Tenchi Muyo!

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Final Confrontations (SPECIAL)
      After the trial to punish those involved in the Chobimaru incident had ended the time has come for Tenchi’s father Nobuyuki Masaki to marry his fiancée Rea. But before the ceremony can begin, Katsuhito feels that the time has arrived for Tenchi to know the truth about his late mother Kiyone's death. How will Tenchi react to the truth?moreless
    • Z
      Episode 6
      Lady Tokimi's progeny Z finally moves against Tenchi, and an epic battle in space ensues. However, when the other two chôshin, Tsunami and Washu, discover Z's motivation for wanting to kill Tenchi, they are forced to move against their sister, bringing about a confrontation that threatens to destroy Tenchi, Z and the universe itself.moreless
    • Operation Lovey-Dovey
      Believing that Misao has already captured Tenchi, Ryoko decides to get some payback of her own, by launching an attack on Misao's ship, the Chobimaru. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Mashisu and her deputies get more than they bargained for when they try to take on the remaining girls. And Mihoshi comes up with a plan to get Mashisu together with the guy she loves.moreless
    • Here Comes Misao on The Chobimaru!
      When Mihoshi's brother Misao gets the mistaken impression that his sister is a prisoner in the harem of the cruel Earthling Tenchi, he decides to head for Earth and wreak destructive vengeance on the entire planet! Fortunately, his adjutant Mashisu is able to divert him from his destructive plans, but it soon becomes clear that this is far from a benevolent act on her part. For Mashisu has proposed another plan, that involves luring Ryoko over to Misao's ship, and destroying her in a planet sized explosion.moreless
    • Strategy
      Episode 3
      When all the stress and excitement finally takes its toll on Tenchi, Washu recommends that he stay in bed for a few days to recover. With all the other girls so incompetent in practical matters, Noike is appointed to look after him, and soon finds herself practically running the household! But even as the other girls worry that Noike will soon be more indispensable than they are, they discover that there is more to her story than was first revealed…moreless
    • Fiancée
      Episode 2
      Tenchi is shocked and delighted when he discovers that he has an older sister named Tennyo, but Tennyo's arrival at the Masaki house brings another revelation- Tenchi's arranged fiancée is also on her way! Deciding to get away before this new girl can show up, Tenchi slips off to go and work in the fields, only to end up running into a mysterious green-haired woman named Noike. Could this be the very fiancée that Tenchi was trying to avoid? Whatever the case, it seems that Tenchi's family troubles are only just beginning…moreless
    • Visitor from afar
      Having developed an interest in Tenchi's power, Lady Tokimi summons the powerful warrior Z with orders to go to Earth and investigate - without directly harming Tenchi in the process! Whilst Z plots the use of more indirect methods on his target, the oblivious Tenchi decides to pay a visit to Nobuyuki and his new fiancée Rea - but even a simple walk to their apartment evokes memories of all the recent events that have changed his life so much.moreless
  • Season 3
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