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In 1999, Jack Black and Kyle Gass filmed a series of 6 comedic shorts for HBO. Each episode showed Tenacious D during all of their adventures while trying to make it big. Each episode contained an open mike performance with Tenacious D, these performances are still the only place you can hear a few of their rare classic songs.

Plans were made to extend the show to a full 30 minutes and write ten more episodes, but when it came time to renew their contract, The D had a falling out with HBO, and plans for any future episodes were scrapped. Much to the delight of fans though, all 6 episodes were included in the Tenacious D-The Complete Master Works DVD that was released on November 4th 2003.

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    • The Greatest Show To Evey Meet The Eyes Of Man-Kind

      Tenacious D HBO series the greatest show that only ran for 6 episodes. The open-mic nights are classic spots in the episodes. This is just an all around crazy show that you'll have to watch over and over and over and over again and it will never get old...EVER. So, don't waste anymore of that precious time on less important things, like working, and eating, use you're time wisely go buy the Tenacious D: The Complete Mater Works. Watch it untill you drop on the floor and are forced to drink raw eggs and vingar. Put some hairspray in your eyeballs to keep them open to watch more kick ass Tenacious Television.moreless
    • The story of Tenacious D a rock band that rise to true power. They later made an awsome movie.

      This is a great show! It aired a long time ago but this band ROCKS! I actually watched it in 2007. (this year) I think the show is hilarious. (the could've been better though) Plus the songs from bought the show and movie ROCKED OUT! I have almost all of there songs on my ipod and I got there Pick of Destiny album from my parents. JB is funny and I think a little crazier but that makes him funnier. As for KG he is not as funny as JB but he is a little calmer. I was disapointed that some of the songs from the show were'nt recorded.moreless
    • The Greatest Show on Earth, starring the Greatest Band on Earth...

      Tenacious D IS in fact, the Greatest Band on Earth. If you want a Rock band thats unique, then you look to Tenacious D. If you can't get enough of the D, you look to anywhere you can find them, and this show was one of the best places to see the D in all their glory. Sadly, the fact of it is, the show WASN'T cancelled. Apperently HBO wanted to do the show differently then the D wanted it, so the D said, "F#$% Off", and the show ended. But atleast the show existed and still exists on DVD!! This is one of those shows where there were only about 6 episodes, but you never get tired of watching the same episodes over and over. You enjoy them just as much as the first time you watched them, if not more. What can I say other then watching JB & KG go through their adventures which triggers their inspirado and leads them to writing a masterpiece each episode NEVER gets old.moreless
    • There are many shows that are both good and bad. This is not one of them. This is the Great Show In The World; The Tenacious D Show.

      Tenacious D, a rock band with Jack Black and Kyle Bass, have developed a large fanbase over the years, with their contreversial, sometimes offensive, but always ingenious lyrics. This Show was created by the band to feed the fans' hunger for 'The D'. It showcases the lives and times of this insain pair in a sort of mockumentary sense, combining fantasy with reality, and a lot of comedy added to the mix.

      For fans of TD, this is an essential, but for those that are uneducated, it is a great introduction to the band, for its rock music, its characters, and its comedy. Either way, this show cannot be missed. Simple as.moreless
    • I can't beleive this show was cancelled

      Tenacious D was a hilarious show on HBO starring Jack Black and Kyle Gass as two struggling singer/songwriters. Black and Gass played Jack (aka JB) and Kyle (aka KG, Kage, and Rage Kage), bandmembers of Tenacious D. Jack tends to be more of the leader of the duo, as he is also the lead singer. The group deals with issues such as Kyle stealing Jack's girlfriend, an over obsessive fan Lee, road gigs, and Sasquatch. This show was truly a classic with great humor and never short on vulgarity. I was surprised HBO cancelled this after only a few episodes. None the less, Tenacious D will live on with their CD and movie, "Tenacious D In: The Pick of Destiny," due out 2006.moreless
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