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Tenchi Muyo! follows the adventures of Tenchi Masaki, an ordinary teenager whose quiet life in the mountains of Okayama is shattered by the arrival of a diverse group of alien girls. Although having a bunch of beautiful women living at home might sound like no bad thing, Tenchi soon discovers the downside to this arrangement when the girls start using their special powers to fight for his affections! Genres: Action, Romance, Adventure and Comedy Rated: TV-MA or 15+ [uncut], TV-Y7 [Toonami version] for adult situations, language Season and Series Explanation With all the different Tenchi continuities and storylines, this is how I'm organizing the seasons. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (season 1, OAV1) Number of Episodes: 6 + 1 Carnival special Continuity: Ryo-Ohki series Originally broadcast: Fall 1992 in Japan. Description: Tenchi Masaki's quiet life is shattered the day he releases the demon Ryoko from her imprisonment in the Masaki shrine. From then on, nothing is ever the same again as even more girls arrive from outer space - followed by the heinous and eternally wanted criminal Kagato. Could it be that this has some connection to the Masaki family past? Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (season 1, OAV2) Number of Episodes: 6 + 1 Mihoshi special Continuity: Ryo-Ohki series Originally broadcast: Fall 1994 in Japan. Description: As Tenchi settles down to life with the five girls, a new force is stirring in the depths of the space - the higher dimensional life form known as Lady Tokimi. Just who is Tokimi, and why does she seem so interested in Washu? Tenchi Universe (season 2, TV1) Number of Episodes: 26 Also known as: Tenchi Muyo! TV Continuity: TV Series Originally broadcast: Spring-Summer 1995 in Japan. Description: Tenchi Universe retells the story of how Tenchi came to meet the girls, their adventures both on Earth, and later as fugitives in space. Introduces Kiyone as a regular of the TV series. Tenchi Universe video list 1. Tenchi Muyo on Earth 1 (ep 1-4) 2. Tenchi Muyo on Earth 2 (ep 5-7) 3. Tenchi Muyo on Earth 3 (ep 8-10) 4. Time and Space Adventures (ep 11-13) 5. Tenchi Muyo in Space 1 (ep 14-16) 6. Tenchi Muyo in Space 2 (ep 17-19) 7. Tenchi Muyo in Space 3 (ep 20-22) 8. The Last Battle (ep 23-26) Tenchi in Tokyo (season 3, TV2) Also known as : Shin Tenchi Muyo, New Tenchi Muyo Number of Episodes: 26 Continuity: different TV series Originally broadcast: Spring-Summer 1997 in Japan. Description: Set in yet another alternative universe, this series sees Tenchi heading off to attend school in Tokyo. As Tenchi settles into his new school, and even finds a new girlfriend, Sakuya, the girls back home spend all their time finding ways and excuses to get to Tokyo and be with him. But, unbeknownst to them, in the shadows, a new evil has awoken to toy with their fates. Tenchi in Tokyo video list 1. A New Start (ep 1-4) 2. A New Friend (ep 5-7) 3. A New Legend (ep 8-10) 4. A New Enemy (ep 11-13) 5. A New Love (ep 14-16) 6. A New Challenge (ep 17-19) 7. A New Career (ep 20-22) 8. A New Ending (ep 23-26) Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (season 4, OAV3) Number of Episodes: 6 + 1 (Plus One) special Continuity: Ryo-Ohki series Originally broadcast: Fall 2003 in Japan. License Status: Licensed by Funimation for the US. Description: Tenchi and friends deal with a whole new bunch of characters, including extended families and even an arranged fiancée! But not every new person is a friend, especially with Lady Tokimi's warrior, Z, stirring up trouble and threatening destruction. Videos: Volume 1, Here comes the Bride (ep 1-3). Volume 2, Target: Tenchi (ep 4-6), is coming October 17th, 2006. Volume 3, Final Confrontations (ep 7 + bonus material) is coming November 28th, 2006. Tenchi Movies have their own continuity but are loosely based on the following seasons, which is where you'll find their episode guide: 1. Tenchi Muyo in Love (TV1) 2. Tenchi Muyo: The Daughter of Darkness (OAV) 3. Tenchi Muyo in Love 2: Tenchi Forever. (TV1) About the U.S. Broadcasts Tenchi first debuted on US Television as part of Cartoon Network's Toonami block on 7pm ET, where it was somewhat edited. Then in 2003, International Channel (now AZN TV) broadcast the unedited entire seasons 1-3 and the movies on Friday nights 8pm PT/11pm ET. Although AZN no longer shows Tenchi Muyo, they occasionally tease their anime audience with some of the more racy Tenchi movie clips. How can I watch the series?: Tenchi is currently not airing on any regular cable TV station, so your best bet to catch this series are places where you could rent movies and anime. If you do see it on cable, please post about it on the forums, especially if it shows up on AZN TV or Cartoon Network again. Spin-offs With so many Tenchi storylines, the producers even came up with these two Tenchi spin-offs: In Tenchi Muyo! GXP the perennially unlucky Seina Yamada finds himself recruited into the Galaxy Police Academy, where he faces not only space pirates, but girl trouble as crazy as Tenchi's! Aired in Spring-Summer 2002. In Pretty Sammy (aka Magical Project S), the smallest of the Tenchi Girls, Sasami, takes center stage as an Earth schoolgirl who is given the ability to transform into the magical girl Pretty Sammy. A fun parody of Magical Girl shows mixed with the usual Tenchi Muyo humor. OAV Aired