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When we left off we found out that the selected singles did not get kicked off, but in fact will be the first date choices. The Couple Men find out that the Single Girls are their first dates as well. Upon finding out, Jason looked very upset and went to his room alone. Over at Palmetto, Jeff immediately apologizes to Kara and the Single Guys all celebrate the news that no one was kicked off.

The next day the Couples embark on their first dates. On the dates, Jason and Amy have the worst date imaginable. The hiking was too much. The weather was too hot. The food was terrible. There wasn't enough water. Anything that could be wrong was. On the flip side, Kara and Jeff's date went very well. They went on a boat ride and Jeff gave Kara a massage. Jeff thinks that Kara will end the show as a single. Anthony goes on his first date with Tiffany. They go white water rafting and both seemed to have a great time. Stephanie went on a date with Derrick and they went jet skiing. They also had a long talk and Stephanie began to really open up.

Kristin's first date was with Ryan M. She tells him that if she wasn't in a serious relationship with Eric, she would be someone else because she doesn't like dating. She and Ryan went to swim with the dolphins and seemed to have a nice time. Eric went on his first date with Maria and they went sailing and snorkeling. Maria didn't know how to swim very well and Eric took care of her. They seemed to open up and have a good time together. Maria thinks that Kristin should definitely be worried about Eric.

Melissa and Ian go on their first date together. Ian gives Melissa a full body massage and they seemed to really open up with each other. Melissa asks Ian if he's ever dated an older woman, which he hasn't. They both had a good time and it was a good, relaxing first date. Michael and Tanaya go on a date together and go intertubing. They both flirt back and forth with each other. Tanaya thought it was more flirty than she expected especially when Michael gives her the "go ahead" to do what she wants. She tells Michael she's easier when she's not drunk. Michael said he got to really know Tanaya a lot better. After the dates, the Couple Girls got back and a big party erupted at Palmetto. Over at Luna the situation was similar. Lots of dancing and craziness, but Jason still stays clear of the excitement.

Back at Palmetto, Jeff and Kara go on a walk together and end up in her room alone. After a night of partying, Mark brings the Couple Girls together and tells them that this is an actual vote-off. They first pick the guys they want to save until they whittle it down by process of elimination. Kara saves Jeff, Kristin saves Giulio, Stephanie saves Derrick and Melissa saves Ian. All the girls fall in line with their first dates. After more saves, it comes down to Scott, Ryan M. and Ryan S. The girls kick off Scott and Ryan S., but are then told that they need to kick one more off. They decide to kick off Keith. Ryan S. says he came on to find true love but it was not meant to be. Scott said he had no bad feelings for any of the girls. Back at Palmetto after the vote off, the girls are getting nervous for their first Bonfire. They are brought down to the fire ground and are met by Mark who tells them what Bonfire is about and how it works.

He tells the girls that it's a place where they can check in and get their only glimpse of what's going on at the other side of the island. He also tells the girls that if they watch the tape, their boyfriends will have to watch theirs as well. Kara decides not to watch it and Mark gives the video over to Melissa. Melissa watches Michael intertubing with Tanaya sitting on his lap and hugging him. She then sees Michael and Tanaya back at Luna in what appears to be a kiss. But because their backs are turned you can't really tell. Melissa is clearly shaken by what she saw and says she doesn't know what she feels. Stephanie then decides she wants to watch her video as well. She sees Anthony on his date with Tiffany and Tiffany talking about Anthony being attractive. They then show them dancing but nothing intimate. Stephanie leaves confident and collected not seeing anything bad.

Kristin decides not to watch the tape either. She says that she doesn't want anything to affect her personal experience. Mark goes back to Kara and she then decides to watch. She sees Jason having a terrible time on his date and not much else happening. She's pleasantly surprised but also upset that he's not having a good time. After the girls leave, the boys are brought in for Bonfire. Mark gives them the same talk and tells them whether they have to watch or not. Mark shows Anthony his video first because Stephanie chose to watch hers. Anthony sees Stephanie and Derrick on their date, cruising around on the jet ski. He then sees her in a chicken fight on Derrick's head in the pool. Anthony looks a little distraught by how free she's being and says it's not a good tape. He says the Stephanie he knows wouldn't be doing what she's doing.

Mark then gives Michael the video to watch. He watches Melissa receive a massage from Ian and how much she's enjoying it – with her top off. Michael says that the date was the date and that he wants to know what's going on but he's not going to change how he acts because of it. Mark then hands the tape to Jason. Jason watches Jeff hold hands with Kara, massage Kara, hug Kara, be in Kara's room with her, etc. He's clearly not happy and says that he's upset because she knew he had a problem with the guy but still was close to him. Later that night the guys talk about the Bonfire and basically come to the conclusion that since their girlfriends are doing more than they are, they may as well start doing more themselves.moreless

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