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The last episode of Temptation Island takes place entirely at the bonfire location. Kelley is the first person to meet with Mark W. After she sits down, Mark W. asks her if she is ready to meet with her boyfriend Mark and discuss her final decision. Instantly she responds that she is ready to speak with him. After Mark walks out, Mark W. tells both of them the rules of engagement. Mark is to speak first, uninterrupted and at the end of his speech, he must give Kelley his final decision about their relationship. Mark starts out by explaining how secure he felt with their relationship after they finished eating their final dinner. But then Mark kept seeing things at bonfire that made him question how secure their relationship was. Specifically, he saw her climb into bed with Tom A. Then Mark confesses that on his side of the island he made a strong connection with Debbie. He liked the fact that she was a model from Los Angeles. He saw things in Debbie that Mark thought Kelley was lacking. Mark promises that he and Debbie kissed and cuddled but never had sex. In the end Mark's decision is to stay together with Kelley. Kelley starts off by saying that it was her first time alone and it left her feeling very afraid. She made an initial connection with Tom A. who took care of her and helped her acclimate to life on the island. They kissed, but it was in Tom A.'s bed that Kelley freaked out and started to have guilty thoughts. She reminded herself that she was here to be single. That is when she started to open herself to Ali. Ali and Kelley had a strong physical connection and he treated her like a lady. He made her feel an enormous amount of self worth, which is something that Mark was not doing. She also promises that she did not sleep with anyone. But she did let him treat her like a lady, something she desperately needed. She cries that she can't settle and she does not want to stay in Tampa any longer. She has dreams and wants that are not being fulfilled and she needs to get out of this relationship. Her final decision is to break up with Mark. Mark throws her a Kleenex and walks away disgusted. Shannon and Mark W. talk alone before John enters the bonfire. Mark W. reminds her that they talked about her control issues in the past. Mark explains that it was obvious Shannon was fighting for something she could not control at poolside by trying to get John's attention. Then he tells her that he found all of the notes that she tried to sneak to John. This causes Shannon to cry, now that she knows John never received any of her reassurances. Shannon admits this leaves her feeling very vulnerable. When John enters the bonfire, instead of giving him joyful eyes, Shannon turns away and looks down. After Mark W. explains the rules of the final bonfire, Shannon speaks first. She tells John that this was the hardest thing she has ever had to endure in her whole life. She remembers that the beginning of the experience was filled with negative things. Then she allowed herself to get close to Kevin and she saw how wonderful his passion for life was. She admits that on their final date she allowed herself to get very intimate with him. Her experience with Kevin forced her to look deep and taught her that she was not respecting John. She was judging him by standards she created out of past failures. She recognizes that John is not her past, but hopefully her future. Her final decision is to stay together. John starts off by telling Shannon that the first videotape that he saw was her doing shots at the bar surrounded by a bunch of guys. Then in an interview after the partying, some single guy told John that Shannon was unhappy in their relationship. This was innocent fun, but caused John to flip out. John then tells Shannon about how close he became with Nayla. They developed feelings for each other. John sees Nayla as a mirror image of Shannon. This similarity helped him get through it. John takes out an old letter that Shannon had written to him. He read it every night and reminded himself of Shannon. Then he says that the rules must be broken and he embraces Shannon. His final decision is to stay together with her. When Catherine enters the bonfire location, Mark W. can see a changed person. She is not the naïve little girl that came here. Catherine admits that she is scared, but she is ready to confront Edmundo. Mark W. explains the rules that mandate that only one person speak at a time. He also tells them to speak from their heart and leave nothing unsaid. Edmundo speaks first. He tells Catherine that this experience played out a lot different than he expected. His first connection was with Hilary. She was nice and pretty and he allowed himself to get lost in the moment. This was the first romance he engaged in other than Catherine. Then Edmundo saw Catherine look at Brian in a way he thought was only reserved for him. Then Edmundo met Linda and developed a deep connection with her. He can't deny the fact that he still has feelings for her and wants to continue to explore them. But his love is true for Catherine and he wants to work things out with her. His final decision is to stay together but also explore his feelings for Linda. Catherine says that she was devastated many times at bonfire. She remembers all the disappointing videotape that she saw of Edmundo, but still she protected him and kept him on a pedestal. After seeing all the dramatic footage her pain was too much and caused her wall to collapse. She says that this allowed her to put herself first. She met three singles that she connected with. She did kiss and hold Brian, but that was as far as it went. She wants to be appreciated more. She tells Edmundo that she is not the naïve girl who he thinks she is. She wants to apply all the things that she learned to their relationship. Her final decision is to stay together. Edmundo asks her not to hold anything that happened here over his head. She agrees. Nikkole is immediately ready to bring her decision to Tommy. As he walks in she looks away. Mark W. asks Tommy to speak first. Tommy is reluctant but begins. He knows that his experience on the island was a lot different than Nikkole's. Tommy never made any real connections with anyone. And aside from an occasional lap dance he never got intimate with anyone either. He thinks that at most all his relationships were physical and not emotional. But he remembers the video of Nikkole with her legs spread and Tommy C. in between. Tommy recognizes that they have issues. He loves her dearly but he does not think that they are great together. He thinks that it is in their best interests to spend some time apart. Tommy does not want to feel like he is holding Nikkole back. Nikkole retraces her initial thoughts of presenting Tommy with an ultimatum that mandated either getting married or breaking up. She has come to realize that it was unfair to hold Tommy to such high standards. She remembers that all the bickering they did at the final dinner and how Tommy wanted to leave early. Then she tells him that when he did not even leave her a video message she felt like he did not care about her at all. This allowed her to open up to Tommy C. She had a deep connection with Tommy C. She also came to realize that she loved Tommy. She thinks that individually they are great, but together they are not. Nikkole's final decision is to break up. She does not want to be tied down to Tommy. After the bonfire they stop and hug. They start talking on the beach for a while. And Nikkole tells Tommy that she saw video of him in bed with a naked girl. She also thought that he reached over and grabbed a condom. Tommy retorts that he saw her spread eagle on the bed with Tommy C. licking her up and down. They fall into a comfortable argument, and then fade out with Nikkole saying that she does not feel she needs to explain herself. In the time after the show was filmed, John and Shannon ended up moving in together. Nikkole moved to L.A. and then moved back to Chicago and in with Tommy. Catherine and Edmundo broke up hours after the show ended filming. And Kelley and Mark remained broken up.moreless
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