in Spring 1995 and TV series in Fall 1996-Spring 1997. This will also house the Sasami Magical Girl Club series that aired in the mid 2000s. Manga: No Need for Tenchi and The All New Tenchi Muyo are loosely based on the first OAV continuity. Main Characters Tenchi Masaki - Thoughtful and hard-working, Tenchi used to be a normal teenager who lived a quiet life in the Okayama mountains with his father and grandfather. All that changed when a group of beautiful alien girls ended up living with him - not only are they extremely powerful and dangerous, but they all seem to have a crush on poor Tenchi! As the glue that binds the group together, Tenchi has formed close relationships with all of the girls, but to date he has yet to pick one over the others. Tenchi also has a connection to the Jurai royalty. Ryoko Hakubi - In the OAV, silver-haired Ryoko was a fearsome demon sealed in the Masaki Shrine 700 years ago, only to be accidentally released by Tenchi. In the TV series' she is a space pirate, but whatever her background, she is not someone to be trifled with. With the ability to fly, teleport and create energy blasts and weapons, Ryoko can hold her own in most battles, but the mere suggestion that she help out with the chores has her running for cover! Nonetheless, despite her self-centred attitude, there is one person she truly cares about: Tenchi. Ayeka Jurai - As the First Princess of Jurai, purple-haired Ayeka is well aware of the duties and responsibilities of her position, and attempts to act in a manner befitting her position- although the veneer of civilisation tends to slip whenever she gets upset! In both the OAV and TV series, she ends up stranded on Earth, and despite her initial reluctance to adapt to the situation, with Tenchi's help she manages to settle down and even enjoy herself. She also develops deeper feelings for Tenchi himself, and is constantly fighting with her old rival Ryoko over who should be the object of his affection. Sasami Jurai - As Ayeka's little sister, light-blue haired Sasami may be the youngest of the gang, but as it turns out, she is also the most practical- certainly you wouldn't want to trust anyone else to do the cooking! An innocent at heart, Sasami's trusting nature and ability to see the good in people has been known to win over even the most hostile enemy. Sasami seems to regard Tenchi as a big brother, often managing to sneak in a hug before Ryoko or Ayeka can get to him (much to their annoyance)! Washu Hakubi - The self-proclaimed number one scientific genius in the universe, red-haired Washu is a top mad scientist who loves nothing more than creating innovative (if sometimes explosive) new inventions in her extra-dimensional laboratory (connected to the Masaki house via the broom closet). Although she spends long periods alone in the lab, Washu manages to form friendships with the others, and has a soft spot for Tenchi in particular. Mihoshi Kuramitsu - Given her clumsiness and basic incompetence, it seems amazing that this blonde and tanned Mihoshi has made it to the rank of first-detective in the Galaxy Police (although in the OAV the fact that her grandfather is the GP Marshal might have something to do with it). Considered a walking disaster by her superiors, Mihoshi nonetheless somehow manages to complete her assignments through a mixture of optimism, determination and sheer luck. Despite her self-proclaimed dedication to her duty, Mihoshi can usually be found at Tenchi's house, napping, eating or just watching TV. Kiyone Makibi - Kiyone does not appear in the OAV continuity, but in the TV series she is a brilliant young GP officer with blue hair whose career took a dive the day she was assigned as Mihoshi's partner. Despite the fact that Mihoshi adores and looks up to her, Kiyone longs to be rid of her incompetent partner, whom she treats like an exasperating younger sibling. Although Kiyone currently serves as a resident officer on Earth, she is always on the lookout for a promotion- especially one that takes her far away from Mihoshi. Ryo-Ohki - As a cabbit (cat-rabbit combination), Ryo-Ohki may just look like a cute mascot pet, but there is far more to her than that- for she can also transform into a spaceship! Smart and affectionate, Ryo-Ohki technically belongs to Ryoko (except in Tenchi in Tokyo), but she is more often to be found with Sasami. In the various series, Ryo-Ohki has several other transformations, but one thing always remains the same- no matter what form she is in, she has an overwhelming love of carrots! Nobuyuki Masaki - Despite being Tenchi's father, Nobuyuki is in some respects less responsible than his son, especially when it comes to 'peeping' at the girls! A good person at heart, Nobuyuki has worked hard to raise his son ever since the death of his wife. Katsuhito Masaki - Tenchi's grandfather, Katsuhito is guardian of the Masaki shrine, and also an excellent swordsman. His calm nature and wealth of knowledge have led some to suspect that there may be more to him than meets the eye. Azaka and Kamidake - At first glance they seem to be a pair of talking logs, but in fact Azaka and Kamidake are Jurai guardians, charged with protecting Ayeka. Although they spend much of their time as gateposts, their knowledge and powers are nonetheless invaluable to the princess. Sakuya - Tenchi's ate in the Tokyo series. She befriends Tenchi but her past is somewhat mysterious.



