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Based on the classic game show “Sale of the Century”, “Temptation” is a hit that is sweeping the globe. Already popular in Australia and the UK, the show pits three players against each other to earn cash by correctly answering pop culture and current events questions. The contestant with the most money wins. Throughout the gameplay, the contestants are tempted to spend their money on fabulous high-end prized at deeply discounted prices. In a network TV first, the same prizes will be available for viewers to purchase via phone or the show’s website.

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AIRED ON 9/5/2007

Season 1 : Episode 1

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  • Talk about the 19th Amendment, this game show needs equal rights for men!

    Except for the American Idol special, the game show is unfair to male contestants! So far on the premiere week, there's been only one gentlemen (who ended up with the car) playing all week long. Come on, this isn't Just Men! & The New Treasure Hunt. Will MyNetwork do that next? Maybe Temptation; The All New Sale of The Century is really Temptation; The All New Just Men!

    I've seen some game shows that treat men disrespective (The $25,000 Pyramid, Super Password, March Game 7X), it's more like a variation of the 19th amendment. The only thing I agree about the game is the Knock Off round (an element of Wipeout). Ar least in Dallas, when I get disgusted, my safety net is Merv Griffin's Crosswords or as I call it, Cogswell's Crosswords to Spacely's Temptation Store.

    As Jay Sherman would say, it srinks!moreless
  • A hollow shell of a great game.

    When it was announced last January that the classic game show "$ale of the Century" would be returning in the fall as "Temptation" fans of the show couldn't wait to see the final product. For those who are not familiar with the original "$ale" it ran on NBC and syndication from 1969 to 1974 and then again from 1983 to 1989. The show was all about earning money through various games and to go shopping at the end for lavish and amazing prizes marked down dirt cheap to entice the player to buy prizes and go home a big winner. Well "Temptation" on the outside may appear to be a similar show in principal that's as far as the show goes in holding up it's lineage. "$ale" was known for it's fast pace and challenging questions whereas "Temptation" is a very anemically paced program bogged down by pop culture fluff and unappealing mini-games that rip off "Wheel of Fortune", "Deal or No Deal", and the 80's show "Wipeout". "$ale" had a great host in the 80's by name of Jim Perry who was a smooth and suave salesman who anyone could like. "Temptation" on the other hand has Rossi Morealle" who was a reporter on the tabloid program "Extra" and acts like it, he constantly screams at the camera and contestants, doesn't have a smooth delivery, and has a voice like nails on a chalkboard. This show had much promise when first announced especially since the show was done to perfection in Australlia but now with the finished product out for everyone to see anyone expecting to see the original "$ale of the Century" will be sorley disappointed.moreless
  • Where is Temptation?
    All summer it has been listed here as premiering in September. I can't find it anywhere. I miss "Sale of the Century"!