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  • dont bother with this garbage...

    ok so you have this unlucky kid, and i mean really unlucky, and there are 4 women who love him. this show is just horrible. now lets break it down. this is supposed to be a funny show like its predesessor (sp?) and it just falls flat. the protagonist seina yamada has bad luck following him everywhere andits really only funny the 1st time but they keep playing the same joke over and over again and it just gets annoying. I watched the english dub, so another thing wrong with this is the voice actors, now for the 4 women, its decent. as for seina, i wanna take a freaking knife to my ears, its that annoying, and funimation is pretty successful with choosing voice actors for their shows, and not one character gets annoying in their other shows. this was a big disappointment. also the relationships with the women arent motivated, its like they meet him and they say that they love him. thats really bad buildup for the plot, and it just doesnt work. now the story for this show and how it all plays out is pretty horrible. there isnt one defining moment in this show except when you get glimpses of the original tenchi cast. now there were no funny things happening at all, and i felt pretty cheated out of my time. this was just a big waste of time that i want back. if u wanna waste your time with this show go for it. you have been warned.....
  • GXP follows teenager Seina and his bad luck accross the universe as he and his girl friends (and Fuku and NB) fight evil pirates. Many struggles of the mind, body, and heart await them as well. But is it possible that Seina's bad luck can save everyone?

    I had never seen this season of the Tenchi Muyo! series until early this summer. I loved the original and then the others were good as well..Even if they did get worse and could not match up. But I am getting off the topic of GXP. GXP is my favorite next to the original. I do shun that GXP carries Tenchi's name when he appears in only 3 episodes. The same hijinx were as priceless as ever with the girls hanging on Seina. And, personally, I think he did a lot better than Tenchi in that department. Of course space was involved in the story, but the adventures were exciting and Seriyo and NB kept me rolling in my chair with laughter. The ending of the season was a bit dissappointing to me, however. I was wanting to get answers and only got mystery. All in all this is a funny and exciting show and I support anyone who wants to buy it or already has. Who's up for another?!
  • the latest incarnation of this harem comedy doesnt actually star the titles namesake as the protagonist, does it still hold the same appeal for tenchi fans?

    i wasnt sure i would like this, given that it starred an all new cast, led by super-unlucky sena yamada instead of tenhci masaki and that it was set in the galaxy police and not the usual locations or even on earth for the most part.
    luckily any ideas i had about this being a let-down were unfounded, this is probably one of the best tenchi series since tenchi unvierse way back in the day. The protagonist is sena yamada an unlucky young man who had the 'luck' to be heading by tenchi masakis house when an officer in the galaxy police drops by, literally, to see tenchi. she mistakes him for a freind of tenchi's and gives him a pamflet and contract to join the galaxy police, or 'gp' as its reffered to for most of the series.
    needless to say by the title sena does join the galaxy police and heads off to adventure into space. surrounded by the obligatory way too many girls with an unhealthy fascination with him.
    there are cameos and plots centred around many characters from the other tenchi series, prodimantly the "demon princess of jurai" and tenchi's grandma..sort of.

    whilst this show isnt as linear and plot lead as the other tenchi incarnations this doesnt tend to suffer from the common affliction of "anime mid season drag", its high paced comedy and action throughout, even with some mecha fights later on, and though the series ending does seem a little "wth?" its a series with plenty of charm and a welcome addition to the tnechi universe that i can reccomend tenchi fans, and just plain anime fans in general check out, you wont be dissapointed.