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  • what I say about this great show

    other than it's great it's very funny and fun and enjoyable to watch although Sailor Moon is one of my most favorite anime this is really good as well I like all of the characters Tenchi, Ryoko Ayeka, Washu, Mihoshi, Sasami and especially adorable Ryo-ohki the cabbit ^^ *pets and gives a carrot to Ryo-ohki* I found it funny how Ryoko and Ayeka would fight over Tenchi and Tenchi would be like -_- Washu is pretty funny as well and Sasami and Ryo-ohki are very sweet and adorable ^^ this show has some action in it as well I never get tired of this show it's that good My most favorite Tenchi series~RachelRo45

  • The funniest anime of all time, maybe even funnier than Excel Saga. Anyone who doesn't like Tenchi Muyo has no sense of humor at all.

    You'll instantly fall in love with Tenchi Muyo from the first 3 minutes. Water nearly comes out of my eyes everytime I watch an episode or OAV from this anime. It's so funny. However it does have its emotional moments which is good once in a while.

    As you can see, the characters in it aren't human and they're both unique. It's tough to find a personal favorite, I don't care what anyone says. If I did have a favorite, Sasami would be it.

    So ailen girls, hilarious moments and some action added to the mix make this an unforgettable show.moreless
  • One lucky, unfortunate boy named Tenchi stumbles across a diverse group of "foreign" beautiful girls. Little does he know what he's getting into when he only begins to befriend them.

