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The show opens with Mark W. giving the coupled women their chance to choose their dream date selection. Catherine goes first and she chooses Brian because she has not finished exploring him yet. Shannon chooses Kevin because she can see that he has a real passion for life. Kevin was surprised that he made it to the final date, but is assured that it was because he and Shannon developed a relationship based on trust. It comes as no surprise that Nikkole chooses Tommy C. Tommy C. believes he has helped Nikkole see the light and changed her life for the better. Kelley chooses Ali because she just can't get past his eyes. Ali believes that Kelley is the nicest, kindest person he has ever met. Mark W. tells the rest of the guys that he is going to personally miss all of them, but it is time for them to go. The whole group walks the guys down to an authentic ox-cart where they load up their luggage. Nikkole is very upset at the thought of having to say goodbye to all these guys, especially Tom A., who has played such an integral role in her awakening. Tom A. says, "I got intimately involved in all of their relationships. I found that it is better not to settle. It is better to just be alone." Tommy C. sees how much Rossi is hurting from Catherine. Catherine tears as she hugs Rossi goodbye. Rossi says, "Brian can't take her away from me because she was never mine to give." All the girls are very emotional as the departing singles mount up on their horses. Tom A. and Rossi gallop away in "Three Amigos" fashion. Shannon reveals that she did not appreciate how tight their bonds formed until they were taken away. At Tambor Tropical, Nayla says that, after the previous singles departed, it has left the resort feeling like a ghost town. In one of her last interviews Kristen S. says, "No words can explain what happened here. And it should stay that way. It is all up here (head) and here (heart)." At the shoreline the guys help the departing singles load up the last of their luggage onto an ox-cart. The singles mount their horses and ride off down the beach. Tommy calls after Kristen S. one last time, and then turns away fearing he may have lost his only true connection. In the early morning of their final dates, everyone at Tango Mar lies in their respective beds. Kevin and Shannon notice three other "real" couples surround them. Everyone who goes on their final dates leave from the tiny Tambor airport aboard the mini planes. Kevin and Shannon arrive at a beautiful; mountain top resort called Playa Isleta. They are surrounded by the picturesque beauty of the tropics and notice that they can really be happy just being silent and enjoying each other's company. Kevin says, "It's like we were saying 1000 words without saying anything at all." Nayla and John stay at a resort situated at the bottom of a volcano. They are very close to a stream that winds through caves and out into the ocean. They hike along the river, exploring the many bats that hide inside the caverns. Nayla admits that she has a physical attraction to John, but thinks that it is better that they have developed a relationship in their heads and hearts. They get massaged with the clay from the nearby volcano. After being insulated with plastic, John feels like he is a pig in a blanket. They unwrap and wade into the pool meant for washing the mud off. John admits that being without Shannon for so long has made his excitement heat up for Nayla. He has been put in a position where he really needs to find out if he is in love. John admits that the chemistry between he and Nayla is strong enough that anything can happen. But at the end of the night they separate to sleep in their own rooms. Shannon says that on her date she felt the urge to be romantic with Kevin. She also has come to realize that Kevin is the type that she wants to be with, but that she was never open to meeting. They take blankets and camp out in front of the ocean and under the stars. Kevin knows that they are both suppressing their desires, which is just making them stronger. Tommy C. and Nikkole are very happy that they finally get to spend some time alone together, far removed from the group dynamic. They ride hydro-bikes along the river looking for tropical wild life. Nikkole appreciates how laid back she is when she is around Tommy C. She infers that her boyfriend is much more of a drama queen, which escalates her emotions when dealing with him. In the middle of the night they get out of bed to go see sea turtles climbing up the beach to lay their eggs. Katie and Tommy take a plane and two boats until they end up on a truly deserted island. Katie recognizes that Tommy is very scattered and not really psychologically present with her. Tommy says that he does not have to look at her to be there. He is still listening. She can see that he keeps things in, bottled up. Tommy says, "I am just ready to get it over. Handle it." Later that night Tommy tells Katie that he does not think he wants to get married until he is 37. Katie wants to know if Nikkole would wait that long. Katie thinks that Nikkole stabbed Tommy in the heart by the videotapes that he saw at bonfire. Tommy equates his relationship with Nikkole to a ship at sea struggling to make it back to shore. Debbie and Mark recline on a white sand beach drinking fresh coconut milk. Debbie tells Mark that whenever he is stressed out in life, to remember this moment. Mark starts to feel guilty about the strong connection that he has developed with Debbie and he "hopes he has not put Kelley through the ringer." Later that night after massaging each other in mud, Debbie confesses on camera "Who am I to say that he should drop everything for me." And although Mark has found a true connection with Debbie he wonders if three days can override a year and a half with Kelley. But Kelley has forged a very romantic bond of her own, with Ali. The entire date they constantly touch each other and display their affection by being comfortably physical with each other. Ali is certain that Kelley is in a relationship where she is being forced to settle. He further explains that Kelley is not being provided with the love that she needs. Kelley admits, "Ali gave her the things that I was missing. He put me on a pedestal and I loved every minute of it." Kelley wishes that she could delay seeing Mark so that she has more time to find out about herself. This leaves Ali with a clear recognition that Kelley has learned the most out of any of the coupled women. Edmundo and Linda spend their date at the base of a waterfall, which pours down into the Blue River. They have a mutual appreciation for being able to witness the beauty together. They enjoy the simple pleasure of warm, tropical water raining down on them while they sit comfortably perched on a rock. Later that night at dinner, Edmundo looks at Linda the same way he once did at Catherine. Both of them express their romantic intentions. As they walk away from dinner they kiss, and converse implicitly about how far they might want to pursue each other physically tonight. Catherine and Brian ride up in a hot air balloon. Catherine feels like the moment was so right that Brian was meant to be there for her right then. Brian spends some time convincing Catherine that not only is Edmundo not right for her, but that he is the right guy for her. It is clear that Brian wants to pursue a relationship with Catherine beyond the show. Brian wants to know what her final decision is going to be, and she keeps true to the moment, saying that she has to just go with what she feels. They toast to letting things happen according to fate. She recounts that Brian "was absolutely the prince that I was looking for." The next morning at breakfast Brian writes a lot in Catherine's journal, trying to convince her that he is more right for her than Edmundo. Back at their respective resorts, the couples are forced to be alone. As the last singles depart, many of the bonds are finally being dissolved. The couples are faced with answering the lone question of whether they should be in a relationship right now. Shannon sums up the experience as not about hooking up, but about a true soul-searching adventure.moreless
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