Tenchi Muyo!

Season 2 Episode 16

No Need for Hiding

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 10, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Tenchi and everyone set up a bar on some planet to earn some to refuel Yagami.But will Nagi ruin things?

    Yagami runs out of power and they need
    some money to refuel.But they spent(or should I say Ryoko
    spent the last of it on a Karaoke machine).So they
    set up a bar on some distant planet scamming people.
    Its very funny.Things seem to be going well except
    for some of the frightened customers.Then Nagi comes in
    the bar wanting a drink.Katsuhito/Yosho/Grandfather
    talks to her and serves her.She asks if he as seen
    Ryoko he says no but of coarse he has shes in the bar
    Then Ayeka gives her the bill and oh I forget it was like
    1,000,000.Nagi gets so heated that she only had 1 drink
    and the bill is so much.The drink was really little too.
    She storms out and calls Azaka and Kamidake jerks!!!!!!!!
    Then Ayeka and Ryoko tell there own version of the same
    story.Then every goes to bed Washu asks if someone turned
    the gas Mihoshi says she did.Guess what its Mihoshi
    and ya know she didnt.Then the next second the bar
    explodes and the Tenchi Party flees.Now the gang is now
    also being called terrorists besides charged with treason
    At the end of the episode we have more karaoke singing:)