    Tenchi Muyo is one of the first animes I ever really got into. It was full of colorful characters that constrasted each other so well, the show was always interesting. From seducing demons to decieving princesses, the show never got old. It had it's share of sentimental moments, a ton of action scenes, and plenty of laughs. Even though this show is aimed mainly towards boys because of the occasional nudity, even girls enjoy it too. This show also has two other animes that base off it called Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo, but Tenchi Muyo is by far the best. This anime is one I definetly would recommend for viewers who grew up with anime in the 90's.moreless
  • without a doubt, THE BEST ANIME I HAVE EVER WATCHED (Tenchi Muyo!) i will be giveing seperate reviews for the 4 shows, please try to keep up :).

    ok lets start off with the original Tenchi Muyo! the OVA.

    now this is a 13 long series that did so well, its like impossible considering the circumstances. now for anime tv shows, they usually have a manga come first then a tv show, now for tenchi and i mean all of them, the tv shows came first. muyo, universe, tenchi in tokyo, and ryo-ohki came with nothing to guide it. holy crap right???? anyways so as far as the characters were, you immediately have a liking for tenchi the protagonist. Ryoko is a sexy space pirate who likes tenchi, Ayeka a Juraian princess who takes a little bit longer to bond with him. Sasami likes tenchi immediately. Washu the #1 genius scientist in the universe who thinks of him as a guinea pig. and mihoshi a clutzy galaxy police officer. they were all standing out in the story and this show had 2 plots for thw whole 13 eps. the rest of it was deep character development which really taught us why the characters did certain things. overall, i have to say that i couldnt find anything wrong with this anime at all!!! the humor is great and ive seen all the eps like 100 times and the jokes still hit. motivation for the girls loving tenchi is played out very well. everything was perfect.


    now the same characters are introduced but note this is an alteration to muyo.the characters like muyo u fall in love with and as far as how the plot goes, it doesnt start until the 14th episode. so as far as this show went there were a little bit of flaws, the story lagged a bit with unnecessary episodes. (like no need for a ghost.) the tenchi humor is there as always and it hits a lot of touvching moments on this series. (like no need for Ryoko the best episode of the series.) other than the lagging story its great. the girls motivation is still very well done. the 2nd best anime ive ever seen.

    Tenchi in tokyo

    now this takes a big turn from the original plot in which tenchi is juraian. he has no link to jurai at all in this. all the girls meet up with tenchi at the same time in a big space fight. the plot of this one is tenchi becoming a priest in tokyo and how the girls react to him living away from him. the women love him as always, and tenchi goes out on a date with someone for once, all those people who want TenchixRyoko watch this series. like universe before it, it touches on a dramatic, sensitive feel for the show. the plot played out well with a steady story telling, the nsame amount of info happening in each episode. no lagging happened in this one, but the drawings were, how to say this.... kind of done in a lazy way its pretty wierd.... but like always tenchi never officially picks someone but it looks like its Ryoko again.XD


    now this is just a continuation of muyo and im glad because its tenchi the way we all like im. its pretty fresh and goes to bring a few questions, while answering the ones in muyo. i wont give a seperate description of this because ive grouped it with muyo. a 6 episode series though while very short makes its points as it was intended for. although the last episode leaves you wanting more.

    the sad part is that not many people have heard about these shows.moreless
  • Take 6 girls that are all in love with the same guy and then put them under the same roof. What do you get? A huge mess with Tenchi in the middle!moreless

    This is my absolute favorite comedy anime ever! This anime really good! It basically takes a space pirate(Ryoko), 2 princesses(Ayeka and Sasami), 2 galaxy patrol officers(Kyonie and Mahoshi) and a mad scientist(Washu) and dumps them on the lap of our hapless hero, Tenchi! The only problem with the equation is that Tenchi is too shy! Also having this girls brings on their own set of problems ranging from love triangles to galatic issues such as a ranging from throne plots to mad demons. This is all in day's work for Tenchi. This show does have it serious episodes to offset the sheer hilarity of Tenchi's love problems. The sci-fi feel and action all make it a great show to watch, love, and laugh like a maniac!moreless

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