Tenacious D

Season 1 Episode 4

Greatest Song In The World

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 2000 on HBO

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  • Pretty good.

    Well, I think I can say that this was a well written episode of 'Tenacious D'. It's sort of tough to tell, because they've only got 10 minutes to put a full story into. It wasn't nearly as good as the previous episode but I did think that it was better than episodes 1 & 2. One thing that I liked about this episode was that it didn't rely on foul language like episode 1 & 2 did. I thought it was clever to have them play a full song in an episode an revolve the song around the story like they did.
  • A writer moves in next door in the apartment building where Kyle and JB live, and the new tenant is upset because Kage (Kyle) and JB (Jack) keeping making noise. TheD has to come up with a good exuse for the noise or they could be arrested by the police.

    I didn't really like this episode as much as the others, mainly because the new next door neightbor is so annoying. There are funny moments that are great, like all the ways the D try to come up with a new song. By the end of the episode, they do come up with the greatest song in the world, I'm talking about Tribute! The words are a little different than the version of the song we know now, but it is still cool to hear an early version of that hit song. The best part of the episode is when Jack tries to make a sky roof in his apartment!
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