Tenacious D

Season 1 Episode 1

Angel In Disguise

Aired Unknown Unknown on HBO

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  • It was pretty good.

    Well, this wasn't that bad of an episode, it had a few funny parts here and there scattered over its 10 minutes but there was one problem I really had with this episode, and that was that there was to much swearing. I mean, I have come to expect it in their music and film but sometimes it gets a little out of hand, and that's what happened in this installment of 'Tenacious D'. I myself am not a huge Tenacious D fan but there are a few songs here and there that are pretty good and the movie wasn't that bad as well, but in all of their work, I wish that they could cut down on the swearing a bit.
  • Jack gives Kyle a friendship 4-ever medallion, Kyle will later prove his friendship.

    More hilarity ensues since Kyle tries to steal the girl that Jack is in love with. The special effects may be cheap and you can see the strings pull JB, but I gotta admit; that entire part of the episode about Karate was great! The part when Kyle’s head is kicked off is worth watching this episode alone, but don’t worry fans, there is more than just that in this episode that will have you laughing out loud for sure. One thing I always like about this series is that it puts to use the idea of people floating, either when they are in love or crazy, and you will see in love on this episode. It's always funny to me when they do that!
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