy in night vision and Nikkole believes he is about to get intimate with someone. But Nikkole is not as upset as she thought she'd be. She thinks this is because she has made a similar connection on her side of the island. Mark W. leaves the ladies with two thoughts about their boyfriends. Who is the person they came here with? And what originally attracted them in the first place? Then he reminds them that their next big event will be their final date selections. As the girls walk down the beach, Shannon's thoughts run wild. Shannon and Nikkole discuss what they saw on Tommy's tape. Nikkole reassures herself that her guy, Tommy C. looks better than Tommy's girl, Kristen S. All the girls agree. Shannon reassures everyone that she thinks Nayla was crying and John was wiping her tears. At Tambor Tropical the guys are very heated up after what they saw at bonfire. John tries to give Tommy and Edmundo different angles to help them digest the feelings they are manifesting. Edmundo originally thought that Catherine was the naïve one in their relationship. But he admits that this experience is very difficult and he never thought this would entail this big of an emotional roller coaster. Tommy is very pissed off and is very disturbed. He theorizes that Nikkole is either pissed at him or feels guilty for something she has done because she refused to look at him at the last few poolside events. Tommy knows that he has kissed girls but not to the degree that he saw Nikkole. Edmundo and Tommy vent in their room and take off their beaded necklaces, renouncing the constant reminder of their girlfriends. Over at Tango Mar, Mark W. walks into the beach side festivities and brings the coupled women news that nothing else on their side of the island will be shown to their boyfriends. This translates into no more bonfires until the final bonfire. Then he reminds them that this is the last night for many of the single guys and the final date selects are coming soon. He advises them to make the most of their last night as a group. Tom A. tells everyone that his schedule is clear for a final date and he's feeling frisky. The group lapses into a comfortable party eventually leading them to a night swim session in the ocean. Brian pries too much into Catherine and Edmundo's relationship instead of furthering his relationship with her. Catherine does not want to make a final decision yet because she knows that her experience on the island is far from over. This makes Brian and the other single guys feel bad for her. The sentiments are similar at Tambor Tropical. Everyone realizes that this is their last night as a group together. They embrace each other and decide to just have fun. They gear up with glow sticks, colorful boas and masks and move their dance party down to the shoreline. Katie recounts that they all just let loose . Tommy realizes that his initial instinct was to get even with Nikkole but he does not think he is going to take that route. John has come to realize that emotional attachments are stronger than physical ones for him. He is also disappointed in himself that he judged a lot of these people before he knew them. Finally, Mark starts to reflect on his relationship with Debbie. He knows that he has had a strong connection with her, and this scares him. He did not think that he would bond so well with someone and he assumes that Kelley has not had that yet. But as the end draws near, his thoughts are drifting out of the moment and back to Kelley. At Tango Mar the partying also escalates. Kelley and Ali blossom into an unexpected pair. After their date they both have made an effort to get to know each other better. Ali is happily surprised. In a hammock they make out. Kelley is very seduced by Ali's eyes. The guys' final "Dream Date" select takes place at the gates of the Tambor beach. Since Magalie was voted out earlier, the guys get to choose between Jocelyn, Linda, Debbie, Kristen S., Katie, Nayla, Amanda, and Caneel. Edmundo draws the first number and he gets to choose first. He tells everyone that he feels very comfortable with his choice. He found a great woman and connected on many levels with her. He walks over and chooses Linda. The rest of the girls applaud knowing that the two of them really do connect. Mark chooses next. He explains that he knew she was the one the first time they crossed eyes. They have been friends and become more intimate. He reiterates that he never thought he would connect with someone as much as he has. He walks over and selects Debbie. Tommy decides that he wants to use his final choice to pick the oddball. He relates to the girl who felt like she was at the bottom of group most of the time, because he has been there before. He is all about balance. And with a shocking pick he chooses Katie. Katie is flattered. And as Tommy walks away with Katie, Amanda wipes a tear from Kristen's cheek. John chooses last but it is obvious whom he has connected with the most. He says that he really appreciates the fact that this girl understood every time the topic of Shannon came up. He chooses Nayla. This means that Caneel, Amanda, Kristen S. and Jocelyn must leave the island.moreless
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