Tenacious D

Season 1 Episode 6

Road Gig

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 2000 on HBO

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  • Well, the last one was great.

    It is sad to say that this is the last episode of 'Tenacious D'. It truly was a funny show while it lasted and it's a shame that no more episodes were made. I did hear though that it was a decision by Tenacious D to not continue the show because I think HBO offered them like a 10 episode contract, each episode being 30 minutes long but was declined by them and they decided to just go on and shoot the movie and work on a new album. They did leave on a high note though, this was a pretty funny installment, and the last installment.
  • On a road trip to play at another bar, they become stranded in the desert, not because they are out of gas, but because they are out of windshield wiper fluid and there is a huge bug on the windshield.

    After the episode "The Fan", this episode kind of slows down, but looking at it by itselt-it is still a really cool episode. Obviously, the funniest part of the episode is the fact that Jack and Kyle think they have to stop driving, just because there is a bug on their windshield. The end up with a hippie colony called "Jesus Ranch" and that is where the song comes from, which is hilarious and rockin' at the same time. Overall, this is a good episode to end the series with. It is just a shame that the series didn't last longer.
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